Are you love rainy season in thailand?

15th of November 2013 5

Are you love rainy season in thailand?

Now!! Thailand is raining all area.
Would you like to travel in Thailand?
Do you know about Thailand traveling in rainy season?

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Answer by Thamain P
I don’t like rainy season in Thailand especially in Bangkok because there are floods everywhere & it is so dirty & smelly. I know about Thailand & I would love to travel more but not during the rainy season. Your question should be ” Do you love” but not ” Are you love”. It is grammatically wrong. khob khun ka!

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  1. Khun Larry 7:44 am 15/11 of 2013

    Thailand is bad enough in the dry season :)

    by the way Khun Knowitall are you woman? ….. khob khun ka is used only by women

  2. karazyal 8:25 am 15/11 of 2013

    I like the rainy season because there are fewer tourists getting in your way when you are in bars, stores and malls.

    During the rainy season the plant life is all nice and green and full of flowers.

    For the most part when it rains it usually does not rain all over Thailand at the same time! Even during the rainy season you will find patches of sunshine showing up frequently. Some areas may only have an hour or two of rain then the sunshine comes back. Some areas have more rain than other areas. Some places may have some local flooding until the drains can handle the deluge.

    Even during the rainy season millions of tourists still fly to Thailand!

    (When the weather gets nicer like in November, December and January the price of hotel rooms goes up – they call this High Season!)

    Good luck.

  3. Khun Bob 8:40 am 15/11 of 2013

    I like the rainy season because it helps my garden to grow lovely flowers and my lawn and tress to grow strong and green.

  4. Delauria 9:11 am 15/11 of 2013

    No, not if you are a tourist. Most places are flooded. Going around is inconvenient and outing isn’t fun. Try December to February. The weather is fine. cool weather and warm sunshine. Outing is fun, traveling is exciting, beaches are so fabulous and nature is really beautiful!

  5. crackalac 9:50 am 15/11 of 2013

    I love the rainy season even as a tourist.


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