Columns from Thailand (Part 59)

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Columns from Thailand (Part 59)

dick vander lugt Columns from Thailand (Part 59) Dick van der Lugt wrote a mini-column on a daily basis Facebook page Thailand Blog about what he sees, hears and experiences in Thailand. Here is a compilation of these columns appear regularly.

Hussy Books Where have they gone? The mini-mini ants marching through my bathroom, albeit somewhat undisciplined. I wanted to make. Unscientific study of those hordes Where do they come from, where do they go, what do they eat? Just a hussy did reach my skin. Chance It tickled a bit. They did not bite or maybe, but I do not feel because they have mini-mini teeth. But now they are gone, my dear buggers, and I can write an elaborate publication in a scientific journal on my stomach. Must be something else to do.


Coffee BooksBazaar Ratchada soi 7. In the â € ~ € ™ garageboxenâ have settled, entirely in the Thai marketing principle that you should imitate. Together three nearly identical eateries Part of the land is sold. There is a large concrete floor. There are shops. On the way I ended up by chance in what seemed like a coffee shop, but where meals are served. Proved ownership of an Englishman and his Thai wife. He left the garden terrace view. If you sit there, you forget that you are in a metropolis of 10 million people.

Lucky in Love BooksHappiness can not be forced: that wisdom took me 80 baht. My girlfriend and I played two rounds bingo at the fair / market / flea market Huai Khwang. The last time I did not win. Now The tent stood in the same place, there was not it. The long tables were again uncomfortable low plastic stools. The bingo cards with numbers and worn the crown corks, everything was the same. But luck smiled at me. My mother would say unlucky in the game, lucky in love. I’ve heard it said. Reverse its never DAA € ™ s some consolation.

Santa </​​strong> Books clothing stalls in the market and in the main street of Huai Khwang red. Hang Christmas dresses, Christmas skirts, Christmas mini skirts, christmas tops, kerstbh particles, Christmas hats with and Christmas hats without flashing LEDs and Christmas panties. What I miss in this extensive range is menswear. So for me, no Christmas shorts, trousers Christmas, Christmas shirts, Christmas hat, Christmas tie, Christmas shirt and Christmas socks. Incomprehensible. To my best knowledge Santa Claus a man and never have I seen him in the company of a woman. Or Santa would be a converted woman? Although less frequent than the reverse conversion operation, you seem to be able to do in Thailand.


Recognized Books On October 23, I wrote that I am never recognized, even though my portrait yet every week in the compilation of Thailand Blog is on my columns. And behold, there was a small miracle happened. I am recognized. And the fellow knew my name. I met him at the Open Day of the consular department of the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. That was an informative meeting with 12 visitors, of which I was à © à © n. Always thought that the embassy was Dutch territory. Nope. DAA € ™ s Well too bad, because now I have to wait months before being able to kiss.

my native land

Scissors Books I sometimes marvel at the carelessness of tourists. On a subway platform I was standing behind a young Japanese woman. Both her purse like a pretty impressive Nikon camera was hanging on her back, just above the buttocks, with the straps cross over the shoulder. In one hand she had three plastic bags, the other was needed to hold, in which she was immersed. Their mobile If I had had evil in the sense I had the strap of the camera can be easily cut and can go. Away with the Nikon The woman was lucky: I had no scissors with me


Comfortable Books I sometimes go to Fortune mall to sting. a fork Fortune is a long building, much less luxurious than showpieces like Siam Paragon and Central World. The dining options are located in the basement. Restaurants with stools or benches I walk past, regardless of the price-quality ratio. I do not understand the designers for the human buttock is soft and rounded, so why are they so hard and flat seats? And then you also have backrests that draw a gate in your back. My favorite restaurant I’m comfortable and the food is also delicious. Nice to have, right?

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