10 tips for cheap flights to Bangkok

8th of March 2012 0

10 tips for cheap flights to Bangkok

 cheap airline tickets bangk1 10 tips for cheap flights to Bangkok

Cheap Airfare Bangkok

Looking for cheap flights to Bangkok? Learn the best tips for booking cheap tickets to Thailand.

More and more consumers make their own travel together on the Internet. A compound usually consists of a trip airfare and a hotel booking. Especially on your ticket, you can easily save hundreds of dollars when you know where to look. Therefore worth comparing.

Cheap flights search tips:

Tip 1. Book is not necessarily too early

Tip 2. Search called Flash sales tickets

airlines let you take advantage of good deals sometimes temporarily, the ‘flash sales’. Here you within two to seven days, book your ticket. A good option if you want to leave within three months.

Tip 3. See also foreign tickets

Tip 4. Remove cookies on your computer

Tip 5. Tuesday for cheap airline tickets

Tip 6. Direct flight to Bangkok or a change

Tip 7. Think globally and choose local discounters

same company or within an airline alliance to fly to a distant destination seems a logical choice. But also look or the purchase of two separate air tickets are not cheap unpack. Dozens reliable budget airlines outside Europe have been active and very popular in their region. This allows you a low priced ticket to Bangkok or Singapore easily combine with a local budget airline like Air Asia. Another advantage is that this way you always can make a free stop in a big city.

Tip 8. Compare additional costs

Tip 9. Visit always multiple ticket sites

Tip 10. Use newsletters, social media and apps

newsletter subscribers usually get the first offers presented. So be sure you subscribe to newsletters of cheap airlines. Note the publication of the new winter and summer schedule, usually this is accompanied by offers.

More and more airlines offer convenient services through the smartphone. Allows you to easily check and you will be informed of delays. Sometimes you’ll even get a customized offer. In the future you can use your smartphone to check the status of your luggage and serves as both the phone boarding pass at the gate.

Also compare your travel insurance

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