Diary of Bert van Balen: In the name of the father

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Diary of Bert van Balen: In the name of the father

bert bales photo diary Bert van Balen: In the name of the father Bert van Balen (67) after his retirement as a photographer, more or less based in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. He lives in a rented house for six years with a Thai woman who bore him two children as a relic from a previous marriage. The reason for his stay in Thailand can be read in his book â € ~ back Hurray, I Kankera € ™.

our living room hangs a picture of the Buddha. 1 meter by 1 meter 50 is the thing. The Buddha sits in the lotus position. His arms with open hands resting on his knees «n. His eyes are closed and face radiates balance and peace. On his head he wears a golden crown, and in the right and left of the painting are the sun and the moon appears. Peace be with you.

Right across the specimen, on the other wall, I hung a crucifix. The Christ statue shows a man who knows his arms diagonally upwards nailed. His legs are crossed so that his feet beaten overlap which is through a large nail peeled. On his head he also has a crown, but of thorns. His head is crooked. His face radiates peace and balance, but suffering.


believe under one roof, you might say, but since my beliefs does not go beyond the expectation that my monthly pension is paid, there is no question of a conflict. I’ve hung the Christ statue there means nothing more than counterbalance. Fortunately Buddhism as humane as it wants to unite all religions in it otherwise I might have had a mini faith in this little war so peaceful household.

My wife believes it. In Buddha. Something in my humble opinion can not because you can become a Buddha, but do not believe in it. And you can certainly not animism control. Every night she goes on her knees «n and mumbles prayers for himself a dish in which the a Photo € ™ s are of the one she loves. They pray for a long and happy life together.

Sometimes I stop in the dish a note with the number of my lottery with the question whether they would take if they are at it. along as this en passant Another NOT. Or they might then want to try to Jesus Christ. Has not helped, or she just has understood my cynicism.

â € ~ Four yearsa € ™ she says. â € ~ € ™ Leukemie.â


picking out her little purse a picture in passport size with the portrait of her deceased son. The photo was taken when the child was already dead. It has eyes closed, his face is gray, the cheeks sunken strong. â € ~ Four yearsa € ™ she says. â € ~ Leukemia. Every day I went with him to the hospital on a drip. A couple of years. And then he went dood.â € ™

I stare at the portrait. I do not know what to say. There are daily children to death, I do not know what. It is not the dead child that makes me speechless, but the mother. My regular caddy. What I do lol. Sometimes sexual gekkigheidjes which they participate wholeheartedly. So she trained as a caddy. Having fun with the players. Ensure that they have a good time. Sure they come back.

â € ~ How long ago? â € ™ I ask. â € ~ Last yearsa € ™, she replies. â € ~ I have almost a year gehuild.â € ™ While we were waiting for us at the current players they had just come out with the story. Out of nowhere. Waiting on the eighteenth hole. There we. Were Close to each other. The powerless.

She with her endless sorrow, and I looked at her and felt tears in my eye sockets. One small step for her was enough with her thumb to wipe a tear. My cheek â € ~ Jesus Christ â € ™ I thought.

Grandpa tells about his world travels

three days. Three days surrendered to me because my wife acts as a guide for a group of friends from Holland. In a minibus from a distant cousin or something, but in any case family. To the Golden Triangle. Or I went along. Well no. I have seen so many times where the bulk of my refusal to be in those three days alone.


Golf Journal Bert van Balen: In the name of the father Father going out. Well, say, Grandpa is going out. Grandfather plans. Grandpa has already agreed on a different golf course with yet another beautiful caddy to accompany me during a round of golf it. Then he would propose her equal to dine. Same evening with him A neatly ironed trousers, a jacket and a felt hat that gives him the right look, the old wise man that much of learning is. I saw it all to myself. Mix yes.


Fusion restaurant at Soi 1 of Nimmanhaemin. Delicious European food and good smoothness not Thai. Then we drink wine and eat orange canard. Last time I did this was in Hanoi. And before that in Paris. Yes, yes, Grandpa is a citizen of the world. And this is grandpa vent to that beauty as she sits on him and looks at him admiringly. Then tell us about his world travels.


America. â € ~ Yes I got there a little while gewerkt.â € ™ â € ~ South Africa? Beautiful country, pleasant climate. Yes many people there are black. Right. Europe? Well, where I come from. France, Spain, Portugal. . . oh really too many countries to mention. All gezien.â € ™
â € ~ Holiday? â € ™ she asks of course.
â € ~ Yes, and work. Also done a lot in the buitenland.â € ™

Her gaze betrays a dreamy thought. I would like to, it says. Travel, see other cultures. With an aircraft criss-cross over the globe. And then a country can choose where I would like to stay forever. Out If it is not Thailand. She has certain ingredient «ingredients that should make to get her dream. From its possible Looks good, has a good brain and. . . she speaks understandable English. But what has struck me before, she knows how to ruin. Their desired future to the bone

all Thai women I know, she is the champion of transparency. On the one hand, might be a compliment, but on the other hand, if â € € œCold Diggerâ pretty stupid. And that I would be her moment to explain in great detail. During our tête-à-tête

â € ~ Dear schatâ € ™, I would say, â € ~ if you are going to do with a rich farang in your eyes by the job, keep a minute at the mention of what you would like to have. Dick did not have a stereo that is broken. Or on your computer that you have to sell because you had no money to eat. You scare ZOA € ™ s guest immediately witless. You can make yourself better showcase as an independent woman who is not defined by a man is waiting who sustains it, or better, take it wherever you want to go. Where would you really want to? Oh, Europe? Paris? However ja.â € ™

Caddie then, well deserves

My date with her succeeded better than mâ € ™ s round of golf. Sitting opposite each other, each with a substantial glass of wine. Grandfather leaning on his elbows to her over and try to follow what she has to say. With his now somewhat deaf ears Her husband, she kicked out five years ago. Why? He prefers to sleep â € ™ s night with his mother.

Golf caddies Journal Bert van Balen: In the name of the father She has worked at a bank. She has worked at a 7-Eleven. She has done and is a certified massage school. But all those jobs did not produce enough. It has to maintain. A father and mother A younger brother and a much younger sister. Also work in a massage parlor would not yield enough to satisfy. Demand for money Caddie then. Earns good friends had told her. This she does now for two years. Grandpa see tears coming from her eyes, tears of self-pity.

â € ~ his Caddie’s like you’re a dog that must luisterenâ to his boss € ™ she says. â € ~ I must be gay, lots of smiles, often say â € œMai pen Raia € at ZOA € ™ s loser who can barely distinguishable from the bottom. the top of his stick Only seven holes, I think. Seven holes ZOA € ™ s guy trying to keep my body. With a smile. Feigning my joyful nature. Oh Buddha, I pray, help mij.â € ™ My proposed talk with her dissolves into nothingness. â € ~ Jesus Christusâ € ™, I think only.

in-law does not suffer from the desire for more

My mother saves only four years with me. Her face is full of wrinkles, her skin is tanned and her fingers are crooked and do not stretch. They live for years alone in a small wooden house whose roof consists of rusty corrugated iron. During the rainy season the water often runs with her on the floor. Yet it is not to get out of her beloved shelter.


Despite my Christian (?) morality of compassion which I suggested her to come live with us. using my wife We still have a nice branch in the backyard. But no, too far away from the rice fields where they are still working, bent over to the ankles in the water stopping rice plants in the ground. Her salary is far below par, but here she does not care for, it is the social contact with other women that keeps her going.

And of course Buddha. And not to forget, the King. Also hanging over her house several portraits of a young King Bhumibol and portraits of deceased Buddhist monks. She also prays every night. And pray that she is every morning at five o’clock happy again and starts the day with renewed energy.

radio and / or television she has not. Let alone a car or a motorbike. She goes on the bike which apparently dates from the thirties. They want nothing else, they want to keep it as it is. And if this is not possible, then the Buddha wanted. She does not suffer from the desire for more. She does not feel crucified.

manager at its best, the hard worker

three days are over. The cheerful-looking van with Dutch friends stops for our home and let the group off. â € ~ It was fantastic, so had time. Laughed the way. Much gezien.â € ™

I see my wife between them and see that she has been worrying. She obviously has everything to herself attracted to the sentence to make it to others. This is in her nature. The manager at its best. The hard worker which no sea is too high. So someone for the Netherlands, MVV can get.

As I watch how they handle things so that everyone could again go his way, I realize that I still love her a lot. I supposed to tell you that I’ve been eating during her absence with a beautiful caddy I ask myself. And I keep my mouth shut. Out of compassion, love. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen.

 © Bert van Balen

â € ~ Diary of Bert van Balen: Nowhere manâ € ™ appeared on February 4, 2014


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