Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 9)

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Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 9)

Paul van der Hijden 225x300 Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 9) Born Limburger Paul van der Hijden (1951) studied social worker and worked for many years including in crisis intervention, psychiatry, youth, unmarried mother care, self-help, support and buddy care.
21 years ago by chance on holiday in Thailand, he decided once his retirement years to go spend. After early retirement in October 2008 he made his dream come true.
In Thailand, he has been active in the Dutch Association of Thailand. He is currently working to set up the Dutch language and culture to give Thailand.

a more permanent place a House of the Low Countries with an enthusiastic Fleming


In the first years that I came here I knew someone at the ground staff of an overseas airline. To quickly get through the formalities had once agreed that I would be picked. Passengers from the group at the gate I followed my Thai knowledge and of course we passed through a customs post.

Within no time I had my stamp in my passport, and we could go through to the baggage claim. Meanwhile cheerfully telling our last few months together. It was again a happy holiday and after a fortnight broke my return to the Netherlands again. Luggage check-in, ticket authorize and through customs.

it turned out that I had just gotten. one-day visa on arrival Through the guidance of my knowledge the airport customs officer had apparently thought I was crew. I could explain a little later and was just in the waiting room with my uitreisstempeltje.

Tour guide


In my neighborhood Thai restaurant mollige was a tour leader with a group of farangs. An older couple and two adult men. In â € ™ t start I thought â € ~ Nederlandersâ € ™, but when they were noisier by beer Sing, were still really speaking.

The tour guide was covered in food, they are good boasted themselves to dissen. phenomena from Thailand Her English was understood., with some difficulty At one point she told a story in which the word â € ~ € ™ Incidenta increasingly fell and her laughter was becoming more of a squeak where farangs stunned listened.

After she calmed down things came along as nicknames and the famous show in the language. They demonstrated Kaw Kaw kau kaaw kow cow kaauw. What will be the farangs have thought â € ™ Amazing Thailandâ € ™


Silence of the Lamb

When checking in for a flight to the Netherlands through the Middle East last year, they asked whether the reserved seat I could â € ™ …. because in the back changed was accompanied transport …. â € ™ I had when no idea what was meant, but at the gate, which was very clear.

Hannibal Lecter Diary Paul van der Hijden (Part 9) When almost all the passengers were waiting, appeared between four guards a heavily battered with suspected hand and ankle shackles. Moreover, his head was in a hood a la Hannibal Lecter. Very sinister face so late at night.

The special guest was accompanied first onboard. ‘ve Continued during the journey not seen him or heard. Well was glad I could go quietly.

in the night elsewhere in the unit

Unrest in the Netherlands

There is a formula that reflects the engagement between the observer and the victim or serious event. What I remember is that it is important the distance and the bond you have with the person and the time in which it takes place.

So when an unknown person in distant destination is something that really happened, but it hits me hardly. But I hear of an accident of my love on the corner of the street would disturb me violently. Are you still there?

Now to the current unrest in Bangkok and elsewhere. Due to the excellent (social) media and semi-watched live images â € ~ all over the worldâ € ™ resemble the situation in Bangkok, especially on the wide e-Book € ™ s in our homeland, frightening and so close to us out here . Hence the turmoil that resounds in just about any mail or call from Netherlands.


Thais are often quite beautiful in their bodies. The Thais I know in any case. Sometimes there is even groomed together, in department store restrooms are the throats noisy scraped and excess hairs are tweezers from the face without mirror. Taxi drivers quickly open their car door to befluimen. The road What about the bus driver this morning?

While he was with the conductor’s loud through the whole bus is busy, he always pulled some hair out of his nose. These Thai had his finger nails grown long, a pulknagel which the husband also did away.

The bus pulled up and stopped again and fumbling his face continued. On top of the gear lever was an old t-shirt tied to which he wiped his hand again. It reminded me of the dirtiest mouth swab from the Netherlands: the herring


Diary Paul van der Hijden (part 8) was published on December 17, 2013.

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