Dutch food in Thailand (5)

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Dutch food in Thailand (5)

cook Dutch food in Thailand (5) Last week  stopover. Amazingly nice comments many thanks! The week before the addresses, I had really hoped that there would be some addresses. I know because there are a few, but yeah. Do not worry, maybe someday.


addresses of eateries and restaurants where you can enjoy food. according to the authors But yes dear people, there is not. This column What I’m trying to get into the kitchen to get people and those who are already doing with gusto, to share their recipes.

That will incidentally also quite good. I also noticed a spin-off of this column, written by Gringo. Thank you very much! A little deeper into the subject matter is fine. Now I know the history of the chicory.

The Chinese have sometimes their 1,000-year broth

But this week the soups. As promised. In Thailand you can prepare your favorite soup, all ingredient “ingredients can be bought here well, almost all in my case.

If you look in the kitchen of larger restaurants, you will find there is almost always a large saucepan seen standing on the fire. It’s called the marmite. You have a large and a small marmite. Shows the difference can guess.

pan that goes all the off-cut vegetables and meat that can be. remotely used in the soup You get a broth in which you licking your fingers. Which is mainly used to add broth. Not to make soup.

This is very old. The Chinese have, sometimes, their 1,000-year broth. The same pan still on fire. Unlike marmite this pan never cleaned. Only he is like the marmite also incidentally, sometimes sieved to remove. Ancient noise out

Bouillon Dutch food in Thailand (5) Bouillon is the basis for many recipes

Bring me the mother of soups, the broth. Broth is the base for many recipes. Soups, sauces, etc. fund.

I was last in Makro and found a front-leg of a cow. I had seen him lying some time, but did not really know what to do with it. Until I got a clear inspiration on a good day. Soup course. The leg was in thick slices cut by the butcher, hoof and all, and I’m home already started to put half in the cold water and let them go slowly.

As Buck57 wrote in episode two, which takes considerable time. He was happy that beef shanks has got hold I’ve never found here in Thailand, but the veal shanks in Hospitality in Chiang Mai.

Broth of a knuckle

My mother always made a weekend broth of a knuckle (convex portion of a joint of a cow) and veal kidneys. Those bones that I’ve used have â € “just like the knuckle â €” a decent cargo hard fat. After loves it, my father, but I did not love isolated «inherited.

If you smell people! So incredibly awful nice! And it’s not even seasoned. Herbs do you a bouquet garni to add. By working with the bones A wonderful cooks term. I found a site with most cooks terms, for the enthusiast and layman.

http://www.robsbudgetmenus.nl/koks-taal # ALaFicelle

the bouquet garni

ZOA € ™ s large pan you have a big need. Add the bouquet garni you do at least the following. Onions, celery root (I can not buy it here), carrots, leek, parsley steal, steal celery and then supplement including thyme, bay leaves, tarragon, rosemary, basil, fennel, etc., to taste. I have to have fresh herbs in my garden.

the happy privilege of all these herbs

All that with a little salt and pepper (I also have the fresh green chillies) lets you draw, I’m sure 12, but usually 18 to 24 hours. Then all juices beautiful outward and mingle all tastes. If you think it’s enough, you strain the broth. Taste the broth and season now him further. Keep in mind that pulled this way broth tastes very different than one from a cube.

Do not give all the bones to the dog

bones gives you out and then do not give anything to the dog! My father was dà © fan of the hard fat, the knoersen. So with us, not a fight, that was for Dad.

Because there is no meat on the bone, you also have nothing to cut. This, as he is cool, almost cuttable broth can be used in many ways. In the first place so soup. If you let it cook some meat, you can now chop. You can do some vermicelli, vegetables or whatever to make. Your favorite soup For vermicelli here in Thailand I use the thinnest spaghetti you can buy in a store.

I am convinced that there are many tips to follow, but this is mine, anyway comprehensive, basic recipe. Broth is an art, but once you master, kà nologies can not live without.

course there are several other species such as the chicken broth, chicken carcasses which I use, vegetable drawn vegetables and herbs, the fish stock which I try again every time nibbling, heads and bones of fish to buy and many more species. The method is not very much different. You could get a little account of the bouquet you are adding, and most do not attract long.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot

marrow bones that I use for the beef broth for that are, sitting marrow. That you leave (after’d murder if I would not do that to me) but you can also make marrow dumplings.

Raw marrow out of the bones, Mash, mix with a little beaten egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and nutmeg, and then let it rest for an hour. Then balls rotate and aim the soup, cook for a few minutes.

Pea Dutch food in Thailand (5) Pea Soup recipe according to my grandmother

Opinions are very divided what needs to sit. pea soup And it’s not just about what kind of meat and the vegetables, but especially about the kind of peas. One swears by split peas, the other uses a mix and another makes the soup only with whole peas. I do so. Pea soup in my opinion should have some bite. I want to taste the sheets.

The sad thing is that I just split’ve found, other than the canned and frozen green peas, so far here in Thailand but I personally absolutely too hard. I’ve also tried in a pressure cooker, but that was not a success.

I’ve always used the recipe from my grandmother. My grandmother always said, is pea peas with meat. Nothing more and nothing less. And so I make it so. If I could I would like celeriac that, because of the taste, still to do, but also more than the bouquet garni, that’s about it. If meat I use a front-leg of a pig that you can buy here. At Makro Believe me people, bliss. Well the method we know it? Is not it?

that leg and plenty of peas, etc., you can make several times what I do, and then freeze. Oh and sliced ​​smoked sausage is also possible, but do not freeze! Dirk soon send me a private smoked sausages. Pim has already tried to import the Hemaworst but Hema will not. I’ll keep you posted!

Bound Thick soups and William

Bound soups, is now difficult to make? Nope. Let me give you a little secret that you can tie everything. Besides cornstarch, potato flour, egg yolk, butter lumps etc., each with its own use, there is the butter and flour roux or the . Many people have trouble with. I will tell you later, my way when I’m landed in a later episode, because that method is quite contentious, with the sauces, but now the Big William.

Thick Willem is nothing more than butter and flour. Half and half, so for example, 500 grams of butter and 500 grams of flour. Some say 500 butter and flour 600, you get a firmer bond, I would say try it out. Melt the butter, not brown, so on a low heat and gradually add the flour and stir well so that the flour is incorporated. Through butter The most important. Let this simmer for at least five minutes on a low heat, stirring constantly. Then the cooked flour and get you later no lumps and not make the flour.

If everything is ©

Oka, pour this mass into a bowl or container. Let it cool and put it in the fridge. Every time you want to bind something, you cut a piece of thick William and adds that the hot sauce, such as with milk (bechamel), soup, vegetables or anything you want. It will melt and as you progress through the heats, you should soon see the binding. Add as many as you think necessary to find. This hot blonde roux roux, the others I come back later.

Bound soups Dutch food in Thailand (5) The bound delicious soups I think

bound soups I find tasty include asparagus soup, mushroom soup, queens soup, curry soup, chicken soup and a few more. Asparagus I find in the Rimping Chiang Mai in frozen state, mushrooms with several supermarkets and the local market for the reasonable low price of 90 baht per kilo quite frequently here.

I cook the sliced ​​vegetables in too much water with a little salt and add the bouquet garni in there too. Otherwise, you must use a stock cube, but here in Thailand all MSG, except pork bouillon cube.

If it’s the gas. sufficiently cooked Seven of the noise, remove the bouquet and especially keep the water! That is the broth of the soup. In the broth you doing now Big William to the case in your opinion is sufficiently bonded. Spice it up with some salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste the fruit loaf with it and you have a delicious creamy soup. Easy or not? And everything is for sale! Weather in Thailand


Spotted in Makro this week: Real saffron for only 190 THB per box of .38 grams. But yes, you have every time only one thread needs.

In the garden: The beans bloom vigorously, which is a very good harvest. The tomatoes (Pomodores meat and tomatoes) are doing very well. This week, for the second time the seed of rhubarb into the ground. Previously failed associated with too much rain.

Enjoy your cooking!

Jan Dekker

Dutch food in Thailand (4) was published on January 25.

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