Dutch homeless, “Five-Star Tony ‘, deceased in Pattaya

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Dutch homeless, “Five-Star Tony ‘, deceased in Pattaya


Tony Pattaya Dutch homeless, Five Star Tonya € ™, in Pattaya deceased

Tony, a Dutch homeless, well known in the community of Pattaya, where he spent more than 20 years, is deceased, according to a message from his church, Encounter Church.

He became the “Five-Star Tony” because of its distinctive tattoo on his face. â € œGeschokt and sadness we have to say, unfortunately, that Tony suddenly overledenâ €, according to the notice of the church, â € œTony was an amazing figure in our church and our discussion.

Tony died last night from liver poisoning after he was hit by this too much alcohol, a few days unconscious tells photojournalist Camille Gazeau. This photojournalist made in November of last year, a photo essay on foreign homeless Pattaya He interviewed the homeless and Coconuts Bangkok also paid attention to this. That interview with Tony, who was 44 years old, went something like this.

â € œI am homeless. already three years In the Netherlands, I was an engineer, I was well acted hada two companies and owned a home. The first time I came to Thailand 20 years ago on vacation and I got stuck. Alcohol and sex, that was it for me. I met my wife here, we had two children, now 10 and 8 years old, we had it good. But I had the wrong friends, I think, and the wrong life, because I went through with alcohol and sex. My wife put me on the street after 13 years, she had had enough of my life in bars and other ladies. We had a good and rich life, but there’s nothing left, now I own no intention to satang more.

To survive, I have my own little business on the streets created «erd. . I help people, mainly tourists. There are quite a few tourists robbed or they have problems with ladyboys. I help them get their money. Or passport back I have connections with the police and I get some money from the victims for my help. I’m pretty familiar with hotels, Taxia € ™ s, etc. I earn money in Pattaya and Jomtien entertainment myself especially.

I get a lot of support from my church, faith is important to me. They give me good advice and encourage me in my street. They also ensured that I was recently in Bangkok to meet, which I had not seen in three years.

my children

I never asked to support my family, they do not even know how I live here. I have my pride. My parents are old, I do not want to disturb. My brother is the only one who is aware of the situation, but I have nothing further to be expected. No, the church, that’s my rock in the surf!

The Consular Section of the Dutch embassy also not helps me. Their message is simple, appeal to your family and if they are not willing or able to help you, ask help from your friends.


street life now accepted, but actually I do not want to get used to. It’s a hard life, I do not live, I survive. It is difficult to find. A decent place to sleep I sleep wherever I can, usually in empty buildings. Never à © à © n, that is too dangerous for too long. Food is not a problem because the Thais are very nice and they always give me something to eat.

I always have to watch out for thieves and other scum like the Thai mafia. They are uncomfortable how I earn my money. Therefore, I have to keep changing place, so they can not find me. I live a dangerous life, I have many friends but also many enemies. The tattoo on my face to scare, like in America, where someone who has killed a star on his face makes tattooing «run them off. It means, I’m not afraid, I’m not on the run.  I’m always afraid. But fear is what is so good, because then you keep your head well at. I am an optimist, because I’m still alive, even though I’m already ended. In many dangerous situations Several times stabbed and à © à © n times zelfs had a gun to my head, but I have all survived.

But enough is enough, I try again to get my old life back, I want my wife accepts me again. I hope the next four months, everything is in order and that I can get my belongings. I work hard at it, because I still love Thailandâ €

Rest in peace, Tony!

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