Families earn more, but live separately

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Families earn more, but live separately


the past twenty years, the family structure changed dramatically. The report â € ~ The Life of Thai People During the Two Decades of developmentà € ™ of the Thailand Development Research Institute are six main types:

  1. Single person household.
  2. Family plus non-family (friends and partners)
  3. EA © n-generation family (husband and wife)
  4. Two-generation family (husband / wife and children)
  5. Three generations family (husband / wife, children, grandparents)
  6. Family with a generation gap (grandparents and grandchildren, parents work elsewhere)

1 million households in a generation gap

The past 20 years have Thai families become smaller: fewer children, fewer older family members. An important change is the sharp increase in households with a generation gap to one million, mostly in the Northeast and North. The report calls this a worrying development because usually poorly educated grandparents care about young children.

In urban areas, the number of three-generation households increasing. Furthermore, the number of single-person households increased from 20 to 34 percent. Most of these households are elderly women.

Standard of living has increased since 1986

Since 1986 the standard of living of Thai households increased. Young workers are better educated, while access to education has improved significantly, especially in rural areas. But between rich and poor yawns or an educational gap.

The life expectancy of Thai is increased to 70 years for men and 78 years for women. Households have better amenities such as television, mobile phones and improved water supply.

Income and savings have increased and the poverty level has dropped. The family income is proportionally increased more than the gross domestic product, and relatively stronger than the per capita.


Families save more â € “the number of families that do not saves, has dropped from 48 to 25 percent. Consequently, the poverty level dropped. Another factor that has contributed to the lower poverty level is the introduction of the universal healthcare insurance in 1990 (free health care).

Gap between rich and poor is very big

The bad news is that the disparity between rich and poor is still very large. This gap has become smaller with a snail’s pace. While the poor are going to make as a result of better education and better health, more is the gap between the rich and middle-income households increased.

Twenty percent of the richest households in 2009 earned more than 54 percent of household income. The richest group saves an average of 6,300 baht per month, the poorest group spares nothing.

Thirty percent of the richest households have a net worth of more than 100,000 baht, 94 percent of the poorest households have a net worth of less than 50,000 baht


between the haves and have-nots is a great discrepancy in the ability to save, invest and prosper.

Country deflates

labor force changes: young workers leave in large numbers the agricultural sector and seek employment in the industry and service sectors. That change should lead to a better distribution of income, but that has not happened because the wages are relatively low.

So while the number of wage earners has increased, the total amount of wages paid out increased. This has the leveling delayed and in some cases even increases the inequality.

The report concludes that Thailand has managed to elevate. themselves out of poverty Thais get better and fuller health and education. But the downside is that many families no longer live together, because the working family members often work elsewhere. Nevertheless, the problem of inequality remains worrisome.

(Source: Nipon Poapongsakorn, distinguished fellow at the TRDI Bangkok Post , July 31, 2013.)

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