A touching story from Pattaya

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A touching story from Pattaya

A Thai woman touching story from Pattaya Yeah, I walk long enough here in Pattaya to know how relationships between a Thai lady and a farang be assembled and disassembled. It can go well, I know quite a few people who saw their lives drastically change for the better, but also the dark side of failed relationships and all its consequences are well known to me.

A A Go Go Girl

This is the story of a young Thai lady â € “let’s call her Fon â €” who, having worked, after a period in A Go Go tents a bright future seemed to go. Unfortunately, she is back on the scene and again as a bargirl at work.

Fon is a lovely lady from the beginning 20 years, you might even say a stunner of a girl. Everything is perfect in her appearance, she has a more western appearance, a beautiful brown complexion, short for many a dream of the Thai woman.

I’ve known her for several years, we have a good relationship, what I would describe as a father-daughter relationship, even though they could be my granddaughter. terms of age We play both pool games, meet in tournaments (they played much better than me) and talk about this and that. I know that it comes from the province of Loei, where mother and grandmother still live. Her father she never knew and whether that was a farang they do not know, but that would explain her some western look.

When I first see her in the pool hall, she still works in an A go go bar, to temporary boyfriends no lack. She lives not exuberant, does not drink, goes well dressed and with her earnings she supports the home front in Loei. In the pool hall, however, she is the sportswoman, who by her talent for the game getting better and visibly fun. It must be a relief for her to just not to think of men with whom they will be that night (have to) spend.

The American

And then Justin, the American, in the picture. At a first meeting in a bar a second and there is growing slightly. Follows Together they come to the pool hall and so I get to know him. Justin is a good-looking American from California «, a few years older than Fon. In the pool hall they love sitting together at the bar, she plays the occasional game of pool while Justin then talk with others. Justin is a likeable boy who easily makes friends. Anyone who regularly comes into the pool hall, considers it a cute couple.



money can not complain, therefore Fon not. Justin Indeed, he as a special security guard, working first in Iraq and then a long time in Afghanistan. He does this for several years working for the U.S. military for a private company. Because he can hardly spend money during his periods of work he has nice spared and now he knows Fon, the time has come to fully enjoy the pleasures of life.

Fon and Justin go much food in the more expensive restaurants, they buy gold and fine clothes. He allows himself a tattoo fitting and extra to put the power of love let her increase her breasts. They hire an expensive villa with pool, buy a car and for pleasure and monitoring they have a dog in the house. If Justin then again a few months at work, Fon remains neat girl who waits for her lover comes home, so they do not have to talk via Skype. Every night together Nothing can disturb their happiness and Fon expects that Justin will ask her to marry him and she can move to America. A true dream for every Thai lady, right?!

President Obama

But then, earlier this year seems to be the dream as a punctured balloon to deflate. President Obama announces cuts to the adventure in Afghanistan and Justin’s contract will not be extended. Justin staying longer time in Pattaya in the hope that there is another offer coming, but that does not happen. No income so he and Fon and life than on his savings, of course visibly shrinks.

The car is sold, they move to a cheaper venue and the exuberant evenings are also becoming less. He still tries to get as security specialist, a job in Thailand but it will be clear that absolutely no place in this sector for a foreigner. Eventually Justin leaves for California «to seek work. Reportedly he works, but only for a minimum salary.

Mood changes

The money he makes to Fon, is also becoming less. It is also evident in her mood, which changes from nice and friendly to irritable and annoyed. If once a wrong word is said â € “such as Thai ladies can do themselves â €” it saves a fellow player a tooth out of her mouth. She still works as a hairdresser for a while, but that does not provide enough for her style of life and by little, she returns to Walking Street. That way she keeps lying standing!

Syria «

Is the love between them now for well over? I obviously do not know, because maybe Justin will still have a chance. In the news Syria «as a possible new war called fire and if the Americans are serious about getting involved, get Justin perhaps again a well-paid job in security there. With all sympathy for Fon and Justin, however I do hope that he does not get that chance.


Oh, I already said in the beginning, happen in the love worse things in Thailand. Yet, because ZOA € ™ s drama with a somewhat boastful American who can not do with his money deal and his beloved golden mountains promises and gullible Thai girl, her dream sees bursting in you takes place own environment, I could not resist telling this. endearing story

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