Diary of Roger Stassen (5): Doi Angkhan

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Diary of Roger Stassen (5): Doi Angkhan

group Diary of Roger Stassen (5): Doi Angkhan

Stassen Roger (59) Filing clerk (Genk) and author of several children’s books since 1993 married Siriwan. She was then a teacher in Chiengkhong. Both forward it on to within a couple of years to vestigen.Â

in their home Thai Chiang Kham (Phayao province)

This bungalow was not so neat. The bathroom was downright dirty but really picky you could not be here. We stayed with the entire group in a resort, and the higher up the hill the more expensive.

We were the highest, not because the view is a real surplus offered, absolutely not. The lowest bungalows were already occupied, hence. Duration (> 4,000 baht per night) in combination with dirty because I get a little grumpy from you too?

It had been cold all night. Oh, you thought it could not be. Cold in a tropical country Surely enough, once you are at> 1500m altitude and in the Thai winter. That means with socks in bed, a T-shirt under your pajamas, two extra blankets and very close to each other, entwined in each other … trying to sleep.

Other activities could not because we were not alone (Pu + son Chao). And we could have been all alone then it was far too cold to … and if it was warmer than we were too tired, and I have not even talked about potential headaches, till the romance.

Dragged to my harem in Flanders

The group we traveled consisted of peers / ex-colleagues from Siriwan with their partner and children. Siriwan then gave lessons, twenty years ago, in a high school Chiengkhong with Pu, Wichit and Jaa. They made career in education and Siriwan was kidnapped by me and dragged my harem in Flanders (sometimes fantasy is more interesting than the reality).

â € ™ morning at half past six we would leave to go watch the sunrise. Take a picture of the sun rising above a sea of ​​fog = the ultimate for every earthling with Thai blood in the veins. What little less in their blood turns out to be is punctuality. Europeans fret there and what I try: hot baths, herbal tea, meditation, electroshock therapy, swilling out the intestines, the offense does not


Besides, during the whole trip was â € ~ minimum one hour later than afgesprokenâ € ™ rule. When we were in our rented minivan at the place where the sun is a daily ritual was meant to ensure arrived, night had already made laaaang plate for the early morning.

Nuengâ € | Songa € | sahm

I could not believe my eyes. There was a real car park constructed which was full for sure 25 minibuses and dozens of pick-ups and a large number of motorcycles. There was even a small market with food stalls, stalls selling hill tribe women and girls were selling all sorts of odds and ends, yes even scolded with hot coffee.

And especially

hundreds of people who all took photos. Nueng … song … sahm and click. Nueng … song … sahm and flash (now you can already count to three in Thai). Nueng … song … sahms from hundreds of throats in a hundred different intonations. I was piepgek of

At one point, I started laughing uncontrollably over. Was a Persian carpet have lain I had rolled on the floor laughing. Yeah, roles do your best on a soft surface. I actually saw two saddled mules because who wants to be photographed is not seated on a mule while the sun rises. Anyway, it was hilarious.

At that moment I felt myself stay in a very strange world. I’m not really feeling any of them, misunderstood and myself not understanding. They photographed as if their lives depended on it. Group photographed Oka © now in a different formation, with the fingers the V-sign, then on command all jump in the air, click, click, click.

Always smiling faces, always looking elated, happy to belong of a group. This confirmed what I already knew a long time: that Asians purebred group of people, most Europeans, by contrast pure individualists


photographs that farang trees

fact that groups photograph hung me more and more fed up. I myself am a freak of nature, one intensely can enjoy a beautiful landscape, flowers, a tree. That in turn did not understand it from me. Why is that farang to photograph?

a tree there

landschap1 Journal Roger Stassen (5): Doi Angkhan

When we turned, the mountain that afternoon went back â € ~ the Group A € ™ visit a museum. Now museums are always captivated me. I found a piece of culture or history at any time.

But in the hall of the building, I saw what it was going to be. Another project of the king who had to start a factory in the village to keep. Mountainous tribal folk that lived there far from opium cultivation Rooms full of pictures of His Majesty and large signs explaining when and how.

let him proud of my masterpiece behold

So I took turned around and thought, no Roger that I can not take anymore today, I stay nice outside. The village was very nice and on a hill was an authentic Chinese temple. The sky was clear blue and I saw where I could take this temple a picture. â € ~ € ™ Â Hada as the memory card of my camera had crashed.

When the group after the tour came back out, I cried Wichit. I enthusiastically told him that I had found a beautiful backdrop a place. I wanted to photograph him in that place. He handed me his I-phone and I took a brilliantly successful picture and showed him very proud behold my masterpiece.

It made me feel good that Wichit was so happy with it. He manipulated just a few buttons on the device, and then left me smiling broadly the result. What did this guy do now? He had the picture is reduced to only its own shape so that the entire background was gone!!

an outsider, so fine

My oldest brother Nicholas, recently visited Chiang Kham said that I had actually become a half-Thai. Frankly, I thought that was a compliment, an acknowledgment of the fact that I am isolated well ¯ integrated into society here.

However, that 50 percent is the maximum, I realize now. Enough to live a pleasant way between them enough to feel his loss. Complete an outsider This is half Thai and half remains a Belgian and I think that’s it.

 © Roger Stassen

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