Laos - Dutchman puts first botanic garden in Laos

11th of September 2011 0

Dutchman puts first botanic garden in Laos

laos-flag. Tourists will get there a few years ago, to Laos. But otherwise, the communist country has a large undeveloped area. All the more special that the Dutchman Rik Gadella a botanical garden of fourteen acres with thirty men to the building’s staff. It is the first botanical garden of Laos, near the temple city of Luang Prabang, the UNESCO World Heritage. Gadella hopes botanists from around the world to research. “It started four years ago on holiday in Laos. I fell in love with the city of Luang Prabang, the people and the beauty of nature. I had my life in Paris a little tired and decided to move here. ” His life changed rigorously. “In Paris I was an organizer of events in the art and gallery world and founder of Paris Photo, an international photography exhibition. Here I did not get what I would do. In any case, I did not want to start a hotel or something. I first bought it a piece of land along the Mekong River to build a bamboo house for myself. ” The land he was offered was greater than he thought and he was also the possibility to buy more land. “Then I think: what would be good here? What they need here? Thus the idea for a botanical garden created. ” While Gadella at that time knew nothing of botany. “On my balcony in Paris, I only had some plants in pots. But I would like to acquire the knowledge. And I learn best by doing, so through a yard to build. ” Gadella works including Laotians who know the landscape, botanists from abroad and a landscape architect. Laos to develop in a communist country that for decades was closed to the outside world, where up to thirty years ago were barely paved roads or sewers, you would not expect a botanical garden is high on the priority list. “Yet there is some interest,” says Gadella. “In the temple city of Luang Prabang are many tourists, but also is not much to do. It is mainly the nature that attracts people to Laos. Farming is difficult in the hilly woods. And ecotourism is a growing business that we see here. Laos is just beginning to discover what it has to offer. “

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