Mag - Diary of Hans Struylaart (4): The wild wood nymph

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Diary of Hans Struylaart (4): The wild wood nymph

Koh Samet Journal Hans Struylaart (4): The wild wood nymph A sloppy ten years ago I was Koh Samet. A beautiful island, where high-rise Noga is not allowed, as in the rest of Thailand on the different coasts. Delicious who ongereptheid.Â

Koh Samet has beautiful beaches with fine sand. Koh Samet is also easily accessible from Bangkok, I think ongeveer four to five hours to travel from Bangkok.

My friend Ruud saves sand beaches in Thailand and the sands of Koh Samet is one of the finest structures in the whole of Thailand. The sand he takes it in a plastic bag, and he makes a painting of the image of the island and the sand of the island it processed. Really nice

He now has a dozen paintings and no sand is comparable. Koh Samet is very relaxed, especially in the avond there is always something to do. You can go there for very little money and delicious food on the beach. Delicious barbecue with meat and fish and all kinds of delicious side dishes. For 300 bath per person you got a world meal with all kinds of shows and the sound of the sea in the background.

It is difficult to find for a reasonable price, especially in high season. a beachfront bungalow You will soon pay from 1000 bath per night. We had two beautiful bungalows on Silver Sand Beach for 1000 bath per night overlooking the sea. Except two restaurants with fine food is also a nightclub. But in the open air with a simple canopy. This nightclub attracted many people and excellent music outside the atmosphere was always very relaxed.

Wild nymph

I very love of dance itself, I was often OFA two â € ~ night dancing to an hour. Dancing has the advantage that you can drink without getting really drunk because you quickly exudes everything with an average temperature of 26 degrees in the evening. Reasonable Yes, you must then change your shirt about three times a night do you want a little more presentable appearance, but the bungalow was less than two hundred meters away.

Buy Lots of Thais and foreigners than a small emmertje with Veela I know what all occupants with four or five straws and anyone who wants to drink it is welcome. I have never used it because I do not know what’s in there, so keep it with my own drink.

Suddenly she stood at the edge of the nightclub, the wild forest nymph. She looked with an open outlook over the dancing crowd and looked like she had just come walking out. Wilderness Dressed in just a simple but exciting dress, barefoot, her long unkempt hair loosely without make-up, over the shoulder with a sensual look terrible. Pure nature, wildlife and adventure.

The type of woman that men and twist their necks to make accidents, traffic or construction workers who lose their scaffold, because they were distracted. I also had trouble nieta to look at her. She’s mine, I thought when I saw her. In one way or another kind of women that always attract my attention, she’s natural all the way. Artless, pure and true emotions.

She stepped onto the dance floor and started dancing, and I did not know how fast I was dancing beside her, but was quick. I tried to get eye contact with her and that worked pretty quickly,  happy. We have a fifteen minute OFA danced with each other and suddenly she ran away to the beach and took a dip in the sea together. Of course I did hetzelfde. She barely spoke English, but fortunately I speak a little Thai.

After being in the sea, cooled WEA continued dancing and I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, and I was not the only one who had noticed. After a couple of drinks I asked her where she came from, but she did not want to talk about. Not important, I have fun right now so who cares where I come from, was her answer. But in Thai. Where do you stay? I can stay with you tonight, up to you. Okay lets go to the bungalow and I play you a nice song on my gitar.

Songkran Journal Hans Struylaart (4): The wild wood nymph


The next day was the Songkran on Koh Samet. A typical Thai water festival where a number of days, the duration thereof, depending on the region, you are bombarded each other with water bombs, buckets, water pistols and a soort white soap powder that she wishes you all the best. You should not get soap in your eyes because it stings pretty.

Every Thai is God loose and they celebrate this festival exuberant, not only with water but also with some drinks. The first day was very nice, you’re feeling a runaway teenager. The only thing you need those three days is a pair of shorts, a worn T-shirt and Êèñà waterproof plastic bag, so money and you do not get wet cigarettes.

The third day you think, yeah, well it must have been fun, I’ve seen enough water now. Koh Samet takes fortunately only three days. We had booked beforeha five days on Koh Samet and Koh Chang wanted to continue to find a buddy. Saying goodbye was tough because I had a fantastic time with her. Wela We exchanged e-mails and would keep in touch with each other. And that we did.

Sad end

After having communicated a while with each other via e-mail ad I suddenly heard nothing more from her. I then sent an email to a friend of hers to ask why they were not responded to my emails. Her answer was clear: She is in hospital now because she is very sick.

A few months later I heard that she was deceased from AIDS. My wild nymph who unspoiled woman, went to the eternal rice fields. I’ve been there sometimes still hard. So sorry ZOA € ™ s beautiful woman.

Hans Struylaart

Diary of Hans Struylaart (2): Kees a lost tourist appeared on February 20, 2014


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