An inspiring environment – Hua Hin Beach

6th of December 2013 0

An inspiring environment – Hua Hin Beach

My pen is any day, gently dipped in a still hefty dose today, self-righteousness and complacency, I must warn you.

And I’m probably way too much and use unnecessary words to describe something already so! But beware, sometimes too little! There are also additional non-existing words and other nonsense when, where Bill Gates is set. Certain red lines under So be it!

You might also conclude that it is all too silly. Mealy, that word you do not hear often today. This beach-column â € ~ € ™ verzandtâ so with regularity, but you can of course just like Bert van Balen (who is a real writer because he already wrote a whole book) always does, just stop reading.

For those who do not know: Bert van Balen regularly writes a diary entry for Thailand Blog. (There is gedreutel â € “totally new word for writing, just thought â €” also meant, but whether it will place the editors?) Finally, at the end so, you may ask yourself: does this writer a little too much to drink? Perhaps, perhaps. However, it remains unmentioned.

Not far from me is a rather large woman


entitled An inspiring environment will you say? I’m going to explain. I’m on the beach of Hua Hin, a place in the middle Thailand. A beach that is packed with many different people as it is often the case with summer-looking beaches. For example, next to me is a enormeâ € |. No, again.

Not far from me, a few meters, I would say, is a fairly large, but slender woman. She has beautiful black curly hair and a lot, it curls on all sides almost defiant about the lounger. Her eyes get wide, at first sight, so to so, seeing friendly face (which is 2x face, and already 3 times!). They are closed, those eyes.

I treasure her around forty. She is not someone just so. I mean, there is no empty bed next to hers with a towel on it or something. And right away but to be honest â € “always better I think â €” I am especially curious to see when they will rise, or her then at least, sit upright as it were.

homoiaanse Two boys, they are brutal touchily

I’m reading and watching at the same time I notice. Is not easy. And I really wanted to go to my temporary guesthouse to everything I now only write immediately to all writing, but then again I have not experienced that was (is?) So difficult, but then remember


There is also agreed upon that I am regularly harassed by the two homoiaanse (no good Dutch!) boys in the ministry. Thirty years they have, I guess. They are fond of me, especially on my cigarettes, and if they are tight, then certainly on my lighter.

They are pretty physical, brutal touchily (though again ZOA € ™ s word) as you want, come and sit on my bed, one on each side, slightly against me, one hand casually on my arm or leg, and then have some kind of understanding that content, even though my body remains, of course, hidden from me.

I regularly put a brake on with strictly defensive gestures and glances, sometimes harsh words. More often, I encountered the homoiaanse side of the world found me interesting. Why? Although I obviously have a lot of feminine in me, soft edges, so to speak.

They are both pimpeldonkerbruin

They do not harm the boys want to know everything about me. What I read? Is it a good book? What is it about? Why do I think it’s a good book? And so some of those hard-hitting questions. What I find the rest of their English?, They wanted even know. They have a reasonable vocabulary but swallow a lot in, which affects the intelligibility benefit.

I articulate the words to explain to them. attempted That was not easy, they got there giggling. One day after class she brought a dictionary English â € “Thai it. I pointed to the word, and a new world opens up to them. Since then, more syllables. They laugh almost permanently, even if there is no reason to. I suspect them of doublethink behavior (what is that again?).

addition, they drag regularly, especially if they are bored, passers-by to a man free (word also does not exist) daybed with the announcement that this bed is only 100 baht (â, ¬ 2,30) costs for all day use mainly it be so. Today, they both wear a handkerchief over their face not tan. They are both already pimpeldonkerbruin (I’m the kind words from now on not explain, but everyone sees)

She’s gone, mi amore!

Yes, there is movement, she sits down. And, it’s what I thought, what a façade. There can still easily two, no, at least three cups of coffee are served out (can you say that now? A bit coarse though). In this incredibly beautiful slender body.

And now you will think: yes, come on, surely not pure nature? I swear, it’s gold! And now I suddenly know where that word again â € ~ € ™ enormeâ came at the beginning of this story. Como esta? she says to me slaapdromerig (nice word! no comments please) eyeing.

â € ~ You must be Russianâ € ™, I bounce back from nothing, knowing that my Spanish is not too good. She laughs, and the ice is broken not only, there’s been just a puddle. â € ~ Are you on holiday? â € ™, ask them. â € ~ No, I suffer by living here in Hua Hin as a retiree (red dash of Bill). â € ™

When our drinks to be brought which of course I immediately ordered the boys, the lake is already completely dried up and we feel like we’ve known each other longer than today. The boys run some curiosity around us, walking casually, too often along. They never saw me with a woman while I still have long come. They are disappointed, I suspect.

After another drink I already know for sure they’re going to love me unconditionally, no escape. How should this continue? I wake up with a kind halfaf (!) Feeling. She’s gone, mi amore! Then mâ € ™ s book again. It could have been, right?

He drinks beer à © à © n, they are nothing

And that Japanese couple behind me also fun and special. She ielig (!), Small, thin, and absolutely no breasts. He is a half taller and even a grasshopper. They are both in black suits and permanently busy with each other, talking nineteen to the dozen. However, it strikes me that they never laugh. They take everything they do seriously.

They are like me occasionally in the very warm sea where he does his best to learn to swim, her yes, seriously. She is lying on his arms and makes the inevitable, necessary movements. Only the arms and legs sync yet. A few times she goes under then after massive burst out, erupts a Japanese oral deluge which I translated, but drops.

They are also very busy with the millions on the beach in and out of their burrows crawling crabs (nice alliteration, crawling crabs). Well, a few of them over. They dig themselves dens and go watch or crab are also tempted to go there.

cross-legged under their skinny legs, they sit opposite each other. They are still talking almost continuously ever but I can not catch on any part of the body touching each other, except for the swimming lessons, but of course it can not be otherwise. He drinks beer à © à © n, they are nothing.

homoiaanse ministry pays virtually no attention to them. Children can not be sweeter. I treasure them anyway thick in the thirties, though, with Asians you never know. Be cautious estimate. You can just sit next ten years and only Buddha (in Netherlands God) knows what kind of trouble you that brings out your neck (again ZOA € ™ s expression. Why your neck?).

Stick Old mother with blond daughter

A little further, angled for me (does that matter?), is a silver-haired, old mother â € “it must be because everything, absolutely everything about her is wrinkled (I can not make it better, sorry) â € “next to her, and that can not be otherwise, its pretty well conditioned blonde daughter


How do you know that her daughter is, in other words (can), how can you be sure that her mother is very old, you might ask (rightly) off. Frankly, I can not explain it but do like to bet on on with anyone. I also want to do something to win or earn, come on!

They take turns swimming, so there is always someone at the private © behind valuables such as wallet, phone, and only Buddha knows what they are all more with them, anyway, you get the idea. Mothers will do twice as long as the daughter of both swimming and walking to and from the sea.

They hold, in contrast to our Japanese friends, have a drink and receive (hence) wide attention of our gay boys (cha, as you call them, even easier). They often sit down with the ladies at the foot of the cot, which itch to both their toes and make them laugh. The ladies enjoy visible. They come once more once again, for sure.

And no, she is not, I repeat, not pregnant

Two Russians â € “you can now determine where they are themselves â €” a man and a woman, both are a little too round for their age. Moreover, I have no idea how old they are, you may also decide for themselves if necessary. They are diagonal, two sun beds next to each other, face to face. Must be able to. All blubbert a bit on them. All really nothing but their bathing suits are still a bit too small, so take extra curves occur again. Not really beautiful is an understatement (word Approves Bill Gates well, wow!) In this case.

It’s not all as bad as they are not too shiny metal decorations everywhere, on and on (ugly and simply said error) had to make. For example, there stabbing it three straight pins from her navel, navel which then again extends slightly outward because of her belly, even if she is, as yet around like a football. And no, she is not, I repeat, not pregnant! Betting

her lips are drilled three rings. He has a couple of sets of smaller rings to pierce. Both ears There is also an abundance of bracelets and necklaces can be found in any one arm or neck of the bunch. They speak Russian fluently which is not very strange (Ah, here comes my quip course from earlier in this story about my now gone mi amore).

What do

weather is strange, if brought by the gay boys for both beer, they stand up, walk up to the ankles in the water, turn around and go straddled are watching us, the other beach goers adjacent . By the flow, which up and down waves you know?, Bags slowly, drinking beer, something away.

The ladies are especially â € ~ € ™ Shya, shy

By the time I got to the beach, the sea and all this extremely tiring observations (how the hell can I still remember all this?) leave behind me, which is usually around half past five, there will be a new stream of visitors underway, the local Thai. That’s a lot. I sometimes stayed a little longer to see how they spend an evening twilight on the beach. That is quite different.

Drinks and food are brought. The beach clubs know that and close. The sunbeds are stacked. The Thai sitting on large rugs.
There are the most complete families, so dad, mom, children and grandchildren. The last two categories «n go fully clothed into the sea, at least, then certainly the girls. Well Asians (mostly women) do not want to be tan, we know (or whiter, and there are many fake Akzo remedies for the market here in Thailand) and you would think that’s why they keep their clothes. This is only partially true. The ladies are especially â € ~ € ™ Shya, shy.

My temporary Thai Happiness

In an unguarded moment I let myself in the past, even by my former Thai Happiness, tempted to shop. A mistake which I rarely do, but good things happen. In a clearly much less guarded moment, I asked her if she wanted to fit that I quite liked her not unattractive breasts.

or a bikini

It was an expensive Thai concepts, a piece of designer clothes. She was completely in her sas (you can also hear rarely, sas) that, because he applied and was â € ~ delightful and chic tegelijkâ € ™! She never wore it. In fact, they never went with me into seas € |. Wait a minutea € |. That’s not


course they went with me into the sea. How else would she à ¼ berhaupt (ugly word) ever been (what an incredibly ugly phrase!) My temporary Thai Happiness She eventually became my Thai accident, there was once a whole book about it also appears that is not corny, not lethargic and not at all, I repeat, not fun!

Devious? Though

Meanwhile, I know how the Thai subsidizing «ring system works for rice and in particular how the government this financial knit around (foreign word). I saw today when walking to and from my favorite place sunbeds hundreds (maybe more?) Washed white burlap-like (weird word, nevertheless approved by Bill) bags are. They were full. Of course I could not restrain my curiosity â € “Immediately there came a thought to me â €” Â and was one of the bags to attack with something sharp ENA € | â € | jawelâ € | â € | rice


Now for me the circle. Loading a ship full of rice, ensure the contents of the vessel for the (high) price that you paid as a government for the rice to farmers then leave the ship in a quiet, mirage-like place (it should not crazier) perished on the sly. The insurance covers the damage. The money is back home and everyone’s happy.

Devious? Though, but Thailand is not it strange. A â € ~ waterdichtâ € ™ system, I would say. Get no flaw in it? And the opposition say that Yingluck never do something sensible! Come only once on.

Thailand Blog published by Theo van der Schaaf earlier â € ~ To the hairdresser: â € œYou look very handsome Nowa € â € ™ (1 December)


communication Submitted

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