- Anybody stayed in one of the suites at the Impiana in Koh Samui?

2nd of November 2011 1

Anybody stayed in one of the suites at the Impiana in Koh Samui?

Koh Samui

Looking for the perfect honeymoon location in Koh Samui Thailand. We are looking for privacy (thus the suite or villa) and want to be just steps from a beach that is suitable for swimming.

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Answer by toci
I never been to Impiana resort myself, but you can read many reviews and comments from people who has been there

This website offer discounted rates for major hotels and resort in Thailand. Impiana Resort is also listed with discounted rates.
You can check the availability in real time and get instant confirmation.

Contact me If you need any info regarding Samui, I’m will be happy to help you.

Wish you an unforgettable Honeymoon

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  1. KRISS 8:15 am 2/11 of 2011

    try this website and click on hotel name ..there will be a lot of reviews for each hotel from the people who used to stayed there and reviewed frankly….. plus try this hotel location map … it shows all hotel in the map… help you to selected the best place for you to stay… hopefully it would help you some …
    Have a nice day


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