Dutch food in Thailand (3)

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Dutch food in Thailand (3)

chick-peas with bacon Dutch food in Thailand (3) Skies Souls, what a delicious recipes there last week reviewed. If we go people, we get over time so much wonderful, that it might be there to make. Cookbook an appropriate I leave freedom to the editor, perhaps this is also an opportunity to support charity. Further

we come in the third week. I had promised to treat soups this week, but I get it with pleasure even from it. I like to cook, but sometimes there is a court or something like that, I do not want or can not make. Just because it takes too much time, because the preparation is not suitable for making one or several portions or for whatever reason. And sometimes because I ingredient «ingredients need that I can not buy here. In this hole

So I tell you that I sometimes do my shopping in Thailand. Indeed, there are quite a few companies that sell food and not least Dutch food.

buddies herring Pim

Pim from Hua Hin sells buddies herring. For those who live near it is no problem, give him a call, make an appointment and he will not resist the fresh herring to taste. Knife An absolute treat!

Site Pim: http://dutchfishbypim.nl/

He promised me more delicious Dutch fish go perform like kibbeling. I wait with baited breath. For others, like me, can be especially transportation pose a problem, but there are resellers for then.

Dirk in Chiang Mai

I order my own pegs, every month, four bowls of three pieces, with Dirk in Chiang Mai. Every Friday I eat a dish on Friday, sure enough, he was a Catholic, so no meat on Fridays. But Dirk has more. For me, Dirk the ultimate man for ordering croquettes, meatballs and croquettes. Especially the latter are really top quality. About croquettes and meatballs you discussià «run, especially how to be, but the composition of him are absolutely fine.

Site Dirk: http://www.dutchsnacksthailand.com/

Handmade Dutch Specialties

There is another in Chiang Mai, who has many Dutch specialties. I have a couple of times which ordered, but I was not really fond of quality, to name but one example, the sausage rolls I personally found too sweet, the sausage is hardly smoked and very dry .. But hey, to each his own, and he said the farmer â € | his pig


Handmade Dutch Specialties can be found at: http://www.hds-co-ltd.com/

Bakery Products Ben

We come to Ben. Ben is the son of a baker and then makes excellent bakery products. Thus there is the sausage roll, adapted to the Thai taste so tiny bit spicy. Furthermore, he waffles. Not really, because that’s where the Thai syrup not, so he replaced it with a caramel filling and a blueberry filling. Finally, he has fantastic stuffed biscuit. Definitely a winner!

He also helps me occasionally in baking recipes. So I got him the ultimate example of broodbakrecept.

The name of his site: http://b4bakery.com/

German butcher, Pattaya

One last site I would like to mention is a German butcher based in Pattaya. He has excellent meat that can be delivered. Throughout Thailand Especially his well matured beef is the best. The sad thing is that you need to do to get it. Foregoing home much effort Apparently they almost never. Read emails But still worth it.

This is their site: http://www.wwmco.asia/

Wholesale Business Catering, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is also catering. I got the idea from earlier information that this company was founded by two Dutch. It is in itself a wholesale business but they do not turn their hand to, in order to deliver. The private I order all of their years.

Too many to mention. But quality. If I do an order, I make an appointment with the delivery van near a hotel where they deliver half a cargo, to stand there and take my order received.

You need a login name and password in order to log in on the whole site. especially the catalog. But giving them love!

Pat, a Thai beauty, handles the communication and does so with gusto. Definitely a must for those who live in the north. From Chiang Mai them delivered to the north twice a week, to Mai Sai to it. And of course, southern, east and west. Call and ask if they deliver in your area!

Site Catering is: http://www.horecachiangmai.com/

I will sometimes call this company in the future even more, especially since they have products that I can buy anywhere else.

DaVincie, Chiang Rai

My personal supplier DaVincie in Chiang Rai. Hans has an Italian restaurant (how could it be otherwise with that name) and behind a deli. He sells an incredible amount of cheeses, including a wide range of Dutch cheeses. He also has a variety of toppings.

Thus there is the huisham, sometimes too salty for my taste, but at least better than the factory products that we can buy here. I’m talking about ham in a later episode sometimes. Absolute highlights are pork, roast beef and dried sausages from spicy to very tasty, it’s just what you love.

That roast beef is incidentally also very good to use for Francisco Sandwich , which is not Dutch, but no less tasty. Delicious red inside so you can bake.’s Nice

That was the ZOA € ™ s little on my part. I am convinced that many of you can supplement addresses. Please! Holds no secrets from each other but do not publish. Buy Dutch Where, we help each other.

Marrowfats with bacon


. I’ve cooked chickpeas with bacon today. Hi, I hear you cry, where can I find it? Well, I have not yet encountered here in Thailand. But my sister has been so kind to send along with a look of that noise.

me a few pounds of dried chickpeas youngI suggest

available 500 grams of dried peas and the young look with lace and cooked ready for those who send me the most delicious recipe of chickpeas. Remember, it is nice and simple.

My email address is a few times on this blog. You do have to do. Whatever

Surprise me.

Jan Dekker

Dutch food in Thailand (2) was published on January 11, 2014.

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