Is it better to book thai flight on line? - Bangkok-Phuket flight: is it better to book the flight on line in advance or to do it from Bangkok?

22nd of January 2014 3

Bangkok-Phuket flight: is it better to book the flight on line in advance or to do it from Bangkok?


We are planning to continue the flight from Bangkok to Phuket at the same day of arrival to Bangkok.
Is it better to book the flight on line in advance from my home country or to do it when I am already in Bangkok?
Are tickets avalable any time? In which case the price is lower?

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Answer by Khun Bob
This question doesn’t even need to be asked. If you plan to arrive in Bangkok and fly to Phuket same day of course you should book in advance.

Remember that you need at least two to three hours between flights. This is for getting through immigrations and baggage and check in at least one hour prior to your flight to Phuket.

Also check baggage allowance for your domestic flight. They are a lot lower then international flights and will cost you for extra baggage weight.

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  1. Mariel K 8:29 am 22/01 of 2014

    I’ve taken that flight several times and I’ve found that it’s always about 100-200 baht cheaper to book online rather than in BKK. I use which is usually 1050 Baht ($ 30. USD). Unfortunately, there is an extra fee for baggage (not carry-ons) but I’m not sure how much it is.

    Have a safe flight!!

  2. scottie322 8:44 am 22/01 of 2014

    The sooner you book the cheaper it will be.
    Go to for best prices for Phuket.
    Make sure you are at air asia airport desk at least 1 1/2 hrs before you board.
    BKK is very big airport – it can take you up to 3/4 hr to get you luggage from original flight.
    You will have to pay for excess for luggage so you must check that first before you book.
    Thai Air more expensive but allow luggage so check out both before you book.

  3. Moo-Oo An 9:34 am 22/01 of 2014

    Khun Bob is pretty well spot on with his answer to your question.

    To add further information to your question.

    Have you heard about the three flight deal for USD200 with Thai Airways?

    No matter who you bought your International Airline ticket form, you can buy three domestic flight coupons with Thai Air for USD200. A pretty good price considering the AUD v’s USD currency rate at the moment.

    Contact Thai Airways BEFORE fly overseas to Bangkok.


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