Dutch food in Thailand (7)

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Dutch food in Thailand (7)

So what is most important if you are going to cook? Is it the hygeine «ne? That seems to be in the West, here in Thailand a lot less very important. Is that unhealthy? I think not. In the West, trying to get as virtually everything. Around 100 percent free of bacteria I think personally do not recommend. Why?

our skin are many bacteria «n. All those bacteria «n together our skin flora mentioned. These are good bacteria «n, which is not harmful and even very important for us. The skin is a good place to live for both good and bad (pathogenic) bacteria «n.

Fortunately, every spot on the skin where the bad bacteria would sit occupied by good bacteria of the skin flora. So the skin flora ensures that there are no bad bacteria «n can sit. On our skin The skin flora works a bit like a shield. Thus the good bacteria help «n to keep our skin. Healthy

The intestinal flora helps to digest food

Bacteria Dutch food in Thailand (7) Even in our intestines are many bacteria «n: the intestinal flora. Like the skin flora, they ensure that there is no place for bad bacteria «n in the intestinal wall. In addition, the intestinal flora helps us digest our food. For digesting food enzymes are needed. Enzymes are substances that destroy the food cut and convert nutrients. Our intestines secrete enzymes, so that our body can absorb and use these nutrients as building material and fuel.

Bacteria «n also secrete enzymes for their own food. But because they are so small, bacteria «n have no guts. Therefore, they separate the enzymes in their environment: our intestines. Because they make more enzymes than they need themselves, which we can use some of our food to convert. The bacteria «n of the gut flora help in this way our intestines digesting our food.

Bacteria «n can also be very useful

Bacteria «n can also be very useful for storing and preparing food. Food spoils when bacteria «n in life that bad secrete substances. But there are also bacteria «n secreting substances that are not bad for us. An example of this is the lactic acid bacterium. This is among other things used to make yogurt. Milk

lactic acid bacteria eat the sugars in the milk and put it into lactic acid. This makes the yogurt and sour which is an unfavorable situation for other bacteria «n to grow. Therefore yogurt keeps longer than regular milk. The lactic acid bacteria is also used in order to make.

buttermilk, sour cream and cheese

Although we often associate the word bacterial diseases, there are also bacteria «n to help us. For the vast majority of species you really do not have to be afraid and some are very important to us. (The above explanation courtesy sciencespace.nl)

by the fire remain in the kitchen

The most important thing in the kitchen, stay with the fire. ‘m Not drinking beer away from the fire. I’ll give you an example.

Last week I talked about cutlets, a piece of meat in a breading. There was a comment that should be swimming in oil, otherwise burns paneer. True, if you’re going to drink a beer in between and do not pay attention to your meat. You would be just as able to throw. Well in the frying But who wants ZOA € ™ s fat snack that can be. Not even made reasonable grease with paper towels

I find frying in butter much better. You do need to stay with your meat, turning regularly, watch your fire should somewhat higher, it must lower, and do it slower than frying a steak or pork belly. And this is true of many things which include making a roux, vegetable cooking etcetera. Stay with your fire, I love the dish. Cooking with passion!

mise en place Dutch food in Thailand (7) Mise en Place

A second important issue is the so-called Mise en Place. That means that you cut everything in advance and klaarzet. All in separate bowls, spices, etc. in a row before you start cooking. Believe me that makes cooking a lot easier and much faster. In fact, the mise en place much more work than cooking itself and there is also the fun. First you do the nasty things, finally, you all a wonderful dish.


always says to me that I cook so quickly and it is always delicious. Jaja snelâ € | she cuts everything for me and put it in bowls. So in fact it does most of the work. But she does it with pleasure and if I would cut themselves, they invariably say, let me do it anyway. Enough talk, we’re going to talk about this week?


I’ve traveled half the world which I always visited the markets. I judge a country or region in what is for sale on the market. Nowhere in the world have I seen as a market in Thailand when it comes to chicken. In addition to the head is all used.

Being in the â € ~ € ™ developed countriesa cut only the good meat of the dead chicken in Thailand they use the necks, the claws, the ostrich egg, the guts, of course, the meat parts and then also the carcass . I’m sure I’m forgetting something. but I mean well.

Chicken Dutch food in Thailand (7) You’re in Thailand, as far as I know, two types of chickens. The chicken that we know and the farmer’s chicken. That’s a chicken, as thin as a rail, even at maturity, with meat that you can glue to make then a week or so to walk on. Beneath your shoes After loves it, you can not make it pleased me.

And then you have the â € ~ € ™ normaleâ chicken as we know it, but you can find in various sizes. From tiny to old lady and everything in between. For me, a true delight for every age of the chicken has its own method of preparation. So I’ll give a few. Recipes

What I really like is a chicken from the freezer to set. so directly in the oven No salt, no spices, completely naked. The oven at 180 degrees and let it stand for an hour but tasty.

It is, believe me, a delicious chicken, not overcooked with a nice thin crispy skin and you taste what real chicken tastes. Even after there is a huge fan of. Here you can use a spring chicken, or one who has been a week or month or something old. Well that was easy huh? Well more difficult but doable simple.

chicken livers Dutch food in Thailand (7) Chicken Livers with port sauce

Do it on toast or a sandwich as a lunch dish or as an appetizer à ³ f use it as ingredient «nt with the main course.

Clean the livers clean. Cut off all white are things you do not want. Pepper, salt and flour the livers. Put some butter or oil in the pan and fry the livers soft. Not too long because we want nice juicy livers. Remove from the pan and keep them here. Put a chopped shallot in the pan and cook just to release the flavors. Stir in the red port through so all pan frequently released and become one with the sauce. The livers to the pan, make as warm and reduce the sauce slightly, then tuck.

I am convinced that you’ll sell postage. found in most tourist centers or a neighborhood store Not here in Chiang Rai, so we rely on the superb range of Catering Chiang Mai. (Http://www.horecachiangmai.com)

Port, like all good wines, expensive in Thailand, I pay somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 baht per bottle. But it’s worth it. I use some of my dishes and after that a grà ³ à ³ t lover drink the rest, two glasses just before bedtime.

actually was not hard huh? No, the hardest thing is to keep the fire because it is a dish that is ready pretty quick but also easily go wrong if you bake too long or the sauce too long getting up late.

I could now give a recipe for chicken soup but anyone who does not let water burn can make. We also talked earlier about soups, so you’re not sure look a few episodes back. At the end goes into my chicken cut in strips, thin omelette and spring onion. Well ZOA € ™ s old lady can be very easy for this dish. The soup is just taste better by eating what the chicken does. © Okay, one more than.

Cordon bleu chicken breast

Cut a chicken breast lengthways. If you are very proficient in this, do that twice so that you have a long thin piece of chicken fillet. Do that zigzag. First thin cut on the thin side and then thinly cut on the thick side. You know what I mean?

cordon bleu Dutch food in Thailand (7) Cheese wrap ham in a decent slice. How beautiful the ham and cheese, the tastier it is. Roll the chicken fillet over it, with a twice-cut, you can use two fillings and even rolling up nice. To seal it, I use toothpicks.

On the outside salts and salt, if you do not use old cheese, which is already salty enough of himself. Sometimes I take him by the paneer (paneer only) and bake slowly in butter or oil until browned. If the paneer is brown, the chicken is cooked and the cheese melted wonderfully. Enjoy!

course, there are many ways to prepare chicken. If there is a universal piece of meat then it is the chicken. You can even find a wild ragout with mushrooms, onions, peppers and chillies and the necessary fine herbs.

Smoked Dirk

thing. I did a while ago that Dirk would send me. A sausage That I had! Totally TOP! Delicious juicy meat, wonderfully seasoned, perfectly smoked, crispy skin. Definitely a must!

Again the address of my croquettes, croquettes, meatballs, herring and now sausage man
http://www.dutchsnacksthailand.com. (He has given me ten percent of sales beloofdâ € |! .. No kidding, this guy is just a craftsman who has absolute love for his profession). Next time he sends me to his beef sausage. I’m curious! And I will keep you informed.

Next week I want to take a trip again. What it is about or read. Have fun in the kitchen when preparing à © n when eating.

Jan Dekker

Dutch food in Thailand (6) was released on February 8.

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