Diary of Fred Holt Mans

14th of February 2014 0

Diary of Fred Holt Mans

Moped accident fatalities

long time I thought that was in Thailand are not dead, they saw nothing, heard nothing about it and in large quantities crematoria present looked run down, as if they had not been used for years and never would be more used.

cremator 168x300 Diary of Fred Holt Mans It was entirely in the Buddhist atmosphere, talked about by anyone. The only time it came up in a conversation with a monk by the death of a well-known in the Netherlands, stated that the deceased â € ~ was back to the old Huisa € ™ it. A beautiful and comforting image.

tanned heads of very spry oldsters also give little indication of age, they would be eighty, but just as well be a hundred and eighty. The most likely seemed still to be finally noted that Grandpa for two weeks had not risen from his place by a grandson his food had been left untouched, and that after a few months, the to dust faded relics by the tropical temperature of the oldie discreetly out were swept.

A ramp and two wrecked motorcycles

A spectacular but very sad making motorcycle accident, fatal, proved to be a turning point. in my perception It was when we â € ™ evening returned home on a dark country road and we already saw from afar a ramp and approach also two completely wrecked motorcycles.

myself have unlearned me to even à © à © n look at such situations to throw, except of course when there are no bystanders, then help may indeed be necessary. However, my wife looked at it and was able to report that there is a lot of oil on the road and two wounded. Five minutes later we heard an ambulance arrive and we thought that was the end off.

The next morning when I drove past the scene of the crime again were there beside the road offerings placed Buddhist streamers and all sorts of objects whose meaning is unclear to me.

The oil on the road had been blood

My nasty suspicion was confirmed when, three days later, in the temple of the village much activity took place and there is a portrait of a very young boy at the entrance was placed around it many flowers. The oil on the road had been the blood of the boy who, shortly after the accident, was deceased.

The vigil was a seemingly relaxed gathering with music, snacks and drinks. In and around the temple were scattered groups of people, nice to talk to and they went home late. The beautifully crafted coffin stood on a central point, but seemed to be absolutely. No center

The next day, the coffin was placed on a cart and accompanied by music by dozens of people drawn to the crematorium where the entrance all ice cream shops and eateries were waiting.

Life is suffering, there is nothing to be done

Before the coffin was burning well and good, most people were already back home. Nowhere was sadness or grief felt or felt, the Buddhist keeps his emotions under control. Life is suffering, that is known, but there is nothing to be done so you can but left it best subject.

After this tragic introduction of this facet of the Asian life quickly became clear that there was indeed dead and it is not made of just a normal average but a great point, it happens and then it just goes back to business order of the day.

Although the â € ~ go back to the old me Huisa € ™ inspires no fear, I drive anyway since that accident, now already some time ago, very quiet and especially attentive to my moped through the city.


Fred and his wife sit down in Chiang Mai. After two weeks in three guesthouses have stayed, they hire a à © à © nkamer apartment in a suburb of Chiang Mai .

Now my wife is an avid outdoors and that you should not really high on four rear parking but that was just where we were. So she was quite often early in the morning all outside in the company of two in the garage bivouac recurring stray long walks there.

At home, the dogs then got something to eat at one of the many food stalls along the street, the reputation of crazy foreigner was quickly established once but my wife is now very fond of animals and neglected animals in particular </. p>

The room was cheap, in all respects, and from there we would quietly search for something else, but after two weeks, my wife began showing signs of irritation and impatience, and it was time to show the search for another place which energetically address.

After six weeks, we were alerted to a charming wooden house in the city center but still very quiet. My wife was equally excited and the only obstacle was that we had to come, which was in fact what high deployed to a reasonable rent, but that would certainly succeed if we gave it some time.

A troubled dream

That night I had a troubled dream. It took place in an apartment, even on the fourth floor, where I had lived years ago. From the balcony, I accidentally left an iron attack while on the ground floor neighbor Joop just came out. On my terrified shout something like â € ~ Look out, quickly go binnenâ € ™, or words of similar import, Joop did exactly what he should not do:., He stopped and looked up

Fortunately, the dream stopped right where the iron is very close to the head of Joop had come. anyway The dream repeated itself several times as it was to find that Joop would not get hurt. Proper warning formula

Suddenly it seemed like twenty irons down the cases, although there was a huge noise, I woke up and hit my eyes. My wife came out of the bathroom and said just the bathroom window when attempting to open the rebate that was hit, had fallen down and a plastic roof had come to a standstill. No one was injured, though the roof was damaged and the window itself off.

People living on lower floors, also did here in the waking world exactly what you can not do better: they hung far over their balcony around to see where that window and came to see if there might be more came down.

I or my partner had the window thrown

Three days later called the manager of the apartment to tell a new window from Bangkok to come and there was a week, but that the roof could be repaired tomorrow already and all for less than seven thousand baht.

That was all great, but why I was also informed of the cost of the entire operation know? Because I was the one who was going to pay, of course. I, or my partner, or whoever belonged to the household, had thrown out the window. Yes Nata º Ã º rlijk, throwing down windows is part of our daily activities and that there is a cost attached to it is obvious which of course refunded.

And now seriously: if the construction of a window is such that it can not bear and gets into deranged, a simple action like opening them is the owner liable, not the unsuspecting tenant, so I pay a penny. Whether this was obvious? Yes, that was it, and the manager would pass it to the owner.

The second call, the eigenaar time, a Canadian, made it clear that we both had a different point of view in this matter, and both were not planning to give. It was agreed that he would take the loss, and we would move, much to the delight of my wife


Fred Holt Mans

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