Bizarre: Thai man jumps from 26th floor hotel after refusing sex

5th of April 2013 0

Bizarre: Thai man jumps from 26th floor hotel after refusing sex

Zelmoord hotel Bizarre: Thai man jumps from 26th floor hotel after refusing sex A 27 – year-old Thai man in Bangkok committed suicide after his beautiful female date refused to have sex with him.

He killed himself by the 26th floor of a 5-sterrenhotel to jump in Pathumwan district of Bangkok. The man, stockbroker by profession, came to visit the Rama 1 Road in front of the Bangkok Convention Centre. He was killed instantly, according to a report in the Daily News.

The police said he had a date with a woman named auu. The two had met at the hotel as the victim’s wife wanted a job offer. During the meeting, the man its 30,000 baht, which they could use to go shopping around. She would then get another 100,000 baht if they wanted him to work as a model. In addition, he wanted a sexual relationship with her. The man tried to impress the woman with the announcement that he would have to spend millions baht.

The lady told the police that she did not believe his story and left the room. Shortly after the man committed zelfmoord. from police investigation revealed that the man painted as a hobby and for that regular contact with handsome models searched.

The victim and the woman knew each other for about a year. The woman refused several times to have sex with the man, not the payment of large sums of money. The police assumes that the man finally realized that his efforts would lead to nothing, and therefore chose suicide.

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