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3rd of February 2014 1

Best Brand Dry Dog Food Available In Thailand?

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I havefound a lot of ‘Thai’ brands that are un heard of on the net. Just wondering if any of these are decent or whats the best of whats available. Thanks

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Answer by Tammy F
do they even have dogs as pets over there ? Dont they eat them .. I would keep your dog close to ya at all times,Take your dogs brand thatb he usually eats here with ya

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  1. chai22 8:19 am 3/02 of 2014

    You can get plenty of dry food plus canned food and plenty of dog suppiles. Pedigree dry food is easily available, also other breands. You can find in shopping mall supermarkets and also there are many pet stores that have many different pet foods and snacks.
    Many people have dogs as pets


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