Cheapest flight to Bangkok, Thailand?

15th of March 2014 1

Cheapest flight to Bangkok, Thailand?

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Most likely leaving from San Francisco airport on the 15th of January until the 15th of April. My dates a slightly flexible if the change is cost is worth it. I can also leave from LAX if its substantially cheaper. Also, I’d ideally like to go from CA to Chaing Rai, Thailand but it seems like Bangkok is much cheaper. Can anyone help?

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Answer by Sophia
Step 1- Summon the magical Pegasus of your choice.
Step 2- Hop on the back of the creature
Step 3- And you ride!

OH OH make sure that you instruct the Pegasus on directions….

In time, I estimate you should be there in 20 hours, depending on your destination. Good luck!!

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  1. Marc 8:41 am 15/03 of 2014

    If you flew to Chang Rai you would change plane at Bangkok anyway, so another flight is involved which is why it’s more expensive. I would advise going to Chang Mai instead, lots more to do and see, and the city is great.

    To Bangkok, it would be cheaper to fly from LAX. And 15th seems to be a cheaper day to fly to BKK too.



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