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3rd of November 2013 13

A Delicious Breakfast on a Thailand Beach

I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

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  1. wuttivai 8:14 am 3/11 of 2013

    good taste, yummi

  2. lifeinthailand 9:14 am 3/11 of 2013

    Makes me hungry just thinking about it. By far the best tum yum I have ever had, That is the main reason we go back every chance we get.

  3. dnyler0n 10:09 am 3/11 of 2013

    This is seven stars for the price of one

  4. lifeinthailand 10:22 am 3/11 of 2013

    This is a beautiful place that most tourists to Thailand don’t know about. We ate there at night as well, Beautiful place with the sun setting over the bay.
    As for fresh fish I know what you mean, Fresh out of the water can’t be beat.

  5. Pavlovafowl 10:50 am 3/11 of 2013

    Yummy video – beautiful place! Years ago breakfast was taken at a much later time in the day and was much more substantial. The Industrial Revolution changed that, it wanted a work-force organised to fit maximum output. Recent studies show that an early small breakfast is not good for the health, the liver doesn’t get time to process from the night before. Plus, this is the only way to eat fish. Having just got off a boat and cooked the prawns we caught, I had forgotten the taste difference!

  6. lifeinthailand 11:48 am 3/11 of 2013

    He is my nephew, It was his first time on a beach. 30 minutes later we could not get him out of the water.

  7. myworldyourmusic11 12:41 pm 3/11 of 2013

    That IS five-star….beautiful place.
    You’d pay through the nose if you booked somewhere like that.
    I don’t know if that’s your son:but he’s just not sure about that water….great  watching this again.

  8. lifeinthailand 1:34 pm 3/11 of 2013

    lol I know the feeling.

  9. GetMeThere1 1:39 pm 3/11 of 2013

    Gosh I’m hankerin’ bad to be there!

  10. lifeinthailand 2:29 pm 3/11 of 2013

    We ate there at night not long ago, Watching the sun set over the bay, Beautiful place with awesome food. Who needs 5star when you have a place like this.

  11. myworldyourmusic11 3:22 pm 3/11 of 2013

    I’m not surprised that’s the aftermath:that looks delicious(loved the banana leaf(rice) and what a place to eat.I agree with your description:I just wish I was there.
    Fabulous vid:thanks for the hunger pangs:).

  12. lifeinthailand 4:11 pm 3/11 of 2013

    I just got home from there, First time I have eaten there at night, Food was awesome.
    There are flies in Thailand but but not a big problem, Any restaurant that has a fly problem is normally because it is not clean, Good reason not to go there.

  13. smoky2004 4:33 pm 3/11 of 2013

    Looked delicious and very healthy, yummy… :o)

    Always wanted to visit Thailand but never got the chance to date.

    Is Thailand similar to India for flies? If so where are they? How come the flies aren’t all over the food?



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