Diary of Roger Stassen (2): Thai brooms and life insurance

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Diary of Roger Stassen (2): Thai brooms and life insurance

Broom 225x300 Diary of Roger Stassen (2): Thai brooms and life insurance Stassen Roger (59) Filing clerk ( Genk) and author of several children’s books, is married to Siriwan since 1993. She was then a teacher in Chiengkhong. Both look forward to being able vestigen.Â

home Chiang Kham (prov. Phayao) within two years of their Thai

You will know that Thai brooms are made of bundles tied together midribs of coconut palm leaves. That you can find banal from the human standpoint, as non-broom, but tocha € | they are not ordinary side veins or so, Oh no it’s definitely midribs


Suppose you’re head office somewhere in a company or a local government. You feel important because after you have that title and responsibilities specific to this job. Well, it feels that midrib also.

unbundled mean departmental and department heads, and by extension midribs absolutely nothing, you get no square inch floor swept along. so to speak But bundled together, oh yeah! If Thai broom user you undoubtedly know the following phenomenon: after years of intense and frequent use, the one after the other grain and â release the remaining bundle of nerves weggevaagdâ € ~ € ™


Now begins the comparison to be. increasingly realistic He is old or breaks down and zwabberdezwab there he soon ends up in the gutter. An inveterate hammock philosopher if I want to ever feel reflect this. At the same time, I can just deal with that bunch of pretentious ego trippers here with me at work.

It has become a plague, you see them everywhere


these musings, I had my broom just put aside, came a car, an expensive Toyota Fortuner, the yard has reason. Now you can with beautiful expensive cars three sides. Either they are owned by people with lots of money … or people with lots of debt … or sellers of life insurance. The first category is quite rare here in Thailand but the second and third are ubiquitous.

Curious, I waited to see who would get. The door swung open and there appeared two wonderful long slender legs above the rest of an image of a woman. The third category I knew immediately, while my mouth dropped open slightly and I had to swallow several times violently.

Thai life insurance are sold primarily through sex nice looking copies of the other so adored by me. There are also some retired teachers, but these should possess huge verbal abilities to compensate.

their lack of looks

She asked me if Siriwan was home and I could fix this with a hoarse voice. For a moment I was still hoping that she would fall on those high heels so I could help straighten her, there has always been something hist robbed of a knight in me, but she explained the trail to the front door off flawlessly.

obtain the emotions caused by my hormones I went sober reflection. Damn, I hope Siriwan afwimpelt her, we have absolutely no life insurance needs, that they should do so gradually know. Total uninteresting conditions, low interest and nothing deduction of taxes that are paid for home in Belgium “, which is quite wiedes.

Gradually I began more and more to excite. Of course driving them with expensive cars. After all, they get very lucrative commissions. Moreover, they are at every turn to new training courses sent where they are taught how to use their lousy insurance stupid people can foist even more successful. I’ve heard stories of staying in expensive hotels or luxury resorts on the sea where they get hammered their sales pitch. The insurance company pays all … or not but the system seems to work with a smile. It has become a plague, you see them everywhere. More and more younger women risk their chance and want to join relish the great honey offered without … but the market is oversaturated slowly to the touch.

remain alert Roger, stay alert, do not burdocks

I placed my broom in the portal and went inside. Siriwan sat opposite Miss Longlegs and there was a sheet of paper between them. I saw a row of numbers and sums which were some circled. Relieved, I moved to the table. This I had seen hundreds of times, my wife is mad because of horoscopes. It is said that she has ever done correct predictions and that rumor is spreading quite rapidly here.

The beautiful lady was a teacher colleague of my sister to be. I watched the scene again, but now knew with great certainty that they did not belong to the third category. Category one or two but so. Would they have very rich parents, because education is still not the best payer? Or I was, and I went to premature again, in my decision? She had in fact brought a box of cookies for Siriwan I now saw.

teacher with a sideline selling insurance, of course it was! Bringing cookies as phase 1, phase 2, then the sales phase as they had probably taught her during the previous course. Roger remain alert, stay alert, do not burdocks. Miss Langbeen will have essentially quickly. Within days we fly forward. Belgian spring Those cookies let me already flavors. Would there be room for a serving tropical sun in our luggage?

previous diary of Roger Stassen € ~ â € ™ The hangmatfilosoofâ appeared on September 19.

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