Bangkok Breaking News – January 14, 2014

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Bangkok Breaking News – January 14, 2014

On this page we will keep you informed of Bangkok Shutdown. The messages are listed in reverse chronological order. The latest news is so top. The fats are periodically Dutch time. In Thailand it is 6 hours later.

Common abbreviations

UDD: United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (red shirts)
Capo: Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (the body responsible for security)
ISA: Internal Security Act (emergency law that gives police certain powers, in whole Bangkok force, less stringent than the Emergency Decree – Emergency Ordinance)
PdRC: People’s Democratic Reform Committee (headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, ex-MP of the opposition party Democrats)
NSPRT: Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (radical protest group)
Pefot: Â Peopleâ € ™ s Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (ditto)

Demonstrations banks Bangkok Breaking News â € Books

06:16 The Ministry of Commerce is the third ministry closed. protestors The group was led by Luang Pu Buddha Issara, the abbot of Wat Noi or. They plan to continue to ensure that officials can go inside. To 16 hours

06:08 The blockade of the Customs Department in Khlong Toey does not affect the work of the customs. The shipment of goods can continue uninterrupted. Deputy Director General Yutthana Yimkarun has agreed with the protesters that they symbolic overvalâ € ™ back to Lumpini after the â € ~.

05:59 The South of Thailand, a stronghold of opposition party Democrats, does well with demonstrations. In Phatthalung yesterday the Asian Highway blocked for half an hour, after which the protesters went to the State House. There is a stage built. Other protesters went to eleven district offices in the province. Furthermore marches reported from Trang, Surat Thani, Songkhla, Yala and Satun. Surat Thani 300 officials were unable to work in the provincial government complex because access was blocked.

05:22 How many people went to the streets yesterday? According to the authorities, there were 180,000; action leader Suthep said last night that there were many more, but he did not mention the exact number [of the paper forgot to mention] Â Yesterday, two ministries and two blocked Services: Natural Resources. and Environment and Finance, and Public Relations Services and Revenue and Excise


05:10 One man’s death is another man’s bread. How true is this saying, although the death in this case must be read as a loss of income. The food vendors, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping malls around the protest sites do good business.

Demonstrations McDonalds Amarin Plaza Bangkok 300x229 Breaking News â € In MBK mall eateries yesterday turned double convert. Lunch time in the food court lasted from 11 to 15 hours, two hours longer than usual. The number of visitors was as high as on a weekend day. Oishi reported a turnover equal to a Saturday.

Even ice cream is popular. Swensenâ € ™ sa let staff come from other branches to its business in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Terminal 21, Century Complex, Centre One and The Emporium. The crowds to A street vendor coffee said more than double to earn.’s Normal

Photo: Â McDonald’s Amarin Plaza


04:53 Seventy people were invited by the government to meet over whether the elections scheduled for February 2, should be postponed tomorrow. Procrastination is proposed by the Electoral Council.

The protest movement does not want to come. Suthep says he does not want to talk to the government, the army and the mediator whatsoever. The movement continues until the â € ~ € ™ victorieâ achieved. â € ~ We do not stop with empty handen.â € ™ goal remains to eliminate the â € ~ Thaksin regimeâ € ™. Suthep officials called last night to not go to work because their office is surrounded by protesters.

The Electoral Council is also cross. The government should consult before inviting other parties. With the Electoral Council president first The so-called â € ~ votingâ advance € ™ on January 26 goes through, not in stadiums because their managers would not let fear of disturbances. The primaries are now held in military areas.

04:30 The tegenrallyâ € ™ s red shirts in the Northeast do not attract the number of protesters that was expected, says Bangkok Post fixed. in an analysis The pro-election rally for the Provincial House in Ubon Ratchathani was a â € ~ € ™ flopâ. Khon Kaen (good for 10 Pheu Thai-seats) were â € ~ € ™ slechtsâ 5,000 people showed up. Chiang Mai, the hometown of Prime Minister Yingluck, did not fare much better.

Election Candidates of the ruling party seem to have the election campaign, the newspaper said. little interest They have more important things to worry about, such as the call for the Constitutional Court to testify in the Article 190 case Thursday. [Article 190 of the Constitution regulates the cases, the government must ask permission to parliament to agreements with a foreign country. The government wants it a freer hand.]

addition is still a procedure at the National Anti-Corruption Commission on the senate proposal and the NACC conducts research into corruption in the mortgage system for rice. That could have Prime Minister Yingluck.


04:14 Protesters this morning the building of the Customs Department in Khlong Toey besieged. They plan to continue to ensure that staff go inside. To 16 hours

The Ratchadamnoen Avenue, where the main stage of the protest movement was, is now open to traffic. The main stage will be at Pathumwan at MBK Shopping Mall.

03:48 â € ~ Please do not besiege Aero Thai. This has serious consequences for the country and it boils down to the whole country hostage genomen.â € ™ This appeals Chachart Sittipunt Secretary (Transport) to protest group NSPRT to abandon its forthcoming action. If Aero Thai can not function, traffic comes to a standstill.

Whether that happens, remains to be seen, because the building is guarded by soldiers. The military has not said whether it intervenes. NSPRT protest leader Uthai does not think so, because the army â € ~ on the side of the people staatâ € ™. Action Leader Suthep said to know the plan but does not engage. â € ~ The group has the freedom to nemen.â € ™

her own decisions

03:35 The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) states that trade can continue for a week, when protesters Wednesday, as announced, the building surround . The radical protest group NSPRT has thereby threatened. Uthai Yodmanee, one of the leaders: â € ~ The stock market is an important part of the capitalist system that is affected

by the Thaksin regime.

Monday stock market functioned normally. The SET has two backup workshops. In case the electricity is cut off, she has a stock oil built.

The Bank of Thailand moved its headquarters temporarily, 134 bank branches were closed and 100 gold shops, mainly in Yaowarat, remained closed.

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