Burmese village Pakayor by our action more accessible

4th of May 2011 0

Burmese village Pakayor by our action more accessible

action for Pakayor the village near the border with Burma, begins to bear fruit. A roof over the school for the approximately 60 children. Earlier this week the adult inhabitants of the village, 70 km west of Hua Hin, been busy improving the access road. This was even with a four wheel drive vehicle to ride hard. The 20 bags of cement, including those funded by the Lions Club of Thailand IJsselmonde Blog readers are used to make a new road. One important thing because about one month the rainy season starts and then Pakayor hardly accessible.

Currently we are saving for 30 laying hens and a generator. The Thai government will not supply Pakayor arguing that therefore the village a permanent would get and more Burmese refugees attracts than 400 residents who Pakayor (spread over 90 cabins) counts now.  Burmese village Pakayor by our action more accessible

Netherlands you can make donations to the bank account of the Lions Club IJsselmonde, ING ovv Karen Hua Hin. Hans Goudriaan is in the auditing committee and therefore good visibility on revenues and expenditures.
like your contribution to Thailand: Siam Commercial Bank, Hua Hin account 402-318813-2 in the name of Mr. John Goudriaan (local Thai baht account).

Donors are invited to transfer mail to Hans Goudriaan (hansgoudriaan@yahoo.com) and then take what he (immediately after the money is credited) will confirm your deposit. It is not possible to name Lions in Thailand to open an account.


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