Amazing Route 24

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Amazing Route 24

 Amazing Route 24

Phaisarn Thai Silk Village Center

Amazing Route 24 in southeastern Thailand is from Nakhon Ratchasima in global (Korat), to just below Ubon Rachatani. The Main Highway ‘number 24. With a nod to U.S. Route 66, Route 24 just as described here.

Road, Main Highway, according to Thai statistics, is much shorter, less tortuous and not as spectacular as the American counterpart. Yet there are, especially for the tourists more interested, in this way a lot of very nice things.

TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) has a number of places on both sides of the road signs posted that clearly refer to different sites. Thither driving must unfortunately conclude that with further signs are not always careful work has gone and often requires some ingenuity and detective work to find the relevant interest. But that has kind of a sport of such a trip.


get on the narrow roads and small villages almost always extremely friendly people, you only too happy to point the way. Own transport and a little entrepreneurial spirit is a prerequisite for the further away from the main attractions.


Let the car but even launch and drive. We start with the place Prasat, Surin in the crossroads, and from there drive west toward Nang Rong. The first sign that we encounter refers to no less than three features:

  1. four kilometers from the main road Qx Cart Production Center.

    Just one kilometer

  2. At a distance of one mile: Hong Saeng Village Organic Vegetable Center.
  3. Phaisarn the Thai Silk Weaving Village Center.


 Amazing Route 24


“Ox Cart” said wooden gazebos are known and we save in terms of attraction here, and that organic vegetable production in Thailand in this case we also take for granted. So on to the looms. The Center consists of a humble house where two very friendly ladies, sitting behind very old looms, their art into daily practice.

Everything is worth noting that the visit of a foreigner is extremely rare and both are drudgery of hand and foot to literally the art of weaving demonstration.

a prick find beautiful handicrafts purchase beautiful styles and colors, in both silk and wool. Everything made on ancient wooden looms. A spin label with letters of a renowned French or Italian fashion house is all-happy-it lacks.


 Amazing Route 24


also moving to a point where we end up on the village known for its Roasted Rice wrapped in bamboo omhulsel.Toevoegingen such as sugar cane and coconut make a kind of candy.Along the way many providers. At that point is The Natural Shoe Production Center announced that turning left you can see six kilometers further.

Perhaps there is something for a bargain price of your liking. The road leads past a few villages and a beautiful pond in which, if in luck smiles, the lotus flowers in bloom and ducks swimming around with their offspring to make a special accent.

Not far from the pond, the road becomes a dirt road. At that point, go left and then right at the school. The ‘shoe’, recognizable by a kind of banner with the image of shoes to the wall, is a very simple house and staffing of only two people. But the products are really unique and hand-made.

From caterpillar to side

 Amazing Route 24

Side Crawler

Return to Route 24, and this path continues, we the board with the announcement at Hin Kong Weaving Center, according to the statement on eight kilometers away from the ‘Highway’ is located. It also marked this place Bart Cricket Village Center, but let’s for what it is. Probably to a settled here ‘Sir’, who adore his sport, others the art of cricket means to tell.

Looms side, and our interest, so that we only eight kilometers for granted. This time it really find something and ask us do this, why not improve the signs indicated. Inventiveness remains the key, so let’s continue on the image of the board, including the Weaving Center in English plus Thai, the digital camera to a few residents of the village show. And yes we are, it seems, directly opposite the Center.

Center Take the word too seriously, because it represents a thatched roof, including a lady with a simple device side on a larger bobbin is winding. Apparently they also experience our interest as very special because she beckons us to go to the neighbors, the other part of the Center. An old woman wakes up from her nap and looks somewhat sleepy visiting. Very quickly, however, it shows us the time and a large flat round wicker scale, where silkworms are feasting on green leaves.

Without saying a word understood on its explanation, which she always turns out a different scale cane, the whole process of silk caterpillar to us but very vividly clear. Then she proudly shows a pair of different colored silk thread spools see. We understand that even the dyes are obtained through natural means and no chemical stuff is used.

Insider tip

 Amazing Route 24

Prasat Muangtam

As we say goodbye and have a small sacrifice to leave, which they initially do not even want to accept, we get a golden tip. If we follow the road, not returning to our Route 24, we are close to two grand historic buildings.

We take the wise counsel and indeed we see very quickly a sign that refers to the left and right direction Muangtam Prasat Prasat Khaophanomrung rolling direction. The choice falls on the latter historical gem.

Phnom Rung Historical Park

Phnom Rung is an old volcano, which for many centuries, the fire is extinguished. On this ancient volcanic region rose between the 10th and 13th centuries, the impressive monuments that you’re still full of admiration and glory can watch. This is one of the finest and most ancient Khmer monuments in Thailand.

great monument is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. Phnom Rung The name derives from the ancient Khmer word Vnam Rung “and means” The vast mountain. These words are engraved in the temple complex found. Impressive is the long paved access road leading to the foot of the mountain runs, lined with a seventy pillars of sandstone decorated with a lotus flower in bud standing.

 Amazing Route 24



this road so many centuries ago, they strode in a procession towards temple buildings. The highest stairs leading to the top of the complex lead, have five segments, each with terraced haven here where you can recover from the climb.

rich and beautifully sculpted monuments are the reward for the action not too strenuous climb to the top. The high tower that forms the middle of the whole of pink sandstone. Narendraditya generally assumed that this high tower and center of the complex, in the 12th century built. He was a descendant of the dynasty and Mahidharapura related to King Suryavarman II initiated the construction of the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Phnom Rung is a visit waard.Vergeet not just at the “Visitor Center” to step to a flyer asking. The imposing structure will still happen bigger and clearer.

Route 24

The area around

path 24 contains many places where, if you want to see a couple of days off. Condition is that you have own transport and a little bit enterprising are watching. Prasat Muangtam example is not far from Phnom Rung and a market on the border between Thailand and Cambodia is not an insurmountable detour. Enjoying the scenery in the Khao Kradong Forest Park or a visit to Ancient Kilns “, the ancient vases and jars? Or perhaps interested in the processing of mangoes, as the season itself appropriates them. There is very much possible about Amazing Route 24.


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