Archery equipment in Koh Samui Thailand?

20th of April 2014 1

Archery equipment in Koh Samui Thailand?

Koh Samui

I am visiting Koh Samui this winter break and was hoping to buy a bow and some arrows i was just wondering if they even sell them there and where i could get one if i can

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Unfortunately for you they don’t sell archery equipment in Koh Samui, they don’t even have a archery range there.

The only place to do Archery in Suratthani Province is Koh Phangan.
They will charge you 500 THB (This price including all equipment and they will teach you also) in the first hour and then 250 THB per hour. They will issue the member card for you also.

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  1. Rat@Ratchaburi 8:37 am 20/04 of 2014

    There is no archery facility on Koh Samui. But a boat ride not far away on Koh Phangan, Chalok lam bay they have a facility. They charge you 500 baht which include equipment and lessons in the first hour and then 250 per hour for every additional hour.


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