10 Tips: How to make more win a free ticket upgrade to Bangkok

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10 Tips: How to make more win a free ticket upgrade to Bangkok

 business class bangkok 10 Tips: How to make more win a free ticket upgrade to Bangkok

more win a free ticket upgrade to Bangkok

I myself have experienced it a few times during my flight to and from Bangkok, a free upgrade from economy class to business class. But when you make the best chance of a free upgrade on a plane now?

Skyscanner provides information in response to an inquiry.

mannered and well dressed

mannered well dressed single man in 30 has the greatest chance of a free upgrade to Bangkok, for example, according to an international survey conducted among 700 crew members. This also shows that 61% of the crew ever gave away a free upgrade. Those who come with a stag party, can forget about an upgrade. The passengers are the least likely to make female teenagers with revealing clothes and traveling in a group.

Frequent flyer program

For those who do not fit into the picture of the well-dressed single man, the crew put together a list of tips to increase. chance to upgrade Having good manners is punctually à © à © n, but members of a frequent flyer program and passengers traveling alone are also big favorites for a chance to fly in a higher class if these places still available his.

Another way to escape from the economy class, for example, having an injury. Almost two thirds reveals that a passenger with a broken leg is more likely.

Top 10 tips for a chance to win a free ticket upgrade:

  1. Be friendly and polite, 82% say it makes a big difference.
  2. Join the frequent flyer program of the airline, 80% indicate that this increases your chance.
  3. travel alone, 72% would rather give an upgrade to a passenger traveling alone.
  4. Make them aware of your sprained ankle, having an injury or injury increases your chances by 65%.
  5. Dress neatly, 59% indicated previously upgraded to a well-dressed passenger.
  6. Tell the crew that you are on honeymoon, 58% would rather give an upgrade to a newly married couple.


  7. Become friends with someone who is working as a cabin crew member, 5% admitted earlier to give to friends or family.
  8. less popular times, if more seats are free is greater the chance of an upgrade says 47%
  9. tell a dramatic story so they get pity, 35% say that their decision may affect.
  10. Make sure you are at your best looks, 31% indicated previously upgraded to well-groomed and handsome passengers.


Lying to upgrade

In a previous poll, conducted among passengers *, Skyscanner concluded that some travelers like to upgrade so that 75% are willing to lie to this. Some passengers pretend they’re on our honeymoon (14%), 6% acts an illness or injury and 7% would his or her partner leave and pretend he or she is traveling alone to this the chance of a free upgrade would increase.

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