Dutch food in Thailand (6)

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Dutch food in Thailand (6)

cook Dutch food in Thailand (6) Last week the soups, at least examples. Few responses but many visitors again. I feel honored.

Today I would like to talk about pork. As a bonus I add a few more recipes at. As always, your recipes very much appreciated! As mentioned earlier, your contribution may perhaps be incorporated into any new booklet Thailand Blog.

If a pig is slaughtered in the Netherlands, the animal, sometimes in the presence of a family â € “which seems to rest but I doubt it â €” often a shock that the pig completely numb. Then their throats cut so that the blood can drain and the pig is ready to be slaughtered.

Carcasses Netherlands Dutch food in Thailand (6) It is stripped of all the viscera and cut in half. Then comes the time for some cooling in order to best inherit the meat. This is not the whole process, but here I’ll leave it at that.

In Thailand, at least here in the village, the pig from a blow on the head with a hammer. Is thus K. O. beaten so to speak, the throat is cut and collected blood. Thereafter, it is cut in pieces and sold immediately.

What’s the difference?

In the first way the meat gets time to â € ~ € ™ rustigâ be. Of course, the pig feel and is not stupid. A pig is indeed a very clever animal. So he / she knows that it is about â € ~ € ™ vermoordâ be and all the adrenaline is released into the muscles. Yet we all know the expression, it seems there is a pig is, when we hear a lot of screaming.

You see, what we call convulsions. As a result, the meat is tough. By letting cooling off, the tension from the muscles and the meat is more tender clearly.

But yes, we live in Thailand, so we have to deal with Thai pork. The pig in Thailand cut slightly different than in the Netherlands. Lately you will find more and more chops, which existed until a time yet, you only had the ribjes, soup legs and pork fillet just to talk about anything and just to mention one example.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely am not a butcher and do what suits me best. For example, in the Makro here in Chiang Rai, I see now more and more meat I, in terms of cut, recognizable as the pork steak. What we buy, always at Makro is a side of bacon or a completely boneless rump.

muscle after muscle out

it is cut into thick strips of bacon in Huize Dekker, except for the very thick end because that’s the bacon that I cold smoke later. The varkensbil is taken apart. After cutting muscle after muscle out. I did that once occurred to her and since then she swears by that method. What is its benefit?

First, if you’re cutting you’ll be surprised at the number of recalcitrant muscles that you encounter. If you cut that s in rags or pieces, you get driven a lap on the one hand, tender and on the other hand is a bit stronger.

Additionally you get, if you do it the way we do some muscle pieces are very tender. One example I give later as a recipe. These muscle pieces are usually equal to one serving of pork that you want to use later.

What you also encounter is a bit larger, spherical piece of muscle. Save that. I’ll tell you later why. Portioning out that piece! Do it then piece by piece in a plastic bag and freeze it. You keep nibbling and less beautiful documents. Those times you finely chopped up.

Where should you look for on the market?

What do you have to look for when buying meat at markets etc.. Sulfite in the first place. If you see that the meat is very very beautiful red, chances are that the slaughterer sulphite is used to cover up. Aged meat So be careful!

Too much sulfite is definitely not healthy. We still know the headache wine quite a few years back from France. Too much sulfite added.

And importantly, smell. You smell of meat is fresh. Are you still not sure feel it again. It feels a little sticky, let lie. Press it once a finger in, it comes back pretty meat is fresh.

What can we do?

Well that was about buying and preparing the meat. What can we do with it? Of course a lot and everyone has their own recipe to bake bacon with lean pork and a dish. But let me mention something for pictures.

SATA © Dutch food in Thailand (6) YESA € |. Â © Sata! Maybe not a real Dutch dish, but Dutch enough to mention here. I use it not only for pork meat pieces that have just been mentioned. Which may then be sturdier, but for me that’s better. The meat has a bite and a flavor of its own.

My favorite Satay ©

Grab a few pieces of meat from the freezer and let it thaw delicious. Cut it into large chunks and marinate it. Our marinade consisting of the following:

  • Sweet soy sauce
  • Garlic (plen)
  • peppers to taste
  • Coriander (we do not use too much because cilantro tends to predominate in taste)
  • Lemongrass
  • Shallots

Besides all the sauce, finely chop and sauce. The meat in it and then let it have a nice stand. At least an hour a few hours will not hurt, then the meat is tender and tender and the herbs can draw good in the flesh. Now and then we go so barbecuing «n or fry in a little oil. Absolutely not too long because we love tasty juicy meat!

NAA € ™ s recipe for satay sauce ©

And now the satay sauce © where you get to licking your fingers. NAA € ™ s recipe and I’ve never tasted better! My favorite © Satay sauce in Netherlands was always that of Goudaâ € ™ s Glory. Not spicy, ordinary. But homemade is much better.

After making that sauce to your own recipe. Amazes me every time how good it is. What she used:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • gevijzelde mix of pepper, called the Na Geng Cap, you can buy ready-made in virtually any market, you can also make your own to taste. It is a kind Red Pepper Pasta.

she uses Jiffy peanut butter, which is already sweetened. I once bought with oatmeal but often sit there all nuts and I think now just too much so use After creamy.

center fire you do the coconut milk into the pan and stir around until it boils. Then the pepper mixture and stir, the more you do in the sharper the sauce. Leave it boil down to the thickness yourself want. Then you do the peanut butter and stir again there good. And he is. Who pour sauce over the meat, and that I should like to eat with bread. With three sticks I am full, but yes I am therefore not ZOA € ™ s big eater. Eaters are made, not born, my mother always said.

A tasty schnitzel with fries

So what? How about a nice schnitzel? With chips of course. Tasty unhealthy!

Schnitzel Dutch food in Thailand (6) I had already put on the round piece of meat. You need that now. It’s a beautiful piece of meat to be cut. Cutlets Take the piece and cut the wire not thinner flaps. Grab one of those rags, put foil over and knock him flat. First, the one side, then the other. You get stretched thin piece of meat and that is just what we need.

Put three signs ready, one with flour, one with beaten egg and the last with fine breadcrumbs. Salt, pepper and nutmeg meat, a little on both sides, pull it into the flour until it is well coated, then through the egg, good cover, and finally in the breadcrumbs.


Okay, now you have a Wiener schnitzel. That you fry in butter or oil till it is golden brown on both sides. At a lower than middle heat. Give it time or not is also black. Well, then enjoy! Difficult? Nope.

Pork tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce

And for fans who do not need to watch their cholesterol my pork tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce.

pigs hares that you usually encounter are quite large. I’ve never seen a pork tenderloin, only the long hares. At Makro, however they have smaller skirt and that I use the most. Those of young pigs and soft.


pork is not a piece of meat that well ZOA € ™ has a special flavor. It is an unused muscle so that little power, which determines the taste of the meat, has been inside. So you have the herbs. I do this as follows:


Anyhow salt, pepper and nutmeg, and in decent quantities. What I like is the hare wallowing in a mixture of herbs, so he is completely covered. Let the butter or oil is hot and put the fillet in the pan. Turn the heat down a little and bake brown. Then slightly lower heat and leave it to one side some yarn, ZOA € ™ s ten to fifteen minutes.

Varkershaasje Dutch food in Thailand (6) In the meantime, you can cut the mushrooms. You can see from the thick part if he already is reasonable. Turn the meat and do the same on that same side. Add after five minutes the mushrooms. Possibly a very finely chopped shallot, which extracts the flavor of the mushroom huge upward. After ZOA € ™ s ten minutes later, the mushrooms are delicious and the hare lovely pink inside.

Remove the pork tenderloin from the pan. Pour cream into the gravy with mushrooms, tasty stir and let the cream thicken slightly. If you like a bit of cooked pork tenderloin, then cut it into pieces on your way and add it to the sauce. Allow to simmer it. Spice things a bit off to taste. Enjoy!

cream I buy a literpak in Makro. The suit shaking and place in small bottles. After each day drinking a bottle of yogurt, well a kind of health yogurt in a bottle of 160 ml. I’m in the room, which is spacious enough for one serving, and I freeze. If I need room, I’ll get one out.

Well folks, that’s it for this week. I had more recipes in the head, but they come later. Moreover, I’ll be waiting for that on you! Have fun in the kitchen, as well as preparing the food!

meat tenderizer Dutch food in Thailand (6) I regularly use a meat tenderizer. Not that I do use a hammer to make the schnitzel but making. Easy one to tenderize the meat Mine looks like this. Check the Internet. The name is: Jaccard meat tenderizer


Jan Dekker

Dutch food in Thailand (5) was released on February 1.

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