Lists - Do you have tips on getting my Pinay gf to Thailand for few weeks?

14th of January 2014 2

Do you have tips on getting my Pinay gf to Thailand for few weeks?

I’ve heard sometimes they are not allowed on the plain in Manila, or Thai customs want them to show money etc. How to get my -jobless- Philippina to Thailand for a holiday without the risk of being not allowed in ?

Salamat, many thanks in advance !

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Answer by Fizz
it is actually illegal for them NOT to let her on the plane.

it is in the constitution that they can travel freely.

easiest way is to accompany her on the trip. if that is not possible send her a letter of invitation, proof of a return flight and make her aware of her legal rights.

there is no payoff needed.

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  1. chrisarrow222 7:59 am 14/01 of 2014

    The “show” money became necessary when entering Singapore on a 2 week Visa from the might apply in Dubai or Hong Kong…and maybe not.

    In the event of no problem…and if you don’t travel with her…make sure you meet her at the Airport. I think that will cover everything…now obviously she would be inside if she encounters problems…she would have to call you or have you paged.

  2. bounce_00 8:05 am 14/01 of 2014

    Thailand allows the entry of Filipinos visa-exempt. So, the “show-money” or “sufficient funds and onward travel ticket” may be well-dispensed with by showing her booking ticket, Credit Cards, or pre-booked hotel accomodation.

    Now, if your gf will be staying with you, I have lots and lots of friends who visit the Kingdom and they find no hassle entering Thailand for the first time. Except, they have previously violated Thai Immigration rules, which I think unlikely.

    So, just relax, book your gf a flight, perhaps a hotel accomodation too, (so both of you can get good sleep after not seeing each other), and there you go!

    Again, only passport and onward ticket or return ticket are required by the Immigration. Be sure to be at the airport to fetch her so there will be no problem.

    ENjoy your Thai Trip!


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