“A relationship with a Thai woman is so different with western ‘

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“A relationship with a Thai woman is so different with western ‘

Marry Thailand A relationship with a Thai woman is so different than a Western I recently read a column by Jeffrey Weinberg in the Telegraph. It’s about the man it was to be. Treated as a house slave He wants to feel again man and seen as a man by his wife and feel respected.

Not even ZOA € ™ s bad play. It reminded me of my own marriage in the Netherlands. Yeah, I’ve been married three times. With the mother of my children for seventeen years, then with someone to have sex addicted hindsight extremely pale and I found out that they even made money doing. That marriage has geduurd. four months, and finally with a very nice Bulgarian who after a half year showed me that she only needed to get a residence permit.

Between the weddings I’m getting quite a long time just to overdenken. between number two and number three my sins over 5 years and in those years I have wondered what I did wrong. I am ambitious, not afraid of any housework that is spoon-fed me, and I have always been the cook. Not only because my wives, I thought could not cook except spaghetti, but mostly because I like it and love to cook.

that lately I’ve been reading a lot about men and women, the different ways of thinking and what can go wrong during a marriage wrong. In the past I did everything according to â € ~ the boekjeâ € ™. But as a dear friend said to me, you must have both read the book. A truism.

That was one of the reasons to leave the Netherlands. I found the women very demanding and in my case they were just behind me came when the big money. Thinking about the future, they do not, did they found it scary, especially dangerous to occasionally start something new.

and I am now married to a beautiful Thai. almost ten years in Thailand After, she’s hot and she’s almost fifty years. A beautiful woman I ever think that I had in my younger years nodig. Following is a true farmer’s daughter, the only girl among five brothers. She’s so pretty well to ensure for herself. Now it’s a woman of the world. She is curious and wants to know everything and anything meemaken. If I want to make a sandwich or grab a beer invariably remark, hey, I’m for. You take care of me and I care for you.

Women in Thailand know their place yet. The man comes in first place and the man is the boss at home (they think). But a Thai woman is absolutely servile or submissive. Also, if a Thai woman is used, or worse, abused feels she is divorcing her husband. A Thai woman prefer living alone to be. Poverty slave to the man


knows exactly what she wants. Example, we have a garage built what at first had a thatched roof. Very nice and fit well in the area. She wanted to have plates so that happened. Also the garage that could be made longer., A spacious outdoor kitchen equipped


this year after the spring storms showed that the roof is too heavy, I said that, but yes, after wanted what she wanted, but then I’m sure to think about how to solve that problem. There will not be considered, as are the roles verdeeld. I do not have to say please or thank you when she does something. What you will be taken if you forget it. Quite ill in the west Family and friends who come to visit often think I Na exploits. Nothing is less true. She’s doing really happy and always, well always, with a friendly face.

We find it both enjoyable how do interact. Respect for each and every place. And I have not even mentioned to indicate that a Thai fifty is a bit different than a western. After, it does not look like fifty but more like mid-thirties.

I think I know what Jeffrey meant. That’s why I live in Thailand where care is very normal for another. I can name many things that are so terribly different than they are in a relationship with a western woman. But like I leave to you.

Submitted by Jan Dekker

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