Bangkok Shutdown: how do you say in Dutch?

26th of January 2014 0

Bangkok Shutdown: how do you say in Dutch?


call to devise a Dutch equivalent of Bangkok Shutdown has â € “somewhat to our surprise â €” a high number of responses.

Your country needs you Bangkok Shutdown: how do you say in Dutch? A literal translation did not, which is often not possible, for example when translating poetry. The translator hertaalt rather than translates and that can sometimes be pretty finds.

Bangkok Shutdown is a slogan. What requirements must meet a slogan? It should be short, catchy lie back, pelvis and à © à © must be clear what the slogan to say. A glance

slogan should have something coercive about, such as the famous poster Your country needs you. A verb is often better than a noun.

Literally Shutdown closure, such as a factory. While it is a noun, but it is derived from the verb to shut. Shutdown is a good slogan and makes it immediately clear what the intended action. The same criteria we used in assessing the Dutch slogans.

Slogans that were not apparent at first sight, fell off. Slogans that more words needed, also fell off. Slogans with non-Dutch words also did not get his hands on each of the jury.

We reviewed the following slogans:

  • Bangkok Shelf (Jan Velthoven)
  • Bangkok On Lock, Upset Bangkok, Bangkok Blocks (Soi)
  • Bangkok hostage (Hemelsoet Roger)
  • Sigh

  • Bangkok, Bangkok Moans (Rob Piers)
  • Bangkok Beloken (RonnyLadPhrao)
  • Bangkok blocks democracy (TC)
  • Decommissioning

  • Bangkok, Bangkok Blockade (Khmer)
  • Comatose

  • Bangkok, Bangkok Closed (Chris, NB Two suggestions elected)
  • cooks Bangkok, Bangkok Boet (jeewee)
  • Khun Suthep Mahanakorn (Popiang)
  • Obstruction

  • Bangkok, Bangkok Lamlegging (Rob V.)
  • Bangkok stuck town (Joris Hendriks)
  • Bangkok’s Voices (mima)
  • Bangkok Back At Af (farang ting tong)
  • Bangkok no way (John Luck)
  • Bangkok tild (top martin)
  • Bangkok tilt (Cornelis)
  • Bangkok emergency recording (Dre)
  • BangNoThak (danny)
  • Bang Knok (Henk)
  • Thailand land of Misfortune (Henk)
  • Bangkok is still there where more like the Thai people (kees 1)
  • Bangkok step (peter k)
  • Bangkokà € | smelly! (Farang ting tong)
  • Chaos City (another Chris)
  • Bangkok lockdown (editorial, non-competitive).


best we assess Bangkok Blockade. Firstly allitereert that nicely with the two Bâ € ™ s and beyond because Blockade indicates exactly what the intended action. Blockade is derived from the verb block, so that’s good too. And the word has given something threatening. So khmer, congratulations! You won. If you are in Bangkok, we treat you to a snack.

NB As usual, there can not be entered on the outcome.

communication Submitted

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