Mag - An old woman dies in the village of Gerrie

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An old woman dies in the village of Gerrie

Gerrie 300x225 An old woman dies in the village of Gerrie About a cremation here in Isaan I have something written, but not yet dying and reincarnation. It is pure observation without judgment.



She had been away for a while, the old woman who ZOA € ™ s 50 meters from our house resides. Not that I’d missed her, but when she returned with a large number of children and grandchildren, it struck me that way.

Her own house was fully occupied and the house opposite hers was occupied by one of her daughters-in-law and several children. The woman had come home again to die. She had in fact â € ~ meat in her head a € ™, but which I translated as a brain tumor.


The first few days, the old woman outside in the shade in the shadow of her little house, and there was also washed by the daughters. The Thais themselves rather prudish did just that I saw outside, and when passing the old woman half naked while she was smeared with talcum powder. Richly After two days she was brought in and placed under a mosquito net on a wicker mat.

Preparing for death

It would not last more than a week, it was said in the village and it was true. After eight days, the woman gave up the ghost. The men and women around her were a few days beforehand started buying food and drinks belonging to the ritual. It’s gotta be weird, that you, as you lie dying, people see and hear busy preparing for your death.

Was startled by five loud bangs, which means that the woman was deceased and because I know her family well, I quickly walked towards condolences to the family. â € ~ Tough leeauwâ € ™ was reported to me (already deceased).

Money imparting

I looked through the open window, greeted the family and what I saw surprised me greatly. In the mouth of the recently deceased wife gently folded banknotes were pushed inwards. Â Most people who were inside, were of the female sex, including children from a very young age. The men were sitting outside on the Thai whiskey, a few of the beer and a few tears.

In the evening

After dinner I walked back and saw that the tents were already set up. Under a tent many, many people were gambling and serious cash. The other tent had an increase for the monks who would come later. Also, the driving disco had arrived and bumped mournful music, at least the first two hours, was quickly transferred to the Isaanse schlager repertoire.


on chest with cooling and containing a simple white coffin with the deceased was under the shed. The coffin adorned with a flashing Christmas tree lights and a photo of the woman. Also large lists with embroidery, but I could see little of it.

People were bringing money and that was noted, made in a pot and knocking on the coffin of the deceased informed who gave what. A special happen. My girlfriend had been donated in the morning when she was going to help prepare the food. Grandchildren of the woman came to me to make up for the preparation of the food.


It’s a big family, which must come from near and distant so the cremation will be four days in coming. Because she is from the village itself, is expected to be cremated at our temple. That means: at the stake in the absence of a crematorium. But we are not there yet. In writing this story, the woman was deceased two days.


I inquired about the how and why of imparting money in the mouth of the deceased. Was told that this money can be after the cremation on your way to above, or if you’ve been bad down.


Two women in the village, according to my friend â € ~ all gekomenâ back € ™. Â They have advised her not to do bad things in life. They told of two ways: a road almost impassable where people had barely walked. This was the way to God, that they had to be allowed to return to Earth later. The other way was just passing by the many many people who walked to hell and no longer would be back.

What you

spot could do with the money was not clear to me, nor whether it was necessary to meet upon return as another human being. to the necessities of life Maybe other experts in Thailand can provide me some clarity here because if my girlfriend does not want to talk about something she does not.

communication Submitted

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