Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 10)

17th of February 2014 0

Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 10)

Paul van der Hijden 225x300 Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 10) Born Limburger Paul van der Hijden (1951) studied social worker and worked for many years including in crisis intervention, psychiatry, youth, unmarried mother care, self-help, support and buddy care.
21 years ago by chance on holiday in Thailand, he decided once his retirement years to go spend. After early retirement in October 2008 he made his dream come true.
In Thailand, he has been active in the Dutch Association of Thailand. His current efforts to set up the Dutch language and culture to give Thailand.

a more permanent place a House of the Low Countries with others

There’s music in

Around New Year, I visited a friend in the â € ~ € ™ binnenlandenâ Ramkhamhaeng, the student district in Bangkok where the famous open university is located. After a pleasant evening with an alienating film for me (where did that movie in Bâ € ™ s about??), It was time to return home. Was the outward journey was an adventure through the Khlong Saen Saep: ripping through the channel, the journey went in â € ~ n overcrowded boat with a regular meter taxi


The driver, in his fifties, had turned swinging music that I â € “with satisfaction â €” part could sing along. He had them recorded and mixed he told himself proudly and I praised him, given the fun we experienced it, for his choice. At the same time, he handed me a DVD where the music all stood up. â € Happy New yearâ € was his parting wish.

Dâ € ™ retirement

Last week I could not get up from my bed, with much pain in my lower back. Sharp ripping pain. And once upright (192 cm), I could not bend down. My legs alternately lifting high even hurt.

Hypochondriac if I can be of course I thought of hernia, gout, lumbago, hip fractures, and so on. My socks I could only attract lying in bed, standing because I could not get my body into the desired curvature, let alone (!) That I could like a stork like yesterday. What had struck me?

I pulled myself together and was thinking of a doctor’s visit, but said that a day out and repeated a few days. And guess what? Along those days the pain disappeared. Also a hot water bottle in the afternoon did wonders and now, a few days later the pain is barely there.

At the risk that I have stashed away, a terrible disease, I think I’ve exposed situated in last night for the cold winter and through the ceiling fan of a cold on my back have suffered. All those farangs that Thai doctors prevent flat walk but this time doctors can spend on Thai myself, I once read on this blog, I believe. Does the pain and self-recovery still had somewhere to sense, I think then.

Hang Elderly

Nix, (formerly a political party, now in the Netherlands, no alcohol or drugs among young people) baby boomers (myself and perhaps I think) and the choice of R & B and / or hip-hop as it used to Beatles or Stones . The dilemma seems obvious: what you need to constantly choose to remain one favorite group with you. You peer group. What is the agreement between us who live in Thailand, except that fact?

one is here for his or her work. With or without a partner and children. The other stayed behind as a widow or widower after the death of the beloved. Another one came to his or her retirement celebration here. Young or old, alone or together, rich or poor. The Dutchman in Thailand does not exist. And yet there is an N and a NTCC and a Chamber of Commerce, who organize activities for all these Dutch. We have no hang elderly (and young people) on a foggy afternoon, where the police officer pulls concentric circles around it, but it only needs to happen or ….

range Diary Paul van der Hijden (Part 10) I say

near my house is the Thai version of a commercial building. Or is it a Bric-à-brac shop? Or Malle Pete shop? The fact is that just about everything they sell building materials and peripheral products. From beautiful kick to CFLs and hands nails to furniture plates.

central outlet in the case is the long counter where customers can sit while an industrial «le blower in the back coolness blows them. sturdy logs on Behind and over the counter sales are available. A number of Chinese Thais who are experts think with you and walk into the matter to cut something off or out of the immense stock of magic. Emerge

middle of that tone table is one meter long abacus. The Chinese abacus is used rather than a zakjapanner to calculate the correct price. But the sale is final, then that authorization through a window behind the counter where a group of elderly Chinese people sleeping in hammocks and an elderly lady the hoofdcassià career appears to be. Her word is law in bedrijf. ⠀ ~ I say. Gamma.â € ™

Thai cakes

in my hotel I was forty-seven times in the seventeen years before I moved here on my birthday

I always got a Thai birthday cake from the hotel offered because of that memorable day. Now I do like sweets but less sponge dough with butter fat trim. So I asked eventually politely instead of their kind offer a fruit cup, and I always got a basket like I was in a rehabilitation hospital. Still months So much fresh fruit that I could barely eat.

the remaining days

And yet there also get in Bangkok. delectable pastries Curiously also very good with a large supermarket chain. A kind of apple pie that approximates my beloved apple pie Limburg close. And … surprise (!) Even something similar to the tompoucen the Hema. There are of course here and some chains of American coffee providers that also sell occasion cakes. The downside there is in my opinion, however, that they heat up everything in their microwave. So I have to stay alert at every piece of cake.

Diary Paul van der Hijden (Part 9) was published on January 23, 2014.

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