Ask v / d week: Can a farang life of 9,000 baht per month?

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Ask v / d week: Can a farang life of 9,000 baht per month?

pa ma 300x225 Question 2 v / d week: Can a farang life of 9,000 baht per maandâ €? an introduction You do not know me personally;? maybe you have a little bit formed from the stories I write an image. I’m a regular guy. Nothing fancy. Definitely not a woolen sock, though you might think my stories so.

Through my work as an international driver and my great dislike of injustice and corruption have several times abroad in jail, and I even shot one time to the Spanish border. Because I could not keep my big mouth and did not count on. That you lose. I know that long, so I keep my mouth shut. On the blog, I do not. Hold my mouth

I grew up in a poor family. I know what it is, when my company went broke because when we come back in poverty. People who do not know what that is, should keep their mouths. Themselves in luxury living and another telling where he can do it. Too bad It’s people who make the world worse. Egoà ¯ agreements.

I feel compelled to write this. piece I had asked him to do that to him in my response to the assertion of Khun Peter but that does not come, I think. Too bad, he was able to articulate better than I do. Read my story critical. I hope I can put it.

a few people involved in thinking

Theorem khun Peter

A while ago, Khun Peter in “The argument of the Week” the question â € ~ Can a Thai life of 9,000 baht? â € ™ find many farang so. Also held in the past polls like this, find the farang that Thai with far less able as they are. Is not that strange?

If the Thais can do it, why can not I? If you ask me that question, I think about it. I think it is a serious subject. And wants to give it an honest answer. I owe it to the Thai people. No excuses, such as: yes, it still works meestal someone in the family. Then it soon 18000 baht. But that is not asked. That is a smokescreen put an excuse for themselves with much higher expenses, should be requested them.

That is what most commenters. They tell us especially the Thais do not need all of them. These are mainly the things that make life easier. Things that make life fun. Those who have but not a word about that.

What it boils down to is: push the Thai in a cave, throw in a bag of rice and you’re done. What we whine now? He has to eat, he has shelter and that way he can save a bit too. If he does not go down too much booze, of course.

my teeth into the ditch I’m not gonna

the Thai can all life, from 9000 baht I can do that also? I have in the past when visiting my in-laws often thought about. Then I come to the conclusion that I’m not going to save. How much more will I need, because I can not give a precise answer. I live there still niet. really much more will not be. Because I’m going out of honesty or just to live as the Thai.

my teeth into the ditch? I’m not gonna, I’m gonna die. Put a bag of duck heads in the corner, which at the end of the day are all black? And who then prepare and delicious to eat:. I do not save I think I’m sick. I am more than the Thais now? No, but I have not. Been resistance

So I can still give some examples. These are the things that make life more expensive for farang. A refrigerator is not a luxury, air conditioning though. A car, motorbike, bicycle, computer, iPad, laptop, holiday, every day your wine or beer, a nice day hanging at the bar, a swimming pool in the garden, a return ticket to Amsterdam?

I can take some things that go on all the farang thinks he needs them. Can not live without. Since you have to have a bit of fun in your life, otherwise you remain in that shitty Netherlands. There’s the rub.

farang here can hang the big boy

villa thailand Ask v / d week: Can a farang life of 9,000 baht per maandâ €? Netherlands is a shitty country. With the money he has to spend, but he can do little here. We leave for the beautiful Thailand, which is a nice country. And because the Thai it has even worse than he had in his own country, he can hang the big guy here. And as long as the Thais in 9000 can get by, he’s okay. He has to spend.


We are outraged as ZOA € ™ s figure in The Hague, tells us that the minima can do with a tenner less. The bastard deserves tenfold, he’s easy to talk


I wish everyone have nice things whether it be a pool, a nice car or villa. If you can do it and likes it, you should. Enjoy life. There’s nothing wrong with that, no one will say something


But give an honest answer to the question of why you think you are entitled to have it and not Thai. Try to justify to yourself. The Put it here than once, so I understand why you have that car need to be able to live and not Thai. It is a kind of arrogance where the rich are afflicted with it.

Pon worked in the household in the first few years she was in the Netherlands. When a wealthy family. They were mad with her and committed. Fun! They themselves did not flicker and they found that they were often a holiday. Pon was beautiful then at that time the house ripping up and rearrange. When they got home, it was hopefully ready. Pon worked throughout the year. She was a real treasure, Pon. Pon was maybe a little holiday help? Never thought about it.

Make your opinion known

I ask my fellow bloggers kindly to make their views known. Be a guy if you can tell why the Thai or can get by. With 9,000 baht Can you tell me why you can not.

I am also going to Thailand: why? I love the country and certainly plays a role that it is very cheap. I can do more with the pennies I have. The baht is a lot to the bags. I get more for my euro. I’m happy with that? If I may be honest, no. We save us just as well do without those few extra bahtjes. The Thai she desperately needed.

not just think of yourself. We can not change the world, I know. A little bit of understanding of each other would have been nice.

A Thai would sometimes more than just food

Pon my Thai, would like to add something: Why does not understand that a falang Thai sometimes want something more than just food? I look at my brother who actually has long since abandoned the courage. If he only imagines himself, he stares out â € “hours. He knows what he has so often dreamed about, Â not go out. He can not move.

Pon and Kees

communication Submitted

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