Bangkok Airport Information

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Bangkok Airport Information

If you fly to Thailand to get the brand new airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport. This airport is located 20 km east of Bangkok. The new airport is huge (5x the old) and has 4 floors. After a long journey you arrive at the airport and you are driven mad by taxi drivers that you a ‘cheap’ ride want to offer. At that moment it is great that you already know how to get to the center and how you want to go to the relevant transportation comes! Since most budget travelers, targets the area around Ko San Road, we have focused on the information.

In 2007 I went on a three week trip to Thailand. This movie shows the approach of the Lufthansa Boeing 747 departed from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Thailand.

The air shuttle bus to Yahoo Ko San Road

From the new airport, Airport Express buses run 150 baht p / p. Buses leave at arrivals on level 2 is the big yellow buses. AE2 bus goes to Banglampu, the neighborhood of Khoa San. The buses will do a 1 to 1.5 hours but the present climate make it right. They run between 7.00 and 24.00 1 or 2 times per hour. From Khao San Road you can get a ticket to the airport to go. Want to go to a different area in Bangkok, there is also served airport express buses to Silom, Bang Lamphu and Hua Lampong!

The ordinary bus

If you’re in the hall of the airport arrives there immense people with signs that it too would like to help … Just ignore it and take the escalators to the lowest level.

From the arrival hall every 20 minutes is a free shuttle bus to the bus terminal of the airport at about 2 km from the airport. That’s about 10 minutes by bus.

From there, several buses going towards the city:

No 549 goes to Minburi end Bangkapi, No. 550 goes to Happy lan, No. 551 goes to Victory Monument, near Ko Sarn Road, No. 552 goes to On-nut Skytrain Station, No. 553 goes to Samutprakan Province, No. 554 goes to the old int. airport. 556 bus to Khao San Road took 34Baht pp. The ride took about 1u20min (at 7:30 in the morning).

There are also some buses from Bangkok Ekamai (mostly through the airport) the province would:

No 55 goes to Bangkhla, No. 9904 go to Chonburi, Pattaya moves to No. 9905, No. 9906 goes to Banc Hang-Rayong, Chantaburi No. 9907 goes, 9908 comes to Trad, No. 9907 goes to Laemchabang;

Go directly to a 3 routes directly from the bus terminal, No 389 to Pattaya, goes to No. 390 Rong kluea Market, and through Wathnakhon Aranyaprothet, No. 825 to Nong Khai via Saraburi, Nakhonratchasima, and Udonthani Khonkaen city. These buses are not frequent, but there is extensibility.


On the second floor (arrivel) are taxis available. Meter taxis; s drive in general for the meter price. That is to Khao San Road approx 500 baht including toll roads. Just type in the queue and get a taxi within minutes allocated. The ride takes about 45 minutes. Use a meter taxi, leave the driver also confirm that he is actually going to use it!

The normal taxi you must negotiate a lot and maybe you have a price of around 500 baht skidding. This depends heavily on the (impossible) time jeaankomt. A taxi ride is indeed often not much faster than the bus, so you can easily save money by using the bus.

The train

The first route of the new Skytrain opened in 2010. At a second route is used. Trains run between 6:00-24:00 every 40minuten. The ticket costs 150 baht with the express line and the journey takes 15 minutes to complete.

Note however that the end station a long way to Khao San Road is and so you still a bus / taxi / tuk tuk to take to get to your destination!

And then just one last tip

The airport is great! Be on time with check-in. Also, the older airport sometimes used. This is something to be reckoned with before departure!

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