“Behind the painting: a novel about love, duty, loyalty and impermanence

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“Behind the painting: a novel about love, duty, loyalty and impermanence

à ¸ ‰ à ¸ ± à ¸ ™ à ¹
â € ~ I die without anyone loves me, but I am satisfied that there is someone who I liefhebâ € ™ Kirati last words on her deathbed writes to Nopphorn.

kulap saipradit â € ~ Behind the schilderijâ € ™: a novel about love, duty, loyalty and transience Back the painting

â € ~ Behind the schilderijâ € ™ was written by Siburapha (author name Kulaap Saipradit, 1905-1974) in the years just before World War II. Originally published serially in a newspaper was reprinted as a book forty times since then, and it belongs to Egg Egg of the best known and most beautiful novels of Thai literature. In 1985 and 2001, the story was filmed in 2008 and incorporated in a musical with Bie the Star in the lead.

The story begins with a look at an ordinary painting a mountain landscape in Mitake, Japan, presents, with two small figures, a man and a woman sitting on a rock. Nopphon tells in his own words the story behind the painting.

Nopphorn falls under the spell of Kirati

Nopphorn is a 22-year-old Thai student in Tokyo when he gets a request to accompany a quarterly honeymoon Japan. couple Momrachawong [title of a grandchild of a king] Kirati married at the age of 35 with fifteen years older and equally aristocratic Chao Khun Athikaanbodi.

Already at the first meeting Nopphorn becomes captivated by the beautiful, charming and intelligent Kirati, and that love deepens and flourishes  in their many meetings and conversations afterwards. During a hike in the nature Mitake he declares his love for her and kisses her passionately. Although it shares the passion she fends him off with an appeal to her duty to her husband taking voorkoÌ nice and where they do not really love, furthermore.

few weeks after the couple returns Kirati and Chao Khun back to Thailand. Nopphorn writes her hats still comprehensible letters to which they respond with warmth, and which shows her love without ever saying it. Nopphornâ € ™ s love fades, correspondence stokt. Chao Khun dies and Nopphorn writes Kirati a biefje with his compassion.

Kirati steft Nopphorn and find a note with a declaration of love

After seven years

Japan Nopphorn returns to Thailand where he married Pari, his fiancée since 7 years, chosen by his father. He brings some uncomfortable visits to Kirati. A while later Nopphorn called to the deathbed of Kirati those suffering from terminal tuberculosis, in its feverish moments ever mentions the name Nopphorn. If Kirati dies Nopphorn finds a note with the text from the above quotation.

Brief biography of

(Siburapha literally â € ~ Glorious Oostenâ € ™)

Born in 1905 into a poor family, he attended the famous school for rich people, Thepsirin, , he wrote a number of books from 1928 and also went into journalism. For that work, he traveled to Japan and AustralieÌ.

After the war he founded the â € ~ € ™ Vredesbewegingâ who opposed the Korean war and nuclear weapons and, moreover, demanded the lifting of press censorship. He was a socialist and at first resisted the royalists and later against the military dictators like Phibun and Sarit.

In 1951 he traveled with some friends from the â € ~ € ™ Vredesbewegingâ Isaan food and blankets to hand out during a overstoming. Surin Upon their return to Bangkok, he was a hundred other â € ~ € ™ communist raddraaiersâ, arrested and imprisoned five years.

In 1958 Kulaap led a delegation to Beijing. When the other members of the delegation to Thailand returned they were arrested and put in prison. Kulaap decided to stay where he died in 1974 in China. His son Surapan Wanee married the daughter of Pridi Phanomyong.

Mitake â € ~ Behind the schilderijâ € ™: a novel about love, duty, loyalty and transience A few passages from the book

A conversation between Nopphorn and Kirati in the garden of their hotel Chao Khun, Kiratiâ € ™ s husband.

(Nopphorn) …. â € ~ I’ve known him for a long time. He is a very nice man. That’s why you need a lot from him houden.â € ™
Now it was Kiratiâ € ™ s turn to be silent for a moment. â € ~ I like him the way children a friendly older man nice vinden.â € ™
â € ~ You said nothing about love. I mean love between a husband and a wife, a husband and a vrouw.â € ™
â € ~ You have seen what I am and what Chao Khun is. There is a big difference in our ages. It’s like a mountain that prevents love between us and prevents our love is verwezenlijkt.â € ™
â € ~ But love between an old man and a young woman is quite possible? â € ™
â € ~ I do not believe in love between two such people. I do not think it’s really possible, unless we imagine that it could, and that would be a false representation may zijn.â € ™
â € ~ But you are happy in your marriage. And yet you say that you love one another not meet treden.â € ™
 € ™ ……… If a woman is pretty happy she’s not dwell on the issue of love. What she wants more as long as she’s happy, with or without love …….. Love can bring bitterness and pain in our lives …….. Wanna know why I married him? That’s a long story, too long for vanavond.â € ™
Later she explains why she married Chao Khun. She wanted to escape the oppressive aristrocatische environment in which she was locked up. Her marriage gave her a degree of freedom.

Nopphorn and Kirati hiking in Mitake Park. After the picnic Kirati says: …. Â € ™ I am barely able to lopen.â € ™
backâ € ~ I wear Wela € ™ I said. I stood up and hit my arm around her body to support her. They rejected my help with a soft voice, but I did not listen. When she got up, I held her arm, I was close to her. â € ~ Are you happy?, I asked.
â € ~ When I look at the river down there, I think we are very far climbed. I wonder if I have to gaan.â € ™
back the energyI came closer to her so that our bodies were almost touching. Kirati leaned against a cedar. I felt that our hearts throbbed violently.
â € ~ When we get home, I make a drawing of two figures Hiera € ™ she said.
â € ~ I am so happy so close je.â € ™
â € ~ And if you let me go so we can pack? our stuff â € ™
â € ~ I do not want to loslaten.â € ™ I pressed her body against me.
â € ~ Nopphorn, do not look so aan.â € ™ Her voice was beginning to tremble. â € ~ Let me go. I now feel strong enough to staan.â € ™ Tickets on own feetI pressed my face against her soft pink cheeks. I could not control myself. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. For a moment I fell into oblivion.
Kirati detached himself from my grip and pushed me off of her. …. She leaned against the tree and gasped as if she had walked a long way and was tired. Her cheeks were pink darker if they were burned by the sun.
â € ~ Nopphorn, you do not know what you just gedaanâ me € ™ she said, her voice trembling.
â € ~ I know that I love you houd.â € ™
â € ~ Is it then appropriate that you love me this way? â € ™
â € ~ I do not know what is appropriate but engulfed love me and I was almost out zinnen.â € ™
Kirati looked at me with a sad look in her eyes. â € ~ Out of your love forever when you’re out of your mind? Did not you know there is nothing more that you regret it later than the things you do when you’re out of your mind? Â € ™

Mitake pictures â € ~ Behind the schilderijâ € ™: a novel about love, duty, loyalty and transience A couple of days later. â € ~ We should never have another ontmoetenâ € ™ said Kirati wistful, more to herself than to me. â € ~ In the beginning it was so beautiful, but now it has turned into a marteling.â € ™

Nopphornâ € ™ s first letter. â € ~ I was almost crazy when the ship faded into the distance and I could no longer see. the beauty of your face I almost fainted at the wharf when I could not see your hand waving ………… I now realize until that awful truth that, even though I asked you many times, you never said whether you loved me or not . I know you do not silence meant that you rejected my love. I wanted so badly that you could clearly tell you. If you just told me you loved me then that would be the greatest happiness in my life. Can you fulfill my wish, I beg you? Â € ™

Kiratiâ € ™ s first response letter. â € ~ If you’re still not subsided then I advise you to write letters in a refrigerator or outside if it sneeuwt.â € ™

Nopphornâ € ™ s second visit to Kirati in Bangkok. â € ~ Kirati, I’ve got some news vertellen.â € ™
â € ~ I hope it’s good news. It must be something to do with the progress in your job hebbenâ € ™. She waited with interest to my answer.
â € ~ No. It is good news, but it has nothing to do with my work. I’m sure you’ll find it nice to hear that I’ll trouwen.â € ™ She looked slightly shocked, as if she had not expected.
This newsâ € ~ Are you getting married? â € ™ she repeated tone uncertain. â € ~ It is the lady who was waiting for you in Bangkok, right? â € ™
â € ~ Oh, you knew it all, then? â € ™
â € ~ No, I had no idea. I just guessed at. You known each other long? Â € ™
â € ~ She’s my verloofde.â € ™
â € ~ Since when? â € ™ Kiratiâ € ™ s face expressed doubts rather to glow with happiness.
â € ~ Seven or eight years. Just before going to Japan vertrok.â € ™
â € ~ But all the time I was working in Tokyo with you, you never said anything to me about a verloofde.â € ™

On her deathbed Kirati gives the painting to Mitake Nopphorn. â € ~ Do you remember what happened there, Nopphorn? â € ™
â € ~ I was there verliefdâ € ™ I replied.
â € ~ Wii j were there in love, Nopphornâ € ™ she said as she closed her eyes. â € ~ You were there in love and your love died there. But someone else who love alive in a emaciated lichaamâ € ™. Tears trickling behind her closed eyelids. Kirati sat quietly in exhaustion. I looked at the body with love and sorrow ………
A week later Kirati died. I was with her in those dark hours, along with her friends and close relatives. Just before the end, she asked for pen and paper. She wanted to say something, but her voice refused, she wrote: à ¸ ‰ à ¸ ± à ¸ ™ à ¹ â € ~ I die without anyone loves me, but I am satisfied that there is someone who I liefhebâ € ™

à ¹ à ¹ à ¹ • “à ¹ – stampSiburapha, Behind the painting, Silkworm Books, 2000

Here you can watch a movie for this book in 2001, Thai with English subtitles. Very worth the understated acting, witty dialogue, the beautiful images and the slow and clear Thais. Â What slow, heavy and melodramatic but effective. Looking along with your spot. partner!

Click here to view the embedded video.

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