Diary of Hans Struylaart (2): Kees, a lost tourist

20th of February 2014 0

Diary of Hans Struylaart (2): Kees, a lost tourist

During my first Thailand Trip, about 18 years ago with a budget of 1000 guilders (€ 450) in his pocket for à © à © n month stay, I arrived at the then almost untouched Koh Samui. I had spent too much money in Bangkok, so my budget per day was the coming week will be significantly scaled down.

Koh Samui beach bungalow Journal Hans Struylaart (2): Kees, a lost tourist I had a simple bungalow on the beach for 80 bath with shared shower, but right on the beach (yes, 80 bath, prices are still somewhat gone up lately).

It was a small bungalow park with only twelve simple bungalows without built-in shower. Very nicely located directly on the beach, next to a river, where especially in the evening croaking frogs much. A beautiful place. What was less that it rained every day and not ZOA € ™ s little.

Usually the rainy season it ended around this time, mid-December. According to the Thai people could not last much longer. Unfortunately, we still have five days in the pouring rain sat there and you adjust yourself to the conditions.

Many swim, you’re all wet! Continue doing a lot of games in the small restaurant / stay with the other guests, read a lot and play guitar. And in the evenings telling stories and jokes while enjoying some Singha beers with the other guests or making music. All in all, even without sun very cozy.

Kees could tell like what he has been through

bungalow park was run by Kees and his Thai girlfriend Pat. Kees was a 1.92 meter long and slender man, but also muscular back. A tanned by the sun and tanned face, black hair and dark eyebrows.

He was my age, 40 years and has built it seven years ago itself. He started with three bungalows and has expanded to twelve. The restaurant / stay, he has also built in the third year itself. The piece of land was in the name of his girlfriend Pat.

Pat was 38 years old and a few small (most Thais are naturally small) and stocky figure with a friendly face. If they are in twos «n stood next to each other, they just came to the chest of Kees.

Kees was a sober and friendly man and was able to tell nice about what he has been through here, especially with some guests who have stayed here. There was a Norwegian who necessarily fishing with a net in the sea wanted to capture. That he has taken three long days full before he gave up without even à © à © n to have caught fish.

restaurant worked with 12 booklets, numbered 1/12 m. Did you pay only when you check out. You held yourself with in your book what you ate and drank, and wrote that day. With beers that was easy, you just put a hyphen after the word beer.

every time

Well I must say that I’m forgetting some lines. a very pleasant evening You walk to the cooler and get all tipsy half a can of beer out of the ice. Yes, you no longer think of a dash. The next day we counted the empty beer cans and we still put the correct number of dashes.

Half of the visitors was stoned, drunk or tripping

One morning Kees asked the group if anyone felt like two days to go to Koh Phangan, an island close to less than three hours sailing. There is a large party there in relation to full moon. Some of us seemed a bit and Kees and five men, we have been there for two days.

I found really little. Half of the visitors there were stoned or drunk or tripping on mushrooms. A Thai told us that last year two tourists drowned because they wanted to swim to Koh Samui after using mushrooms back. The island seems close, especially after a mushroom trip, but appearances are deceiving.

After three months, never returned to the Netherlands

The second day at Koh Phangan Kees told how he found myself here soon. Seven years ago he left for a vacation to Thailand for three months when his Dutch wife had left him. Down He needed a break. He met on Koh Samui Pat and Pat would like to start something for themselves. And why not a bungalow park

Pat had some little savings and bought a piece of land or leased. Kees was a carpenter by trade, so he has a simple cottage built, large enough to live. «N his Twoa Then three bungalows and so they started. Of the money earned from the lease they have extended to twelve bungalows and a simple restaurant.

He had actually already after three months back to the Netherlands, but his boss called and family that he was not going back to the Netherlands. He did it to his liking so. It’s not very much, but we can make a living and we have little need.

my question: â € ~ If you have ever gone back to the Netherlands â € ™ he replied: â € ~ No you can not, because I have no passport Meera € ™. That is already expired. In short: Kees visa to expire three months and is being illegally in Thailand for almost seven years now here. The police is not difficult, it has never asked about his stay here. Possibly Pat a word (penny) has done to the local police.

â € ™ But you can never go back to Netherlands Kees without you against the light looptâ € ™ I said. â € ~ I see it, I’ll think of a rock mush that I lost my passport or anything, but I must then arrange with the Embassy. But I do not go back to Nederlandâ € ™ he said. With his girlfriend not buttering so well lately, they sleep for months apart. However, Kees is dependent on his girlfriend in order to survive in Thailand.

I think sometimes Kees

Unfortunately, the month went much too fast and after a farewell dinner with Kees and Pat and some other guests and a promise that we would definitely come back yet I by boat and bus back to Bangkok. I did after my departure flipped me once to swing and wondering what was to come when he and his girlfriend split rightly Kees or if he becomes seriously ill or something. Kees I have never seen, but I do not think about him. Would he still there?

Hans Struylaart

Diary of Hans Struylaart Sometimes it can also completely misgaanâ € | appeared on January 27, 2014


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