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About free and outlaw Thai

Antonin Cee About free and outlaw Thai Antonin Cee lives sinds late eighties in Chiangmai and voert themed trips out. He studied philosophy at the University of Montpellier in France and worked for some time ALSA editor at The Nation Bangkok.Ook he wrote articles for various Dutch, Belgian and English magazines. With his daughter, he is an eleven-parent family and brings every year some time in the south of France. Hija publiceerde a collection of stories titled Thailand  ⠀ ~ Between Private and andera € ™, which can be ordered via the Internet is Bija www.freemusketeers.nl  and Thailand via tusseneigenenander@hotmail.com


Ghosts of past times. There are places where the past you silently staring. I’m in the Seri Thai Cave, named for the underground resistance movement in Thailand during World War II (Seri Thai = Free Thai). Delighted with the boots that I brought, I wade through the calf-deep water.

Meanwhile, I let my flashlight on the walls play, looking for the snakes, which are fixed to sit. The stench of bat poo … But there is nothing that recalls the people who lived here at that time.

To facilitate communication and to have correct information about Japanese troop movements, assured the Americans sent some of their OSS people to Thailand. To work with Seri Thai together. Here, in what was then the primary jungle must have been, they have lived their days and months worn with only the radio as an outlet to the world.

Sergeant W. C. Grant, Sergeant Major Steven Systew and Walter Kuzmuk. Dropped behind enemy lines. Betrayal would have immediately the bullet or transportation means to the Burma railway. Anonymous history. There are few people, these names will take. Still on their lips

In Thailand it is often tracking

uitgebleekte Under a sky that was some rain, I drove there. To Lang, a village between Lampang and Phrae. Here was something that cave, I knew. Just before long, I find a description and I shoot on a road. First a few houses. Then it becomes a gently sloping recess in young teak plantations, occasionally interrupted by a corn sveldje.

Lampang to Phrae 298x300 About free and outlaw Thai I drive to doubt. kilometer or twenties and early On one of the curves I put my Chevy Afrimele to the side and refer to the map. As expected, this road is not there. In Thailand it is often tracking. I peer over the country. For me, I do not see any hill and that finally the places where caves are found. But more to the right stabbing a few rocks above the trees. I decide just to drive to see if the road bends that way.

a stream is a man with a cast net to his waist in water. â € ~ Tham Seri Thai? â € ™ Â I ask him. He extends a finger and pointing vaguely at the side, where I come from.


​​not talk with their hands to gesture to give some figurative power of their words do not. Maybe it has to do with the Buddhist guidelines, they must be kindled from childhood. Do not be too emphatically. Keep your passions indoors.

It could also be that they do not like the back of their tongue show. That can break. It can turn against you. Better to stay. On the plain You never know, it starts with a nice conversation, but soon you’ll get a spanking.

But when it comes to them suddenly very physical for directions, a kind of pre-verbal instinct should be: they point. Ask the path to a group of people (really, it’s often happened to me) and they all point in a different direction. Should I turn around? And what then? To the left or right? You have to pull them out. Dropwise.

That is what I ask the man with the cast net. â € ~ The corn, rechtsafâ € ™, he says, while his arm is to the left. â € ~ On this side of the road so? â € ™, I just check the left after waving. â € ~ On this side, the right side, futur tongue , all juistâ € ™ he says. His arm goes back to the left. Pre-verbal, I have more confidence in the gesture he makes rather than the word. In Thailand, find the way sometimes requires a certain cultural understanding.

It gives him something of the Chinese New Year dragon

I turn around and head back to the first corn sveldje that I meet. And find the road. After a few hundred meters one another T-junction. Here, the information of the man. These rocks were further to the left. I take my chances. A few kilometers further I get to the rocks that rise like teeth where the rot in it, out of the country.

There is a small sala with Buddha statue, where a stream dribbles past, probably the same that I saw earlier. There is a bridge over it. Across a lonely kuti.

When I walk, there will be a monk outside. Thirty years I underestimated him. His teeth are gone, but the canines are remain, giving him something of a Chinese New Year dragon. There is a strange haze over his bony face. I know that down. It indicates excessive use of white powder.

He lives alone here and is probably happy that once someone comes along. Only three weeks, he’s here. Every day he makes a streetwalker 10 kilometers to do. Alms round What he did before he came here, I did not. Ask him

Well I inquire about the cave. He points to the rocks. Also al â € ~ There lived the Japannersâ € ™ he says. I have long ceased to be surprised at the lack of factual knowledge in this country me. I recently had a conversation with a professor of mathematics at one of the universities of Chiangmai. We were talking about India in colonial times. â € ~ India was a British colony? â € ™ he asked.

I really thought he was teasing me. But with an open-minded look in his eyes, as you can see in young girls who have decided to deflower, within the foreseeable future, he assured me that to have. Never heard

A lucky hunch that descends on me like the Pentecostal Spirit

After visiting the cave, I continue to Phrae, ride a forester town, that the once rich teak forests with which it was surrounded, has run away. largely When I roam, I often windward in the accident that most of the time I do not even so grouchy. And occasionally a lucky hunch that descends on me like the Spirit of Pentecost.

But this time I had an appointment with Puchong Kanthatham, the owner of the hotel Paradon. He has a small museum commemorating Seri Thai. His father Thong Kanthatham was the leader of the organization in Northern Thailand and I wonder what he has to say.

Thailand had large parts of its territory lost

Japan in December 1941 when his landing craft Thai beaches opstuurde, it was not a war with that country. It had asked for a free passage to attack in Burma and Malaysia «the English. That permission was denied them in the first place. There were some skirmishes and after blood had been shed, was negotiated. Thailand was no match for the war machine of Japan and was still his safe passage.

Like most countries in Southeast Asia “Thailand was the imperialist European countries not particularly of view. The country had been a colony, but to sign various treaties that were not economically very beneficial. Had Moreover, large parts of its territory was lost: In Laos and Cambodia to French Indo-China and Burma and Malaysia “to the British Empire


The prevailing opinion was, as elsewhere in Southeast Asia “, the Japanese do not grouchy. Blood is thicker than water. The Japanese gave it the English lot from past. During the World Cup, the Thai also be thrilled if an Asian country round comes on.

He patched the instructions from Bangkok to his boot

In those days the Plaek Phibunsongkram (Phibun), was a militaristic set dictator in Thailand had the reins. He wanted lost territory or have returned and declared war on the Allies. In Shan state in Burma fought Thai troops alongside the Japanese. It was agreed that this area would be. Under Thai control

Kukrit Pramoj About free and outlaw Thai The Ambassador of Thailand in the U.S. was Seni Pramoj, a blue Monday Prime Minister would become. The overlapped instructions from Bangkok to his boot and the U.S. refused to issue a war. Statement In the U.S. a number of Thai students, attended mostly sons of wealthy families. There was a resistance group formed against Phibun and the Japanese: the birth of Seri Thai


In the United Kingdom, joined Thai who lived there, join the movement. In Thailand, Pridi Banomyong, who organized the resistance was. Between Seri Pramoj, the aristocrat from Bangkok and Pridi, rice farmer from Ayutthaya not hit it off really well.

Pridi was the leader of the palace revolt in 1932 that Thailand would give its first constitution thus became a constitutional monarchy. He founded the Thammasat University in Bangkok and had socialist ideas «n.

During the student uprisings of 1976, who were beaten, bloody Pridi was their idol. Many students then went into the jungles to join the communist rebels. It was in the zeitgeist. Brimming with ideals they sat. They just did not take up arms, but wanted the farmers to make political awareness and provide training. Entirely in the style of Pridi.

Eds from Bangkok married illiterate Hmong who supported them against the general regime in Bangkok. About twenty years ago, I was at a reunion somewhere in one of their former camps in northern Thailand, the first to be grudgingly accepted by the then government. Police everywhere to all present to film. Maybe I’ll write again about.

His father was the first elected representative from Phrae

Phrae I walk through the museum, which is housed in a beautiful old villa, which in the parking lot of the hotel is. Really is not much to see there, because what you need to exhibit on such resistance? What text panels, stories about Seri Thai. A pair of life-sized puppets by the OSS people, who I mentioned earlier. Replicas € ™ s of bombs, which were then used some guns.

Later I find Puchong in the coffee shop of the hotel, where we put behind us a glass of water. A tall man, who is engaging converse, as older Thai men from the upper classes, which can. He speaks excellent English, which he has gained. During his studies in America

His father studied law under Pridi in Bangkok. As a poor student, who, because of lack of money needed to stay in a temple, he sympathized with socialist ideas «n Pridi. Pridi later became Prime Minister and Tong became the first elected MP from Phrae.

â € ~ Thailand has a lot to thank Pridiâ € ™ he says. â € ~ It was largely through his efforts that Thailand was beschouwd.â € ™

after the war by the Allies as an enemy country

This was done largely under American pressure. The British and the French, who had fought against the Thai thought otherwise. They demanded all areas, the Thai with the help of the Japanese recaptured they had back first, before they would sign a peace treaty. Also wanted the British war compensation in the form of rice supplies for their troops in Malaysia “and elsewhere.

Seri Thai was able to infiltrate the major Japanese base

During the war his father stood at the head of a group of five hundred Seri Thai people. â € ~ They were mainly engaged in espionage activities. The passing of the Japanese troop movements, arms depots and dergelijkeâ € ™ says Puchong.

major Japanese base in northern Thailand was at that time in Lampang. â € ~ Seri Thai knew there infiltrate. with five people The information that they collected, were passed to Major Serithanarat, commander of the Thai troops there, who was also a member of Seri Thai.

who played it over again to my father, who then traveled by train to Bangkok by the signals on the American bombers in Sri Lanka. The train station in Phrae and the bridge was bombed during that time. Later that OSS people who maintained contact with Sri cave Lanka.â € ™ Puchong Seri Tham came from is clearly proud of what Seri Thai did.

Pridi headed Seri Thai was an influential group in the turbulent years after the war, when governments are often held out longer than a few months. Pridi sent part of the weapons, which was given to the Americans Seri Thai, secretly to Vietnam to be in their struggle for independence against the French. Utilized by Ho Chi Min Bo Ho, by the way Uncle Ho as he is called, spent some time in Thailand by Pridi and later visited him in Vietnam.

â € ~ Socialist ideas «n, were dangerous in that tijdâ € ™ says Puchong. â € ~ There are then at least five leaders of Seri Thai murdered. To save his life, my father finally had like Pridi, legs nemen.â € ™

The death of King Ananda has always remained a mystery

The newly-installed King Ananda Mahidol isolated (Rama VIII), brother of the current king, was found in 1946 in the palace. A bullet had pierced his head. Phibun, who before r the surrender of Japan was dropped, but in 1948 returned to power did come, let the rumor spread that Pridi be interested in this regicide. Had a hand He was supported by Seri Pramoj herein, which also became a political rival of Pridi.

The death of King Ananda has always remained a mystery. Suicide, murder or an accident? It has never been solved. However, King Bhumibol in a conversation with one of his biographers said to believe that Pridi was involved in the death of his brother.

order to disguise himself, he had been pulling his teeth

Pridi was able to get away to China via Singapore and later went to live in Paris. The father escaped to Puchong to Burma. He went on foot from Phrae to Mae Sai, where he crossed the border to Chiengtung, where he stayed for two years.

Pridi Banomyong About free and outlaw Thai Later, he was at the hands of his old comrade Serithanarat, which had risen to a high military position, safely return to Thailand. He never meddled with politics. Pridi never came back. â € ~ To safely come from Thailand, Pridi had left already pulling away as part of its vermommingâ € ™, his teeth tells Puchong.

Historiography is never finished and needs. constant revision At best events are colored with the brush of an era and drawn to the historical imagination of the people have put down.


Much has been written (and maybe more words) about this period in Thai history. It has been suggested that Pridi was not really anti-Japanese. He would have just used to put against dictator Phibun, he could not stand the sight.


among members of the Free Thai is dead. necessary rivalry On the Thai political stage is that respect over the years, has not changed all that much.

The English historian Nigel Brailey called the Seri Thai even a charade, there to scatter the Allies sand in the eyes, and so to avoid reprisals. It is certain, however, that without the occurrence of Pridi and Seri Thai Thai history would be very different. Expired Pridi wanted a good education for everyone and introduce a social insurance system, which would be a hesitant start in Thailand.

it made until sixty years later

â € ~ There are no ideals Meera € ™ says Puchong as I say goodbye. â € ~ Young people are so terribly materialistic geworden.â € ™ I may be wrong. But I thought in his voice. Beginning a sob

 © Antonin Cee

From Anton Cee appeared on Thailanblog â € ~ Cats poop coffee. Exotic yet? Â € ™ (30 December)

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