Dutch go on holiday despite crisis more

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Dutch go on holiday despite crisis more

 Dutch holiday despite crisis going on holiday more

Dutch are more vacation

total names under Dutch in 2012 nearly 37 million holidays: 18,100,000 holidays were spent domestically and ZOA € ™ s 18.6 million holidays abroad . Â

Nederlanders spent almost 16 billion on their holidays. Compared with last year, the number increased slightly holidays while spending on travel and accommodation have fallen .

This is evident from the annual results of the Continuous Holiday Survey (CVO) of NBTC-NIPO Research .

Slightly more holidays at home

The number of domestic holidays in the past year with holiday ZOA € ™ s 400,000 holidays rose to 18.1 million (+2%). This increase was entirely due to short hotel holidays. This number grew by over half a million to a record of 3.9 million holidays (17%). The number of camping holidays fell â € “thanks to the moderate summer weather â €” 6% to 4.6 million holidays. The number of holidays in a bungalow remained stable at ZOA € ™ s 6.7 million. As in previous years, the North Sea Resorts the most popular regions in their own country, the number of holidays increased by 5% to 2.3 million. The Veluwe attracted more tourists (11%), and placed with 2.1 million holidays in second place. The Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe sands are in third place with nearly 2 million holidays.

Number holidays abroad stable

Number holidays abroad in the past year stabilized at 18, 6 million. Compared to last year the number of holidays to the Mediterranean with ZOA € ™ s 5 percent, while the number of holidays to the rest of Europe fell by ZOA € ™ s 2 percent. The number of long-distance travel stabilized. Just like last year, Germany puts the top ten foreign holiday destinations. ZOA € ™ s 3.4 million holidays were spent with our eastern neighbors, which means an increase of 2 percent compared to 2011. France, in the second place, saw the number of holidays fall by 5 percent to 2.8 million holidays. Belgium «takes the third place in batter with over 1.8 million holidays.

Average fare lower

The average fare (these are amounts prepaid for accommodation and / or transport) was last vacation year 286 euro per person per trip. Compared to 2011 is a decrease of ZOA € ™ s 3 percent. In total, Dutch ZOA € ™ s 15.7 billion euros on their holiday in 2012. Of this, over 2.8 billion on behalf of domestic holidays and 12.9 billion for foreign holidays.

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