Bangkok Breaking News – December 9, 2013

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Bangkok Breaking News – December 9, 2013

On this page we will keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok. The fats are periodically Dutch time. In Thailand it is 6 hours later.


later than February 2 Thailand goes to the polls to elect a new parliament. This says Sodsri Sattayatham, a member of the Electoral Council. The mid-term elections on December 22 expire. Who were scheduled for nine Democratic MPs had taken to have in leading the protests.

their hands free resignation

Sunday was opposition leader Abhisit announced that all Democratic MPs immediately available to put their function. If they want, they are again in February in the plush (at least when they are selected).


Action Leader Suthep Thaugsuban explains tonight â € ~ € ™ belangrijkeâ statement at the Government House, said protest leader Sathit Wongningtoey. He will be explaining how the country can be a â € ~ Volksraadâ € ™ and â € ~ € ™ Volksparlementâ. Best led Other needs are reforms in the (corrupt) police, election of provincial governors and a stronger public sector.


The Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo), the body responsible for public order, calling the protesters to return home by now Prime Minister Yingluck House [of Representatives] Â has dissolved . Capo-chief minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul says this would help to recover.

the image of the country quickly


Army Commander Prayuth Chan-ocha denies that exercised by Prime Minister Yingluck to dissolve the House. [of Representatives] to the military pressure This says a source close to â € ~ € ™ Hima. According Prayuth Yingluck has taken the decision independently. Yingluck’s decision was right all led to speculation about pressure from the army.

Prayuth finds that rallyâ € ™ s now be able to finish. He says that all parties to the table to sit down to look.

a solution to the political impasse


Banging Party and members of opposition party supporters plus Democrats have abandoned the party headquarters and are on their way to the Government House to join. on the other demonstrators


â € ~ A proof of the responsibility of the government for the current political situatie.â € ™ So called opposition leader Abhisit Prime Minister Yingluck’s decision to dissolve. the House of Representatives â € ~ The government shows that she has no intention of grabbing klampen.â € ™

to power


Dissolution of the House of Representatives is a short-term solution, says Nipon Poapongsakorn of the Thailand Development Research Institute. â € ~ Praise for the premier of her decision, because it makes it clear that the government is the voice of the people start listening and because they no violence or loss of life wil.â € ™

Nipon suggests that the government forms a committee of people who are politically neutral and to be accepted by society. Which would have to solve the crisis and work on political reforms.


The anti-government movement demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Yingluck and her cabinet in order to make way for the formation of a â € ~ the way Volksraadâ € ™.

When Yingluck on TV announced that it would dissolve the House of protesters on their way to the Governement House, blew their whistles and shouted â € ~ Yingluck get outa € ™.


Premier Yingluck has this morning at 8:45 am Thai time announced in a television address that they dissolve the House of Representatives so that new elections can be held. They will remain as head of the interim government until a new government is.

action leader SuthepThaugsuban dissolution of the House is not enough. The rallyâ € ™ s going until the â € ~ Thaksin regimeâ € ™ root and branch has been eradicated.

From the editor Breaking News is produced by the editors. What and who is the editor? In Bangkok, a hotel room, a desk, a laptop, an Internet connection and a flat screen on Thai PBS state. This is a public station all day live reports on the marches to the Government House, interspersed with images of the past few days. In several places there are reporters who do live reports and talk with protesters. Bottom right of the picture a sign language interpreter translates what is being said.

Although I (Dick van der Lugt) can not understand what is being said, the images speak for themselves: huge mensenmassaâ € ™ s many flags, a 50 meter long flag being held up by the demonstrators and it looks like a relaxed atmosphere. I regularly consult the website of Bangkok Post to see if there are newer news again.

The other half of the editorial team is based in the Netherlands. Khun Peter holds media in the holes and insert perhaps today a video with images of the marches.

Demonstration nine marches Bangkok Breaking News December 9, 2013

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