Bangkok Breaking News – December 3, 2013

3rd of December 2013 0

Bangkok Breaking News – December 3, 2013

On this page we will keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok. The fats are periodically Dutch time. In Thailand it is 6 hours later.


the disturbances on Monday, 119 people were injured according to the municipal Erawan Centre. A soldier who was injured Saturday, when the fighting in Ramkhamhaeng is deceased that the death toll is four.

Demonstration victory at MPB 300x225 Bangkok Breaking News December 3, 2013 06:00

After negotiations between protest leaders and the police, the demonstrators gained access to the headquarters of the municipal police Bangkok. The police helped in removing barbed wire and the remaining concrete barrier. See also the message of 05:23.


Demonstration protesters at Government House 300x216 Bangkok Breaking News December 3, 2013 Around eleven antigovernment protesters would have approached the Government House (photo). According to Twitter, they would have had to pass. Concrete barriers permission Police would have helped to remove. ¨ res and barbed wire barrier (Subject So)


Superintendent Kamronwit Thoopkrachang says the protesters are welcome in the headquarters of the municipal police Bangkok and allowed to remain there indefinitely. The agents who are stationed, is prohibited to use tear gas and resist. â € ~ The office belongs to the people and was with her tax money gebouwd.â € ™

The agents will even help the protesters to pick up. remaining concrete barrier and barbed wire away Yesterday, protesters tore down for two of the three concrete walls.

Adul Saengsingkaew, chief of the national police, the message speaks against. Kamronwit leave within the protesters.


Police Helicopters this morning leaflets strewn with the warning to evacuate the area. at the Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Avenue and the government complex at Chaeng Wattana Road It is suspected that the authorities are planning to deploy.


reports the text that counteraction leader Suthep Thaugsuban an arrest warrant has been issued for rebellion. The police plans to arrest. Suthep â € ~ This is why we ask for the cooperation of innocent people to not get involved in this crime and vermijden.â € ™

illegal protests involved

afternoon by military units in another part of the Ratchadamnoen Avenue practiced for the celebrations to mark the birthday of the king on December 5. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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