Dutch food in Thailand (2)

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Dutch food in Thailand (2)

chicory Dutch food in Thailand (2) That is over. We have been a couple of days in Hua Hin. Along with Dad, tired, brother of Na and the two of us, of course. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and therefore all food of course.

I had an afternoon at Pim [Hoonhout] and he served me herring fresh from the knife. What a delight! Pim, thanks! And I eagerly await your kibbeling

course also visited Makro. What do a thing! To be totally jealous. So beautiful and rich. There’s that Makro here in Chiang Rai in a pigsty. Naturally looked around foreign food and then Dutch food in particular. And yes! Beautiful chicory, both large and small stump.

I have a big choice 113 baht for 200 grams, which is to say almost 600 baht per kilo. A bit pricey, but it looks nice. She had them both white and red. Also nice that the name of the vegetable as Makro giving White Endive , white endive. Would be really chicory should be, I think so. So Mike, the same price as what you found in Pattaya.

Thank you all for the nice comments last week. It surprised me. I had no idea there were so many good cooks among us!

So, what we eat this week?

stews have come over in the comments. Called a lot of examples, but sometimes I miss something. String beans stew is called. I’ve never seen a string bean here. Here in Huize Dekker is a lot of homemade and sown. I also tried with string beans, resulting in two beans on the bush. I keep trying, maybe it’s the land that I use or whatever. Rori? Where have you seen them?

Stew: how do you make that


Stew (Stoemp his Belgian), how do you get that? My basic recipe is half and half. Thus, the half vegetable and the potato half. Prefer to cook separately in terms of cooking time especially since you can keep the vegetables slightly in the holes and on the other to give good leak from the vegetables and especially the opportunity to spice separately. Vegetables Especially with root stamp (with us in Brabant called peestamp) that should otherwise the fruit is too wet and then you get a much too thin paste.

You can make stew with lots of vegetables. Raw endive stew example. One of my absolute favorite dishes with delicious bacon. But yeah, I have not seen here endive and nothing that somewhat resembled. Rori So, tell me where? You make us nice, but I absolutely do not know where I should look. Please shop ok?

Yes and of course that goes eh?


said baked bacon are very good, like the raw endive and sauerkraut stew. In others, such as red cabbage and carrot stew stew hear my feelings hachee. I come back to later.

hot lightning (Rori thanks again!) is very tasty fried liver slices with smoked bacon strips and fried onion. The liver cut into thin strips, pepper and salt, and in flour. Do not use butter or oil. The bacon cook gently so that the fat runs out, add the onions and fry glassy. Then add the liver and fry on first down fire up, and soon. The bacon is crispy, the onions begin to brown and the liver is still delicious pink inside. Everything is for sale.

here in Thailand©

Okay, and now the hash

That’s really a meat dish as a comparison, the papaya salad in Thailand. Everyone has their own recipe. Also, there are different names for it. The one I like out of my head, know after a few beers, its hash, sour meat (zoer vleis) and the derivatives such as goulash.

I am convinced that there are many other names for it, but perhaps I read that as a comment. All these different types are made in their own way. I am particularly interested in the Dutch versions. And the Belgian course. Belgians are Master Chefs!

recipe from my grandmother. Simple, very basic and very tasty

So I was at the Makro in Hua Hin and saw incredibly beautiful Thai beef lie. Matured and well. So they can do it! Well that meat so I would use for my stew. Delicious pulled, very cheap and make a lot, because on bread is very tasty! Just after portioning and freezing, which saves who has what.

Meat So, let me say that I never call volumes. Just as grams, eat or teaspoons, cups, hands or gadgets and so on. I assume that this is different for everyone.


so. Dicing, or what I prefer, but that may not always cracks. Make the blocks not too small! I’m just thinking what I do sometimes. Instead of eternal dice the meat just around the piece cut in uneven thick, thin, slightly larger and slightly smaller portions. Do something crazy.

than pepper, salt, flowers and aim in the hot butter. Sear the meat on all sides until nice seared, ZOA € ™ s five minutes. Then add water. Laurel and cloves. And that well once quite a few hours of yarn. If everything is fine now an hour of simmering is, you add as many chopped onions in if you had meat. And then simmer until the meat falls apart. Delicious further

often to see if there is still water must, otherwise burns it. I prefer at least ZOA € ™ s 12 to 18 hours. Nice and slow on very low heat, let everything have a nice get together. And when they do good simmer, please visit occasionally go out and then come back inside. If you smell that makes you hungry, whether you like it or not!

Again, this recipe is very basic. But that’s the way I like to cook, basal. As wisely told my grandmother, you can always bijgooien, but never out of it. A truth like a Cow!

Share your recipes with us

they eat and write above. Share your recipes with us! Have you discovered something, tell us and do not forget to tell us where you have seen it. There I am also very interested in Dutch vegetables you can grow here.

This time no Thai recipe Na. You keep that balance, but it is very tasty! She does not have everything in the house to show me. Next week we do some soups, Oka ©

Jan Dekker

Dutch food in Thailand (1) published on January 3, 2014.

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