Columns from Thailand (Part 62)

26th of January 2014 0

Columns from Thailand (Part 62)

dick vander lugt Columns from Thailand (Part 62) Dick van der Lugt wrote a mini-column on a daily basis Facebook page Thailand Blog about what he sees, hears and experiences in Thailand. Here is a compilation of these columns appear regularly.

India BooksLet me confess: I enjoy more than the Indian cuisine Thai cuisine. So I bought me a Christmas Day meal in Kashmir, not coincidentally located next to the bar where I sometimes get. If I eat there, I always eat too much which is an indication that I experience a culinary orgasm. On the TV turned back a DVD with Indian music and dance. Fast movements, lots heupgewieg, languorous glances and the ultimate expression of love hugs. EA © n number was recorded in Amsterdam and Scheveningen in places where I have walked. Itâ € ™ s a small world.

Closer BooksYesterday morning a helicopter flew several times over. I thought, flying very low. Could there be something going on, which is not a crazy idea with the demonstrations in Bangkok. Indeed, it turned out, when Breaking News on the website of Bangkok Post reported that it was at odds with the Thai-Japanese Stadium. In this stadium, election candidates must register. It must be hard to be gone, because the balance was à © à © n policeman dead and 96 wounded, four of whom are in critical condition. Suddenly the rallyâ € ™ s come a lot closer. DAA € ™ s weird when television and newspaper were my only sources.

Variety BooksI had not even sat in the garden. Well, garden, paved back yard. However, many plants, half of plastic, and there are some wooden benches and tables. I’m talking about the restaurant which is run by an Englishman and his Thai wife. The interior and exterior are fairly narrow, which gives the case an intimate atmosphere. I drank mocha lon (hot coffee) and chatted about beer with the owner. He wants a continental breakfast and more European dishes serve. Will I ever use it. As a change from my addiction to rice.

Survived BooksAt the corner of the side street and the street, which is my hotel, a building demolished. The woman who sold food it does now for the hotel under a canopy of canvas good business. The demolition last for many days. The sounds reach my room. The demolition work with tools from the hammer-tick box. I walked past there last, when they attempted to pull. Part of the facade down An hour later I heard a huge noise. Has yet to see if the motorcycles were parked there, have survived. I know I did.

Position BooksSeven passengers on a row in the subway, bucket seats that are longitudinally. Number 1, a man was reading, but I did not see him turn the pages of the book. Next to him was a man working on his cellphone. He had stretched his arms. I think he was farsighted. Beside him were two girls, also active on their phones, but they kept close to their eyes. So that must be myopic. In addition, there was a man with arms crossed and finally I saw a student who sat nodding. I’ve beaten about à © à © n. Who was sleeping, but I forgot his position.

Christmas BooksI sat in a bar (yes, there I am sometimes) then after a while my eye fell on a message that was sprayed with artificial snow on a large mirror. The bar owner wished me a Happy New Year. Seemed a bit early yet, as far as I know there is for the month of January only. But alla, I will not complain. There was also Marry Christmas. Nice error. It seemed like a spur to Mary and Joseph, who were not married after all. Mary had also been a great mistake, because she was the mother who gave birth to the baby Jesus. It is celebrated at Christmas, if you do not know.

Verleidelijk BooksA themed trip fences and a theme trip cremations, which I suggested earlier, I have not seen in the brochures of tour operators. How stupid, because fences are gems: all different grille, all different colors, all handwork. I would agree with a Photo € ™ s it a coffee table book to fill. I have an idea for a themed trip to Thailand scents. The cooking, baking, roasting and grilling smells where I walk through it, are so tempting. They sometimes reach my room, I can smell them in the stairwell and on the street. Numerous times a day, my nose irritated. Perfume Nose Kenner would go crazy.

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