Diary of Roger Stassen (6): The realm of fables

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Diary of Roger Stassen (6): The realm of fables

Roger Stassen portrait 300x290 Diary of Roger Stassen (6): The realm of fables Roger Stassen (59) Filing clerk (Genk) and author of several children’s books since 1993 married Siriwan. She was then a teacher in Chiengkhong. Both forward it on to within a couple of years to establish. Their home Thai Chiang Kham (prov. Phayao)

Everyone knows the fable of the grasshopper and the ant (Jean de la Fontaine 17th century). While writing the previous post I had often think. How folk heckler a cricket shelter and food gifts during a harsh winter. He had the whole summer unabashedly entertained. Seize the day, tomorrow’s far away.

myself then make comparisons with our welfare state and how everyone is collected indiscriminately. The crickets among us are the real winners. Writing fables and fairy tales was at THE way to express themselves without fear of the consequences. To your heart’s social criticism They were, after all, but fables. I’m going to do it differently. This blog is not a fairy tale, not a fable, but … well read and find it yourself.

About strottenbijters and strottenknijpers

A tiger deer calf bite the throat, it is not a pretty sight. Carnivores are simply keen on fresh quivering flesh and get excited by the smell of blood. A man wants to sometimes entertained by seeing such atrocities which National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet high ratings score.

victoria stone mark Deeble nile crocodile attacks Serengeti wildebeest tz 300x225 Diary of Roger Stassen (6): The realm of fables I plead guilty because’m one of those voyeurs. Sometimes it is sheer horror. Ah, behold the poor wildebeest took the road and just not being bitten by a giant Nile crocodile in the hind legs and dragged underwater. A python entwined his victim and exerts its powerful muscles in a suffocating hug. Enough now, we have had our share. Let’s look at the life of the plants, the flowers, the bees. And oh yes, trees! DAT have only peaceful scenes

Well, well, peaceful, hmmmm! That could be a wrong conclusion may be, it would be because appearances are deceiving. Oh yeah. In plants, it is very tough. The battle for light and nutrients is pure survival . In Thailand, I became gradually a freak trees. It is they who make really beautiful landscapes and if they are still in full bloom!

Featured pooped figs

One of the most spectacular species in the tropics ficus or fig trees. Huge hunks with huge trunks and crowns. Ficus trees were my favorite. But I knew their true nature, their hidden even criminal background

When I started reading about them, I came across the English word stranglerfigs : WURGVIJGEBOMEN!! The result? Half of the nine hundred ficus species belonging to the family are such Urostigma stranglerfigs .

banyan , the national tree of India, ZOA € ™ s Strangler. The ficus religiosa , yet the tree under which Buddha himself came to the state of enlightenment … a wurgboom. The ficus microcarpa, Ficus virens, Ficus macrophylla, Ficus benjamina the all killers

how they put it on board? It all starts with eating figs of these (450 species) darlings. A bird, monkey or fruit-eating bat eats a ripe fig and poops some time later high in a tree. Not fully digested fig is now in ideal conditions, wrapped in moist manure ready to germinate. There are a few leaves to develop a minuscule of trunk and roots.

DSCN2970 225x300 Diary of Roger Stassen (6): The realm of fables The roots are given priority in order to grow and they do along the trunk of the host tree until they reach the ground. Host tree, well an uninvited guest or. If the root can feast on food and water from the soil, the very young ficus sends more roots that are becoming thicker and the host tree finally fully embrace and hug. Meanwhile wurgficus develops its own scroll crown that host less sunlight awards.

That combination of being strangled, no more food and remain without light will eventually kill the host tree. He dies and rots away leaving the hollow strangler fig tree will be.

in many cases

Note what I just described, are not you one, two, three, but may take several decades. In a tropical jungle where survival of young tree sprouts are virtually nil due to lack of light is this habit guarantee success. At the edge of the jungle or in clearings, the trees are solitary develop.

Gal spit

Hello, are you still there? I hope I have your attention yet! Are you now dozed off during class biology? Then you are missing a rather naughty passage now is to follow. Because I’m going to do with the hard world of men, our relentless, nothing gentle, comparisons brutal world of business.

Yes, yes, we also have wurgvijgjes in our midst. Or what do you think of that highly educated young sprouts that invade our environment? No, they do not germinate in the soil but already respectable, high above the foot soldiers that never gets opportunities because the light is taken away from them. Themselves, they focus not so much but you do not at a bottom of sweat and labor of others.

their march upwards and in their desire to always be in the spotlight, they strangle their finally sucked out and become useless host. Clearings and on the edge of the jungle (small businesses) grow they are solitary, but in the bush … the harsh law of the jungle applies! Or how you can spit bile about developments in their own workplace.

with botanical facts

Roger de la Fontaine

Diary of Roger Stassen (5): Doi Angkhan appeared on February 5, 2014


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