Diary of David Diamond

2nd of March 2014 0

Diary of David Diamond

AEK Udon Hospital postcard Diary of David Diamond

Nothing cuter than a visarun to Vientiane (VTE), Laos, in my opinion. Know some Belgians, and their Laotian household speak. For them, it’s also fun to take to cut and complain and especially the gossip about the latter, their household. Just smack bitches on the cake and coffee. Or say to the beer and unhealthy snacks .

What was it, that night in bar Khob Chai Due in Vientiane. But the next day, a hangover from jewelst. And unwell. Had it been a few days, but now the outbreak, both literally and figuratively. The whole day went through this, and it only got worse.

Just kept

bed but could not sleep from the pain. Next morning, must have looked really bad, said my friend â € ~ Laotian you go to hospital, Nowa € ™. Did not have much sense of more space and time. Quick look in the mirror, looked somewhat yellowish, like a character from The Simpsons. Do not remember the ride to the hospital.

Lag in a room with at least thirty sick people, in whatever best hospital in the city. It was night, and tomorrow there would be a doctor, my boyfriend week no side of me and put wet cloths to cool me down a fever. My stomach was about to explode. There were fans on the ceiling, and the windows were open. Even after 18 hours when the mosquitoes came, but otherwise the stench does not hold.

â € ~ Night policemen threw some cases drunks inside, which groaned and cursed, and slept under one or another bed. Meanwhile, my friend had two acquaintances were called, now they could alternate with the damp cloth. My sheets smelled neutral, but there were dried blood stains on a previous patient «nt. Became infused with probably a standard liquid solution, which was to be. Debited immediately Injection for pain, payable immediately.


going ziend on backwards

Next day my friend took me in a wheelchair for RX abdomen, as it went after all. Four hours later, talk with the doctor, there was gas and moisture found. Then the doctor checkout, to the pharmacy, again checkout. Was going back to seeing my friend was deeply concerned and called my question my Belgian knowledge, a UN official in FTE and a doctor himself.

who has immediately instructed to hoist VTE drive out to Udon Thani, the AEK Udon International Hospital. spontanious me in a pick-up A moment later there was a pick-up driver, and off we went. At customs, passport stamped without problems, without me or seen my friend to have seen the driver arranged it all. Then the Friendship Bridge to Udon Thani.

About four hours it took the hellish ride. Did any moment to collapse. Fortunately, the road was in poor condition, the shock and bump kept me alert and went through life and suffering in the zaak. Each well in the way. Could not be more pain. Thought my last hour was beaten. Between Nong Khai and Udon Thani suddenly large bushes along the road, in the form of elephants pruned? Seemed the way to the Thai afterlife.

the AEK Udon immediately rushed four doctors around the examination table whose main (!) hard SHOCK called THAI, THAI SHOCK! Suddenly a crowd and knew nothing more. Four days later added to ICU, the doctor told me I had a pancreatitis rate E had thus inflammatory fluid by a tumor in the pancreas, and blood in the abdominal cavity, multiple organ failure, blocked kidneys, rhabdomyolysis (muscle that die), septicemia, pneumonia and some cases.

short septic shock. Primary cause swelling of the pancreas. Go on the medical side does not devote too much out. My friend was still aside, who had watched those four days nursing. Says It is no lack, there were constantly beautiful ladies with caps and nice outfit on and on.

Came Manager International Department politely ask if there was an assurance me. No idea, as the travel documents checked and found a map of the Belgian institution with an international phone number. After ten minutes, the manager came back with a fax voucher from the fund, and they brought me from ICU to a 1st class room. No VIP room, but a palm terrace, large TV, dining table with four chairs, sofa, kitchen, air conditioning and bathroom and all with taste. And again the nurses constantly alternated.

Weeks bedridden with a drip in the neck

lay there in the coming weeks bedridden. With a drip in the neck where not only medication and fluids but also liquid feed was introduced. Should and could not eat or drink. Was washed three times a day, sheets changed, what a luxury. The doctors came several times a day by to inform and have a chat. In perfect English.

One doctor had doctorate in the States, the other in Khon Khaen but had internship in Hong Kong. Furthermore, came for examination or surgery nurse and four bedboy me, bed and all finish the room. Meanwhile my boyfriend week of any side, who slept in the sofa and disappeared from the room only to food to go.

Sometimes that what was lost, did that then said’m going home to VTE. But he refused categorically. After a few weeks, found that it would be nice to to get food and a beer to drink. Pretty funny, as â € ~ € ™ thuiskwamâ room, so completely in secret to stabbing, and then of course to run against the table leg and crying. Without light It’s no different with them as with us, as we drank.

One morning they came to me with two nurses and bedboy â € “which was the bed pushing â €” get in the room for another scan. Once in the basement with the device they said â € ~ Youâ € ™ r next Sira € ™. Nurses were still standing beside my bed, unlike in Europe, where you will be discharged.

earlier file or queueShe

not first class, sir

Lag there, but could not miss it, it was sitting on a bench, an elderly Thai lady, writhing in pain. But it was my turn, was apparently. Well, not nice. Asked the nurse: â € ~ That lady is suffering more then me, please let her go first.â € ™ reply was brief: â € ~ She not first class Sir.â € ™ â € To which once again ~ Sorry let her go first. We will Waita € ™. â € ~ No, Sir, we cannotâ € ™ and â € ~ I’m back Yes we canâ € ™! Then the other nurse said, â € ~ Sorry Sir, she her son, he must bring money come first, so now we go.â € ™

A little evil â € ~ No! â € ™ replied, â € ~ How much for the scan? â € ™ â € ~ For Thai baht 6,000 Sir.â € ™ Well, knew enough . â € ~ Back to room now please, tell the boy to bring me back to my room, now. € ™ Was really angry and they listened. Still not convinced they rolled me up. Took 7,000 baht from the safe. â € ~ And we no go back to scan.â € ™ Nobody dared more than condescending to say â € ~ Yes Sira € ™.

You guessed it, once down that money given to the lady and told the nurse: â € ~ Now this lady goes before me. 6,000 Baht for the scan and 1,000 more for a pain killer.â € ™ Thai lady went on her knees «n with towering wai only: â € ~ No need to thank me, please be quick, letâ € ™ s do your scan.â € ™

Got this just did not have the heart, the farang all priorities because he is insured, and let the Thai in the cold or pain down, nope


Now the point of the story. Two days later there were four Thai to my room, the nurse asked whether she could send away. However, it was the Thai lady with her son and his two kids. They had four â € ~ Phuang Malaia € ™, garlands of jasmine, among others, lucky charms at. Furthermore, an envelope which later turned out to be 7,000 baht, and a brig and milk (?). Even my friend who has two months remained in the room with me, was surprised.

Luckily that was the conversation in Thai, because they could not speak English. The next two weeks thereafter, the four always come back to the brig Phuang malai and milk. This anecdote with the beautiful thank gesture (which did not, had acted purely out of altruism) of the Thai family is forever burned into my memory. Thai and Farang can learn from each other.

repatriation «ring to Belgium«


there so two months + ago, after all sorts of interventions until there could be eaten, and independent steps in the wheelchair. Then repatriation «ring, a nurse from Belgium« followed has come for me. Bedside After the flight UTH-BKK, BKK-AMS and business in Schiphol â € “Antwerp, ambulance dropped off on a new bed in the university hospital. Stayed there for a week to check.

Everything had to be done was 100 percent OKA ©. As one here practices medicine at the university level. Only one FTE could react much faster and had septic shock may be.


So you see, in this situation, there was a huge difference between a Lao government and a Thai private hospital. The latter, thanks to the standard Belgian health insurance. They have everything except telephone and internet, paid by voucher. I never have to give.


can reassure certainly belong to the happy few, a typical Laotian After the first week in hospital VTE, was later cremated the day


Next time emergency treatment Pattaya Memorial.

David Diamond

Of David Diamond (pseudonym) was published on February 7, â € ~ You can not have dreams and you live from day to Daga € ™.

communication Submitted

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