About oil spills and dying corals

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About oil spills and dying corals

coral reef research Kasetsart University 273x300 about oil spills and dying corals Marine biologists and government disagree on the effects of the oil spill on the marine fauna.

Divers from the Department of Marine Science of the Kasetsart University have found that the coral in shallow water off the coast of Rayong white is removed. On the beaches of Khao Laem Ya and Ma Had Pim in Rayong tar balls are found, and rocks are covered with oil. An area of ​​five rai with seagrass is not affected.

coral white is removed (bleaching) is located at a depth of 10 to 20 meters. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, head of the Department of Marine Science, thinks the coral at low tide has been covered with oil causing the coral could not breathe. It may take years before it recovers, because it grows by only 1 percent per year compared with 5 percent in other species.

tar balls are at the surface of the water formed from oil which has been weathered to a solid or semi-solid substance and to land is flushed. Thon expects the next two weeks will flush even more. Ashore â € ~ It is important to clean them. First, because they pollute the beaches and secondly because we do not know how they affect the ecosystem when they stay liggen.â € ™

at or below the sand

teams of the University have also taken water samples: in three different places and at different depths. Sediment which is collected from, and under the seabed, is examined for heavy metals. Furthermore, fish, shellfish and various types of plankton collected for laboratory tests. Thon says that each species should be because they all play a role in the ecosystem. Tested in the field, including worms, â € ~ This process is labor intensive and costly, but nodig.â € ™


is no damage found in deeper water, but that says nothing about the long-term effects. It can take months or years before the harmful effects of oil spills and the solvent used are visible. â € ~ We have to keep checking. Not only on and around the beach Ao Phrao, because waves, tide and wind all play a role in the spread of the olie.â € ™

No damage to coral

Unlike bevindindingen Thon and his teams says a top official of the Marine and Coastal Resources Department (MCRD) that the coral at Ao Phrao has sustained no damage. He stated this last week during a hearing by a parliamentary committee. The MCRD has twelve locations isolated inspected at the islands of Koh Samet, three other islands and Lam Ya cape on the mainland. Only part of the coral reefs separated mucus, the report said that the MCRD of inspections has made.

The waters around Rayong containing 3,000 rai of coral reefs, of which 1,400 in national park Khao Lam Ya-Samed, where Ao Phrao Beach is located. The area also contains 3,800 rai of seagrass, which 824 in the national park. According to the MCRD report is the coral in some areas not very fertile and has a density of 30 to 50 percent.

the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has sent an investigation team to the area, four days after the spill. The team could do no research in waters less than 3 feet deep, because it was still covered in oil, but in greater depth and there saw the coral is normal.

And then we have the Pollution Control Department, which is responsible for monitoring the cleaning of the beach and the air, water and sand quality monitors. The PCD also took water samples at 23 sites, but these results are not yet known. Searching for heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. If they are found, it may take at least a year before clear signs of contamination, particularly by heavy metals are identified.

(Source: Spectrum, Bangkok Post , August 11, 2013)

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