Lists - Cost of Living in Thailand Food, Hotels, Apartments, Transportation & more

23rd of February 2014 24

Cost of Living in Thailand Food, Hotels, Apartments, Transportation & more

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. arrielle kitchen 8:38 am 23/02 of 2014

    OMG i want to do this i love your personality !

  2. dennyfuul 9:03 am 23/02 of 2014

    heading to thailand next two fucking month for now man LOL im so excited to
    meet people who hv same look like mine LOL

  3. tonystark19631 9:03 am 23/02 of 2014

    Thailand was just ok. Was just there for 2 weeks and also travelled around
    the country. Taxis (at least those around Bangkok) are an incredible value
    (as long as you don’t get scammed in the process). Everywhere else
    (especially Phuket and Ko Tao) the taxis are mafia and are total ripoffs.
    After you live in the US, you realize that our prices are actually fairly
    decent and when you combine that with the safety and accomodations
    available. We are just damn spoiled in this country.

  4. Scott Ritchie 9:20 am 23/02 of 2014


  5. Baytric Bullock 9:36 am 23/02 of 2014

    Great videos.. My wife and I are heading to thailand in 2015

  6. MrSteven2945 10:06 am 23/02 of 2014

    love your video jubril… you r straight to the point and on point ,,,,not
    like some of the other you tube travel videos I look for yours all the time

  7. niklas Andersson 11:05 am 23/02 of 2014


  8. crcsoon 11:23 am 23/02 of 2014

    Thank you for being so kind in sharing this fantastic information with all
    of us. I am not really a traveler, primarily cause I’m so lazy &
    unmotivated. I have to drag myself just to go to the store and pick up
    Bathroom Paper & Edibles. Whats worse, if I lose the freakin’ Remote
    Control to the Television, we’re all watching Sesame Street until someone
    can’t take it any more, or until the TV Remote is finally located,
    (hopefully in working condition). If that isn’t the epitome of laziness,
    nothing is Sir. So, it’s safe to say that as long as you share your Travel
    Vids & Outer Region experiences, I will also travel with you, (vicariously)
    upon Arrival and Upload of those exciting adventures. Thank you for making
    my existence a little more exciting through your actual one Sir. Thank you
    again, I really appreciate our travel(s) together & can’t wait till we go
    out again. You’re the best Travel Buddy anyone could have. Respectfully,

  9. zuccofrmauss paul 11:37 am 23/02 of 2014

    Hi there have you been to Dominican Republic ?

  10. Prince Alaadin 11:47 am 23/02 of 2014

    Jubril r u really Illuminati

  11. bob saget 11:49 am 23/02 of 2014

    hey great video I’m heading to Thailand Laous Vitenam Cambodia i wanna see
    a lot i have 6 months to a year that i plan to spend out there any
    recommendations of were i should go first 

  12. Glenn Jones 12:29 pm 23/02 of 2014

    nice video–would like to got there and check it out

  13. Jason Wood 1:06 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Great video man. Great enthusiasm.
    I’m that dude that went for vacation and decided to stay. I’m in the States
    on holiday now and this even made me excited to get back. ha.

  14. Raul F 1:08 pm 23/02 of 2014

    slow down. 

  15. phongsavanh souvannarath 1:46 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Hey I’m glad u enjoy Thailand n I hope you have fun n Lao’s bcuz I never
    been to Thailand or laos at all even thou I’m from laos.. Enjoy bro..

  16. John Skillern 2:38 pm 23/02 of 2014

    What’s up! Planning on going there soon! Have a Girlfriend out there with a
    pretty daughter and would like to take them out someplace real nice as a
    surprise. Any suggestions? Thank you for the tips on cost!

  17. Joy R. 3:27 pm 23/02 of 2014

    You probably get this question a lot: How did you find out about these
    cheap stays? Suggestion on websites where I can find cheap stays?

  18. Julie Lyman 3:30 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Great review! Just returned from a 15-day trip to Thailand (Bangkok and
    Phuket) this week and WOW! What a beautiful place! So many things to see
    and do. Although my boyfriend paid for the trip, I do know that it IS a
    very affordable place to travel to. This was his tenth visit there. The
    natives are wonderful and you will meet people from all over the globe,
    though we didn’t meet one American. I cannot say enough about the place. I
    didn’t want to leave. Definitely will be back. 

  19. Moe G 3:41 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Much respect Jubril, I lived in Thailand for 5 years. I MISS IT!!! Now
    living in Bogota its cool but I miss Thailand. My hats off too you brother
    you doing it, I did it too just didnt youtube it. Keep it up. Its an
    education that is priceless. Great Job! I dont know you but Im so happy for
    you becaue I KNOW!!!!

  20. Alastair Murray 3:51 pm 23/02 of 2014

    A great insight “think outside the box” im heading out tomorrow for two
    weeks, not long enough i know but what do you reckon i should do definitely
    do in that time? 

  21. ChocolateThunderBear 3:55 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Damn this makes me want to go back.

  22. Castre Doss 4:40 pm 23/02 of 2014


  23. rax7 5:26 pm 23/02 of 2014

    you get any coupon for brothels?

  24. Jonathan West 5:30 pm 23/02 of 2014

    Very nice you realy open up my eyes dude keep making more videos


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