Diary of Bert van Balen: Nowhere Man

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Diary of Bert van Balen: Nowhere Man

bert bales photo diary Bert van Balen: Nowhere Man Bert van Balen (67) has After his retirement as a photographer, more or less based in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. He lives in a rented house for six years with a Thai woman who bore him two children as a relic from a previous marriage. The reason for his stay in Thailand can be read in his book â € ~ back Hurray, I Kankera € ™.

Opposite me sat me four unidentified friends of my wife. Rated all four least ten younger than my wife, and just a little tighter in the skin, so a look at the company immediately meant that I was not sorry to be granted. Invitation

Where those mounds friends yet always come from is a mystery to me, but it will have something to do with the Thai culture that you are being manipulated. friend until after the first meeting How unlike in Holland where you © partement meeting may hope that you will be considered.

as knowledge or perhaps vague knowledge after Ã

The friends saw me for the first time

four in a row ladies were un-Dutch squatting right in front of me on the bamboo floor of ZOA € ™ s with a grass roof terrace at the water’s edge of a lake overlooking the evergreen mountains of Doi Suthep.

â € ~ € ™ Sawadeekaâ, sounded in unison with a polite Wai was made with the head is bent which advance a deep respect for the guest is expressed. â € ~ € ™ Sawadeekrapâ, I do and make a Wai which I think still comes across as ridiculous in the thoroughbred Thai, but just let it happen to the idea that ZOA € ™ a white man does not know better.

friends saw me for the first time. The farang where they had been hearing a lot. Maybe I was thus viewed with a little more interest. â € ~ Where you come from? â € ™ â € ~ € ™ Holland.â Their topographical knowledge turned on full blast, but gave no answer. â € ~ Tulip fields, wooden shoes, windmills. Football? Amsterdam? Â € ™

â € ~ € ™ chorus that she knew. â € ~ Germany isnâ € ™ t it? â € ™
â € ~ Off course notes € ™ I said, because I was just about adequate patriotism decision not to make. utter to a German Holland remained ZOA € ™ s little in the air as a country that is also a right to exist and that it was necessary. Accepted but

A fifth, for me a familiar friend of my wife, joined us and took a seat next to me. My â € ~ Mia Noia € ™ I introduced her where the whole group laughed heartily, including my wife because she knows just about the state of my libido.

She also made the comment that if I have a â € ~ Mia Noia € ™ would have really, this was to watch, and it would stay there. well at Everyone was here even heartier laugh and I thought, yes laugh, when the time comes you laughing no more


The youngest of the bunch wanted my best â € ~ € ™ Giga be

In front of me sitting company decided â € “see youngest of the bunch as â €” the silliness with a seductive smile and the remark that it my best â € ~ € ™ Giga wanted to be. Here she looked straight into my eyes, so I got an uneasy feeling for a moment that quickly turned into a sense of overconfidence, because I would not know God what are you doing to do, just with a â € ~ Gig except, indeed, look. It was my wife so right.

My arisen doubts were exacerbated when the husband of my upcoming â € ~ € ™ Giga aangeslenterd came with five bottles of Leo beer under his arm. A Thai with broad shoulders and a head taller than I estimated. He introduced himself with a Wai . â € ~ Heâ € ™ sa policemanâ € ™, my wife made clear to me with the intention that I had to watch it with great respect as a good friendship between us would prosecute any violation of law simple end up in the trash do .

â € ~ haa € ™ I said, â € ~ A policeman. Nice.â € ™ But at the same time thought that this kind of people have a loaded gun and ZOA € ™ s thing could be when he caught his wife with a farang. Sometimes directed at me best Not only the fact that he had a loaded gun, but that things like engagements tend to go off, made me decide that his wife did not really looked like a nasty head and of course had a fat ass.

She kept looking at me intensely meantime. In her eyes I saw a fantasy world livens caressed and loved. In a bubble bath sitting, drinking champagne. And I would consider myself to let her enjoy the toast caviar I left balancing. My tongue


caviar Journal Bert van Balen: Nowhere Man Meanwhile, in anticipation of the storage genesis of her fantasies «n, she sat in her husband’s rooting hair and his legs caress. And here was the husband clearly not used to it, so he with some reference look for themselves staring as he stuck his fingers in his mouth, between which manifests itself a piece of roasted chicken was that a stuck unknown vegetable for me. He licked his thumb and index finger with a lot of smacking down, then took a big swig of beer and showed a genuine farmer.

The whole company was also here a good laugh and my sense of civilization made an effort to adapt to the Thai people own. itself to So even took a sip of beer and tried to outdo what totally failed due to lack of adequate exercise.


Suddenly I knew: I want to look my father

Meanwhile, I kept looking back to the languishing woman opposite me in the hope I could give her. marital happiness this way again a push in the right direction And suddenly I knew: I want to be like my father. That poor bastard on wooden planks tied together with some pieces of string walked from German captivity.


His eyes had the correct flicker. The gloss women melted and still regarded him as inaccessible, so they turn their attention to their own husband lost again on a new track. I want to be like my father who has been dead for over twenty years.

Now I walk to the seventies, the memories begin to take an increasingly important role in everyday thinking itself. They mingle with the present. They mingle in an attempt to understand the present and where I am. The place where my father so loved to read about. The Far East.

Book after book borrowed from the library. Books that were full of black and white a Photo € ™ s. Half-naked men and women. Rice fields and palm trees. Why did this part of the world is so interested, I wonder and magic are now depicting mind. I see a vague resemblance to the Indies man. In reality born of a French mother, but undeniably a piece of gene that left him come. From the Far East

I do not know. Feel more a nowhere man

why I’m here, is the question. To achieve his dream. Follow. Their roots Is that piece of gene transferred to me? Looking into the eyes of a woman yearning. I do not know. Feel more a nowhere man .

Yay, I’m still in Thailand and not on the way to the lowlands that terrible North Sea. I’m a bit away from the xenophobes who is everything foreign, criticize and consider unwelcome. Road for the many storms that plague the small country, yet away from the biting cold and nervous at boosting security mensenmassaâ € ™ s.

I’m still in Thailand and enjoy it, as if I’m there for the first time. A gleaming in the sun more. Children playing in the water, the temperature of the twenty-five degrees will never come downstairs. Between people who welcome you. Among women who set the task to take care of a man and pampering here until he gets the nerves, while it does not have to get to deliver on their ingrained duty.

criticism in his head

The flag can also be controversial because the other side. I was all forgotten a bit. But I found a new reason to be here. At the edge of a lake overlooking the evergreen mountains of Doi Suthep. On my heels sitting on a wooden stilts terrace with a grass roof. Between pictures of women with yearning eyes. To dream of my father.

 © Bert van Balen

Journal Bert van Balen: Day Tripper appeared on January 9, 2014


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