Beach on Koh Samet covered with oil sludge

30th of July 2013 0

Beach on Koh Samet covered with oil sludge

Ao Phrao Beach on Koh Samet beach covered with oil gunk

Ao Phrao Beach on the island of Samet is a length of 1 kilometer covered with a layer of oil. Eight hundred employees of oil company PTT try to prevent further spread because the oil is a threat to nearby marine reserves. The authorities make the company liable for the damage and prepare a going to court for.

300x289 card Ao Phrao Beach on Koh Samet covered with oil gunk An initial examination of the Marine Department revealed that the oil has already hit. coral reefs in shallow water It may take years before they are recovered, says Wichien Jungrungruang, head of the Department of Pollution Control. Most coral reefs consist hump that grows very slowly with 1 to 4 inches per year. The oil has also affected the small fish around the coral life.

Prasert Bunsumpun, chairman of the board of directors of PTT Global Chemical Plc, says the company will do its best to encapsulate the oil. within three days The spill, according to him originated in a pipeline that only since a year in operation and a lifetime of 2 years. ZOA € ™ s 50,000 liters leaked, the company holds full. This volume is calculated on the basis of the dimensions of the pipeline. Once the leak originated, the line is closed on both sides, so only the oil was still in the lead, has been leaked. 50,000 liters is about a tanker.

Democratic MP for Rayong Satit Pituthecha think that more is leaked. â € ~ The oil spill is a large area verspreid.â € ™

Tour operators fear that tourists stay away if the problem is not resolved within a week. Many tourists move all of the Andaman coast to the Gulf of Thailand due to the harsh weather. The operators are afraid that the publicity abroad, foreign travel agencies, decide to search.

alternative destinations

The Association of Domestic Travel notes that Koh Samet is a popular tourist destination in the East. Rayong tourism last year accounted for 16 billion baht, which Koh Samet hotels with forty generated 40 percent. Especially Chinese and Russians visiting the island. The Rayong Tourist Association earlier estimated that revenue from tourism in Rayong would rise to 15 percent, with 10 this year, but the oil will likely lead to lower growth, they are.


(Source: Bangkok Post , July 30, 2013)

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